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Articles enumerated.

Bricks, fire

Brimstone, rolls or ref'd


Britannia ware

Bronze,and all ui. of n.o. p. if copper chief value, 1869.


metal in leaf


Brooms, of all kinds

Brushes, of all kinds

Bulbous roots

Burgundy pitch ,

Burning fluid

Burrstones, manufact'd or bound up into millstones


Buttons and button-molds. Cabinets of coins, medals.


Cables, Manilla, untarred...

all other, untarred

Cachous, aromatic


Cameos, set in gold or other metal ,

not set

Camphor, crude


Candles and tapers, adamantine




wax, pure, mixed


all other, n.o. p

Candy, not colored

Canes for walking, finished

or not.-

Canvas, for saiisf


Caps, made on frames of any material worn, &c,

n. o. p

of fur... ,

of silk. (See man'fac's of cotton, wool, &c.)

Card-cases ....

Carbolic liquid

Cards, play, cost'g not over

25 cents per pack '..

over 25 cents per pack

Carpets, n. o. p

Aubusson, Axminster, Med'n, orwhole, value less than SI 25 p. yard... Brussels, (Jacq'd m,) value less than $1 25 p. yard

Saxony, Wilton, and Tournay, (1864, by Jacq'd in,) value over $1 25 per yard

pat'tvePt, Tournay vel't, tapestry velvet, value over $1 25 per yard

Brussels, printed on warp &e

tapestry, on warp, &c

treble ingrain, three-ply, worsted chain Venetian

yarn, Venetian, two-ply, ingrain , ,

of cotton

of flax

of hemp or jute

of wool,also mix'd,n. o. p,

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* Canes, finished, thirty-five per cent.

f If other than cotton, thirty per cent. (1872.)

Articles enumerated.

Carpets, druggets, bookings, p'd, col'd, or


[Hassocks, rugs, screens, mats, &c, pay duty as carpeting, similarly.]

Carriages, and parts of.,

Casks, barrels. &c, n.o.p...


buds and ground

Cassia vera

Castor beans, bush.of50fts.


Cement, Roman

Chalk, billiard

French and red


all n. o. p

Charts and maps


Chessmen, chess balls,bone

# or ivory ,

Chiccory, root

ground, burnt, or prep'rd

Chinaware, plain




Chronometers, box, ships, or parts


Clapboards, pine


Clay, pipe and fire, unwr. or prepared

Cliff stone

Clocks, and parts thereof... Cloth, water-proof,n.o. p... Clothing, ready-m., and w'g app., ev. desc., wholly or in part wool.worst'd, hair, alpaca goat, <fec, (except knit goods)

ready-m, silk.orif s. shall be mat'l of chief val...

all other, n. o. p

Cloves ,

Clove stems

Coach furniture

Coal,bituminous and shale,

all other, n.o. p

culm of, and coke

Cobalt, and oxide of.



prepared or manuf'd

leaves and shells



sub. for, excluding chic'ry

Coins, copper, ,



Collodion, fluid

Cologne water, and other perf. of wh. alco. fins prin. ingred't

Colors, analine

barytes, comb's with ac'd or water

Berlin blue

blanc fixe... ,

carmine lake, dry orliq'd.

Chinese blue

chrome yel., ch'te oflead

Dutch pink

enameled white

Frankfort black ,

Fr'ch green, dry or moist,

Indian reel ,

ivory black ,

mineral blue, dry or moist



* According to material of which composed, t" Slack coal or culm." Coke not changed.

[blocks in formation]

Colors, green, dry or moist. 30 p. ct.

painters, n.o.p 25 p. ct.

Paris green, dry or moist. 30p. ct.

white, dry... ft) 1c.

ground in oil ft) lie

Pr'n blue, dry or moist... 30 p. ct.

rose pink. 25 p. ct.

satin white lb 3c.

Sp'sh brown, dry or in oil. 25 p. ct.

ultramarine lb 6c.

umber [100 lbs 50a

Vandyke brown 20 p. ct,

Venetian red, dry or in

oil 25p. ct.

Vermillion, dry or in oil... 25 p. ct.

wash blue 25p. ct.

water colors, moist, used
in man. p'r-h'ng'gs, &c. 25 p. ct.

n. o. p 35 p. ct.

wood-lake, dry or in oil... 25 p. ct. Coloring for brandy, (containing no spirits) 50 p. ct.

Combs of all kinds, forthe

hair 35p. ct.

Comfits, preserved in sugar, brandy or molasses, n.

o.p 35 p. ct.

Compositions of glass or

paste, set 30 p. ct.

Composition, scagliola, and other tops for tables,

&c. '..... ... 35 p.ct.

