Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce


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Página 64 - Study new uses for radio, provide for experimental uses of frequencies, and generally encourage the larger and more effective use of radio in the public interest...
Página 21 - Sec. 2. Performance of functions of Secretary. The Secretary of the Interior may from time to time make such provisions as he shall deem appropriate authorizing the performance by any other officer, or by any agency or employee, of the Department of the Interior of any function of the Secretary, including any function transferred to the Secretary by the provisions of this reorganization plan.
Página 351 - Congress, it is hereby declared that the business of transporting and selling natural gas for ultimate distribution to the public is affected with a public interest, and that Federal regulation in matters relating to the transportation of natural gas and the sale thereof in interstate and foreign commerce is necessary in the public interest.
Página 2 - ... from, available or to be made available in connection with the functions, powers, and duties transferred by...
Página 445 - Reference to specific brands is made to facilitate understanding and does not imply endorsement of such items by the Bureau of Mines.
Página 289 - However, a television broadcaster should, in recognition of his responsibility to the public, refuse the facilities of his station to an advertiser where he has good reason to doubt the integrity of the advertiser, the truth of the advertising representations, or the compliance of the advertiser with the spirit and purpose of all applicable legal requirements.
Página 22 - This plan should result in the more efficient operation of the government. It is not practical, however, to itemize or aggregate the exact expenditure reductions which will result from this action.
Página 289 - Not more than 90 percent of the total subscription programing hours shall consist of feature films and sports events combined. The percentage calculations may be made on a yearly basis, but, absent a showing of good cause, the percentage of such programing hours may not exceed...
Página 357 - Part II— Regulation of Electric Utility Companies Engaged in Interstate Commerce "Declaration of Policy; Application of Part; Definitions "Section 201. (a) It is hereby declared that the business of transmitting and selling electric energy for ultimate distribution to the public is affected with a public interest...

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