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were admitted, were suffering from sore feet, caused in the majority of instances by badly fitting boots. Anticipating active work—the desire seemed to be to keep out of hospital, and ready for any emergency. Slight colds were common from severe wettings-especially after the march from Hemmingford to Durham and Huntingdon.


With this number, the second volume of the Canada Medical Journal is brought to a close, and we thank our subscribers for the countenance and support they have given us, since our Journal commenced its existence. The volume just about closed, although not as successful as we could have desired, has yet been in many ways successful. Our subscription list embraces a large proportion of the practitioners of Upper Canada, and a majority of the English speaking medical men of Lower Canada, as well as many

of our excellent French brethren, and at the close of the second volume, we find that few have deserted us- --while many have come to our aid. For this measure of success we are thankful, and will endeavour by making the Journal the means of spreading the views of the principal medical writers of Europe and America, still further to desire the approbation and assistance of the profession. Those of our subscribers who have not yet remitted the subscription for this year, will please do so at once; and the few who have not yet paid for either volume, must have strange ideas, and the possession of a conscience--the elasticity of which we do not envy them. If they wish the Journal continued—they must remit the amount for both volumes immediately. We will furnish the index to volume 2 in the July number.



Mr. Frederic William Lloyd Hodder of Toronto, passed his examination before the Apothecaries' Hall of London, on the 8th February.

Treatment of Coryza.-M. Luc, an Assistant Surgeon in the French army, recommends the inhalation of tincture of iodine in nasal catarrh. “I inhaled tincture of iodine," says he," from a phial for one minute at a time, at intervals of about three minutes ; the heat of my hand was sufficient to promote the evaporation of the iodine; the headache yielded first, sneezing became less frequent, the secretion less copious, and although the inhalation caused a burning sensation in the throat, I was entirely cured at six o'clock, P.M., of a cold which from nine A.m. to three P.m. had been sufficiently violent to compel me to use four pocket handkerchiefs."-Dublin Medical Press.


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