Compounds or prepa.ra

tions of which distilled [same as sp'ts are comp't part of j spirits,

chief value

Confectionery, col'd, value

30c. or less per lb lb 15c.

above 80c. 1 lb.,or by box,

50 p.ct.
lb, fine, 3c.
lb 4c.

Copper ore < ,

old, fit for reinanuf'e only pigs, bars, ingots, or

plates 11) 5c.

braziers'" sheets, 45 p. ct.

other sheets 45 p. ct.

bolts, nails, spikes, rods... 45 p. ct.

bottoms, (still bo.ttoms)... 45p. ct.

manf't's, n. o. p. of cop. or in wh. cop. is com't

p't of ch'f val 45 p. ct.

regulus, and black

coarse lb 4c.

sheathing, 48 in. long, 14 in. wide, weight 14 to

34 ozs., pr. sq. ft 45 p. ct.

sulphate of. lb 5c.

Copperas lb ic.

Coral, cut or manufact'd... 30 p. ct. Cordage, Manila, untarrecl.jft) 2sc.

all other untarred lib 3ic.

all tarred ;lib 3c.

Cordials k«l. $2.

Corks |50 p. ct.

Cork bark, manufactured...150 p. ct.

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Act of


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goods not included in foregoing schedules

value 7 cents or less

over 10 cents per sq. yd

bobbin et


caps, hose, &e

carpets and carpetings....

cords, gimps, &c

drawers, shirts

embroidered, &c

hat bodies

lace, insertings, &c

lace, colored

velvets ...-.

manufactures n. o. p


Cowhage or cowitch-down

Crayons of all kinds

Cream of tartar

Crockery ware, wnite,

glazed, &c

Crocus colcottra


Currants, Zante, and other Cutlery of all kinds n. o. p. Dandelion root, raw or


Dates, green, ripe, or dried

Dentifrices.. .-.'

Diamonds, glaziers', set or not

other, not set


Dice, ivory or bone

Dolls of all kinds;

Downs for beds or bedding

Draughts, ivory or bone


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Drugs, medicine, &c, crude n. o. p

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Articles enumerated.

Dutch and bronze metal in leaf..

Dye-woods, decoctions of...

Dyes for the hair

Earthenware, brown or


glazed, edged, &c

Embroideries, gold, silver,

Emery, manufactured,

ground, &c


Engravings, bound or unbound

Envelopes, paper ,

Ergot . ,

Essences, or essential oils, n. o. p

Ethers of all kinds and prep's. fTd

Ethers, fruit, essences or oils,&c

Explosive substances, val. not over 20 cts. per lb...

value over 20 cents per lb.

Extracts, perfumes, &c.

hair, mouth, or skin..

Extracts, ethereal, fluid..

of annatto

of dye-woods, n. o, p

of indigo

of logwood

of madder, (garancine).

of opium

of safflower

Eyelets of every description Fans, all, n. o. p

palm-leaf ,

Feather beds ,

Feathers, artificial,n. o. p..,

for beds or bedding

ostrich, vulture, crude

ostrich, vulture, dressed..,

Feldspar ,

Fig blue ........



Files, &c, long

Acts of 1870.

over 10 inches long

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Finishing powder

Fire-crackers, box of forty


Fire-screens, all kinds


Fish, all foreign-caught, not in barrels and n. o. p....

all, in oil, n. o. p

all pickled, in barrels, except herrings, mackerel, and salmon bbl. SI 50.

glue, (isinglass) 30 p. ct.

skins, raw 20p. ct.

Flats, for ornamenting

hats, &o 30p. ct.

Flax* straw... ton $5.

tow of ton $10.

not hackled or dressed.... ton$20.

hackled or dressed ton $40.

manufactures of, n. o. p... 40p. ct. ditto, value 30 c. or less

per sq.yd '. 35 p. ct.

ditto, value above 30

cents, &g 40p. ct.

yarns, &c, v. 24 cents or

less per lb 30p. ct.

ditto, &c, value above

24 cents per lb 35 p. ct.

thread, or linen thread,

&c 40p. ct.

Flints.. lOp. ct.

Floor cloth, of whatever material, n. o. p (See Oil

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bbl. $1 50. free.

30 p. ct.

ton $5. ton $10. ton $20. ton $40. 40 p. ct.

35 p. ct.

40 p. ct.

30 p. ct.

35 p. ct.

40 p. ct. free.


Articles enumerated.

*See Jute.

Flour, of sago

Flowers, all medicinal,

n. o. p.*

artificial and ornamental Frames or sticks for umbrellas

for looking-glasses

Fruit, green, ripe, or dried,

n. o. p

juice, and fruits preserved in

presVd otherwise, n.o. p. Fulminates, or fulminating

powder r

Fullers' earth

■Furniture, rough


Furniture springs, wir spiral ...

