Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1979

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Página 12 - No construction permit or station license, or any rights thereunder, shall be transferred, assigned, or disposed of in any manner, voluntarily or involuntarily, directly or indirectly, or by transfer of control of any corporation holding such permit or license, to any person except upon application to the Commission and upon finding by the Commission that the public interest, convenience and necessity will be served thereby.
Página 271 - Any person who shall willfully make any false entry in the accounts of any book of accounts or In any record or memoranda kept by any such carrier, or who shall willfully destroy, mutilate, alter, or by any other means or device falsify any such account, record, or memoranda, or who shall willfully neglect or fail to make full, true, and correct entries...
Página 13 - Any corporation directly or indirectly controlled by any other corporation of which more than one-fourth of the capital stock Is owned of record or voted by aliens or their representatives, or by a foreign government or representative thereof, or by any corporation organized under the laws of a foreign government. If the Commission finds that the public interest will be served by th« refusal or revocation of such license.
Página 270 - Debt expense" means all expenses in connection with the issuance and initial sale of evidences of debt, such as fees for drafting mortgages and trust deeds; fees and taxes for issuing or recording evidences of debt; cost of engraving and printing bonds...
Página 180 - Depreciation," as applied to depreciable electric plant, means the loss in service value not restored by current maintenance, incurred in connection with the consumption or prospective retirement of electric plant in the course of service from causes which are known to be in current operation and against which the utility is not protected by insurance.
Página 621 - The petition shall contain specific allegations of fact sufficient to show that the petitioner is a party in interest and that a grant of the application would be prima facie inconsistent with the public interest, convenience and necessity. Such allegations of fact shall, except for those of which official notice may be taken, be supported by affidavit of a person or persons with personal knowledge thereof.
Página 270 - Among the causes to be given consideration are wear and tear, decay, action of the elements, inadequacy, obsolescence, changes in the art, changes in demand and requirements of public authorities.
Página 59 - That if an answer cannot be sent or an acknowledgment made within such 10-day period by reason of illness or other unavoidable circumstances, acknowledgment and answer shall be made at the earliest practicable date with a satisfactory explanation of the delay. The answer to each notice shall be complete in itself and shall not be abbreviated by reference to other communications or answers to other notices.
Página 170 - Except as provided in § 1.511(b) or in paragraph (b) of this section, applications, amendments thereto, and related statements of fact required by the Commission shall be personally signed by the applicant, if the applicant is an individual; by one of the partners, if the applicant is a partnership; by an officer, if the applicant is a corporation; or by a member who is an officer, if the applicant is an unincorporated association. Applications, amendments, and related statements of fact filed on...
Página 442 - Transmission" means the movement of "communication." It includes the receiving, forwarding, and delivery of communications. "Transoceanic message revenue" means revenue from the "transmission" of messages between points outside the area comprising the "Continental United States," Alaska, Canada, Saint Pierre-Miquelon, and Mexico, and between such points and points designated as gateway points (or "Continental terminus," for radiotelegraph communications, as defined in Part 34 of this chapter). "United...

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