Magazine of Zoology and Botany, Volumen1

Prideaux John Selby, William Jardine
W.H. Lizars, 1837

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Página 574 - To save myself by flight was impossible, so without hesitation I stepped back about five paces, cocked my gun, drew one of the pistols out of my belt, and holding it in my left hand and the gun in my right, showed myself determined to fight for my life.
Página 210 - But alas ! recollection at hand Soon hurries me back to despair. But the sea-fowl is gone to her nest, The beast is laid down in his lair, Even here is a season of rest, And I to my cabin repair. There's mercy in every place, And mercy, encouraging thought ! Gives even affliction a grace, And reconciles man to his lot.
Página 573 - I laid my gun at my feet on the ground and waved my hand for him to come to me, which he did with great caution. I made him place his bow and quiver beside my gun, and then struck a light and gave him to smoke and a few beads.
Página 170 - Through the middle of this space, ran a line as straight as if it had been cut with a knife, and evidently formed by a natural process of separation : for it even proceeded through the centre of the snout, to the terminal pointed process, at the root of which it turned off on the right side ; so that the least effort of the animal was sufficient to aflbrd it a passage.
Página 51 - The boat is moored in the tideway, where the water is from 2.1 to 30 feet deep ; and the net, with its wooden framework, is fixed to the side of the boat. The tail of the hose, swimming loose, is from time to time handed into the boat, the end untied, and its contents shaken out. The wooden frame forming the mouth of the net does not dip more than four feet below the surface of the water...
Página 411 - ... eye. The garden formed the best and rarest botanical collection of plants in the East; to the extension of which, by his correspondence with persons of eminence in Europe and other parts of the world, his attention was constantly directed ; and, in return, he supplied his correspondents with rare collections from the East. It was painful to observe with what distress my father quitted this scene of his enjoyments, when extreme weakness, during his last illness, prevented his going to his favourite...
Página 573 - ... his bow and quiver of arrows beside my gun, and striking a light gave him a smoke out of my own pipe and a present of a few beads. With my pencil I made a rough sketch of the cone and pine tree which I wanted to obtain and drew his attention to it, when he instantly pointed with his hand to the hills fifteen or twenty miles distant towards the south; and when I expressed my intention of going thither, cheerfully set about accompanying me.
Página 573 - ... three quarters of an inch long, with whiskers three inches in length, and jet black. Unfortunately, the specimen was spoiled by the size of the shot, which, in my haste to secure the animal, and recover my inkstand, I did not take time to change; but a female of the same sort venturing to return some hours after, I handed it a smaller shot, which did not destroy the skin. It was in all respects like the other, except being a little smaller.
Página 573 - New and strange things seldom fail to make strong impressions, and are therefore frequently overrated ; so that lest I should never again see my friends in England to inform them verbally of this most beautiful and immensely grand tree, I shall here state the dimensions of the largest that I could find among several that had been blown down by the wind.
Página 441 - In this manner they remain through the winter, feeding on the hornbeam seeds which have fallen to the ground, and only separate at the approach of the breeding season. I believe the male has no song worth notice. In warm days in March I have heard them, when a number have been sitting together on a tree, uttering a few notes in a soft tone, bearing some resemblance to those of the Bullfinch.

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