Fur, all manufactures of.... Furs, hatters', not on the


on the skin, dressed,

Game, fish and poultry

Gas retorts

Gelatine and all similar

preparations ,

Gems, not set


German silver, unmanufactured

manufactures of

Gilt and plated ware

Ginger, essence.....

Ginger, ground

preserved or pickled

root, (dried or green)

Glass, man'fac's of, n. o. p plain, molded, and


cut, engraved, col'd, &c... bottles or jars with preserves ,

crystals for watches ,

plates or disks, un


porcelain or Bohemian glass

Acts of 1870.

window,f not above 10 by 15 inches ,

above 10 by 15, not above 16 by 24

above 16 by 24, not above 24 by 30

above 24 by 30, not above 24 by60, (1862) ,

above 24 by 60 inches

Gloves, kid or leather, all..



Gold, articles of, n. o. p

leaf, (pack'e of 500leaves)

and silver epaulets, &c,



Grapes >

Grass cloth

manufactures, n. o. p...

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50 p. ct. 20 p. ct. 30 p. ct. 10 p. ct. 10 p. ct. 25 p. ct. free, free. 20 p. ct. 30 p. ct, 35 p. ct.

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* Flowers, leaves, plants, roots, barks, and seeds for medicinal purposes in a crude state, not otherwise provided, free, 1872.

fThe rates upon window-glass—rough plate,fin ted, rolled, unpolished cylinder, crown, and common window; polished cylinder and crown; cast or polished, not silvered; and castor polished, silvered or looking-glass frames; are the same as required by act of June 30, 1864, as above, less ten per cent, by act of June, 1872.

J If not jewelry or articles of ornament.

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6 c. and 20 p. ct. lb 10 c. and 20 p. ct.

30 p. ct. 30 p. ct. 40 p. ct.

[ocr errors]


Grease, all not specified 10 p. ct. 10 p. ct.

Grindstones, rough or unfi'd ton $1 50. ton $1 50.

finished ton $2. ton $2.

Gums, sub. or burnt starch.. 10 p. ct. 10 p. ct. Gunny-bags and cloth,value

not over 10 cts. per sq. yd ft) 3 c. bleached and cleaned, v. over 10 cts. per sq. yd.... ft) 4 c. Gunpowder, valued at 20 cents or less per pound., ft) 6 c. and 20 p. ct. valued at above 20 c. p. lb ft) 10 c. and 20 p. ct. Gun-wads, sporting, of all

descriptions . 35 p. ct.

Gutta-percha, manufac'd... 40 p. ct.
Hair, all kinds,cleaned but

not manufactured 10 p. ct.

curled, for inatt's & beds 20 p. ct. goats, unm'd, (not Ang'a) (See Wool.)

hogs B> 1 c.

human, uncl'd, not d'wn.. 30 p. ct.f

cleaned or prepared 30 p. ct.

all manufac's of, n. o. p.. 40 p. ct. bonnets, hats, and hoods.. 40 p. ct. bracelets, bd's, ch'ns, &c. 35 p. ct. braids, plaits, flats, laces, &c, and all manufactures of, n.o. p

Hair-cloth, (hair seating,

1870,) 18 in. wide or over

less than 18 inches wide...

crinoline cloth

Hair dyes, oils, perfumeries, &c


pins, of iron wire


Harness furniture, n. o.p...

Hassocks, mats, &c, n. o. p..

Hats,of straw,or other mat.,

not otherwise provided..

of fur

of silk

of wool, value not exceeding 40 cents per pound

above 40 cents, not exceeding 60c. per lb....

above 60 cents, not exceeding 80 c. per lb....

above 80 c. per pound..

Hatters' plush, silk and cot

ton, (cotton chief inat'l)

Hemp, Manila, and other

like substances



tow of, (codilla)

yarn of, untarred

manufactures, n. o. p.,

(see Linen)

Herrings, pickled or salted Hides, raw, &c, skins, all


Hollow ware, glazed or




Horn, manufact's of, n. o. p.. Household furnit'e, n. o. p., Hubs, for wheels, &c India-rubber, manufactures

of, mixed

brp.ces, &c, n. o. p

articles wholly of, n. o. p..

Indigo, carmined

Ink, printers', ink powderInstruments, musical, of all



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* See Jute, t Resolution January 10,1871.

t Doubtful whether the 10 percent, reduction applies to these. If not, then same rates by acts of 1872 as before.

