Reports of Decisions in the Supreme Court of the United States, Volumen1


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Página 199 - States, and the decision is in favor of such their validity, or where is drawn in question the construction of any clause of the constitution, or of a treaty, or statute of, or commission held under the United States, and the decision is against the title, right, privilege or exemption specially set up or claimed by either party, under such clause of the said Constitution, treaty, statute or commission, may be re-examined and reversed or affirmed in the Supreme Court of the United States upon a writ...
Página 444 - The law respecting negotiable instruments may be truly declared in the language of Cicero, adopted by Lord Mansfield in Luke v. Lyde, 2 Burr. R. 883, 887, to be in a great measure, not the law of a single country only, but of the commercial world.
Página 99 - Ship called the whereof is Master for this present Voyage and now riding at Anchor in the and bound for to say being marked and numbered as in the Margin, and are to be delivered...
Página 686 - That any final judgment or decree of the said Court of Appeals may be reexamined and affirmed, reversed or modified by the Supreme Court of the United States...
Página 284 - The general assembly shall provide, by law, for taxing the notes and bills discounted or purchased, moneys loaned, and all other property, effects, or dues of every description (without deduction) of all banks, now existing or hereafter created, and of all bankers, so that all property employed in banking shall always bear a burden of taxation equal to that imposed on the property of individuals.
Página 327 - State legislatures were forbidden "to pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts," that is, of contracts respecting property, under which some individual could claim a right to something beneficial to himself; and that since the clause in the constitution must in construction receive some limitation, it may be confined, and ought to be confined, to cases of this description; to cases within the mischief it was intended to remedy.
Página 212 - And the example by which he illustrates his definition is thus given: "The uniting in one bill several matters perfectly distinct and unconnected against one defendant, or the demand of several matters of a distinct and independent nature, against several defendants in the same bill.
Página 751 - An act supplementary to the act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the Revolution...
Página 33 - The Commissioner of the General Land Office, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, is authorized to enforce and carry into execution, by appropriate regulations, every part of the provisions of this title not otherwise specially provided for.
Página 649 - NELSON delivered the opinion of the court. This is a writ of error to the judgment of the Circuit Court of the United States, holden by the district judge in and for the district of Rhode Island.

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