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Insulators, except glass

Iodine, resublimed

salts of

Iron, Moisic

old scrap, cast.



bars, rolled or ham'd, in clud'gflats,various sizes

ditto, other sizes

other descriptions, ditto, not otherwise providedbars, r. r., n. ab. 6 in. h band, hoop, &c, cer. size ditto, certain other size...

ditto, other size

boiler, and other plate....,

not less 3-16 in. thick

rods, n'l or spike, s. r. orh sheet, smooth orpol'd, all galvanized or coated., other, of certain size

certain other size

other size ,

squares, m'k'd on one s'de

all other, of iron or st'l

anchors, and p'ts thereof

andirons, cast


axles, orparts thereof

blacksmiths' ham'ers, &c.

bolts, wrought

butts, cast ,....

castings, n. o. p

cables or chains, or p'ts of

chains, &c, of wire, &c,

one size ,

ditto, another size
ditto, another size
ditto, another size

hatters' irons

hinges, cast


hollow ware, gl'zd or tin'd

malleable, in castings mill-irons and cranks.

nails and spikes, cut...

board n'ls, wr'ght, (spikes and rivets)

nails, horseshoe nuts, &c, w., r'dyp'nch'd pipe, c'st, for st'm, gas,&c.

railroad chairs, wrought..


screws, bed

wood-screws,over2 inches under 2 inches

wash'd, plat'd, all other

stoves and st'e-plates, c'st

tailors' irons

tacks, &c, not exceeding 16 oz. per mille

exceeding 16 oz. p. mille

taggers' iron

tire, for locomotives

tubes, flues, &c, wrought

vessels, cast iron, n. o. p...

wire, bright, &c, one size

Act of 1872.

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another size., another size..

cover'd, cott'n, silk,&c,


wrought, for ships, loco's

w'ght 25 pounds or more all manufact's of, n. o. p.


sulphate of.

Isinglass, (see Fish Glue)...

Istle, or Tampico fiber

Italian cloth, w'le or p't w'l. &c.,v.n. ex. 20 c. p. s. y

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* Excepting cotton machinery.



Articles enumerated.

Acts of 1870.

Italian cloth, value above 20 cts. per sq're yard.

all weighing 4 ounces or over, per square yard

Ivory, all manufac's,n. o.p.

Japan'd coach and harness

furn. and h'dw'e, n. o. p.

leather of all kinds

ware, n. o. p

Jellies, of all kinds ,

Jet and man'fac's of, &c, Jewelry, imitations, and all


Juice, lemon and lime

other fruit

Jute,* unmanufactured


all manufactures, n. o. p.

wool.fab.,w.or p.jute,30c, or less

over 30 cts. p. sq. yd

yarns of


Kermes, mineral


Laces and insertings, th'd...





Lead, ore, and dross.

old scrap, fit for rem. only

bars or pigs




pencils, in wood

Act of


notin wood ,

nitrate of ,

sugar of ,

manufactures of, n. o. p...

white and red, dry or

Leather, japanned, patent, or enameled

tanned, all, n. o. p

sole and bend

calfskin, upper

all manufactures, n. o. p.

Leaves, n. o. p


Licorice, juice

paste and in rolls



chloride of, (bleaching



Linen, &c, v. 30c. or less p. sq. yd . ,

over 30c, p. sq. yard

another class, 30c. or less.

the same, ov. 30c. p. s. y.

yarns, carp't, one class...,

another class


Litharge, dry or in oil.. ,

Lumber, saw'd boards, &c, heml'k, &c...

pl'd, &c, for each side

p. one side, tong'd and grooved ,

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Articles enumerated.

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*"On all burlaps, and like manufactures of flax, jute, or hemp, or of which flax, jute, or hemp shall be the component material of chief value, excepting such as may be suitable for bagging for cotton, thirty percent, ad valorem; on all oil-cloth foundations or floor-cloth canvas, made of flax, jute, or hemp, or of which flax, jute, or hemp shall be the component material of chief value, forty percent. ad valorem; on all bags, cotton bags and bagging, and all other like manufactures, not herein otherwise provided for, except bagging for cotton, composed wholly or in part of flax, hemp, jute, gunnycloth, gunny-bags, or other material, forty per cent, ad valorem."—-(Act, June, 1872.)

Lumber, p. two sides, tong'd and grooved

sawed, n. o. p



Machinery, steam towage and steam plows


Magnesia, carbonate of





Maps, (see charts and maps.)

Marble, various kinds, in block, &c, (unmanufactured)

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors]

veined, and all other, o.p

all sawed, dressed, polis'd slabs not ab. 2 in. thick

ditto, more than 2 in. in thickness

ditto, exceeding 6 inches..

all other manf's, n. o. p...


Mats, cocoa-nut ,

Matting, grass, &c ',

cocoa, or coir ,

Matting, &c, not exclusively vegetable:

Meats, prepared

Medicinal barks,&c, n. o.p

preparations, n. o. p

preparations, patent

Melada, concentrated

Mercurial preparations, n

o. p

Metal, Bessemer, &c, process

manufactures of, n. o. p


Metals, unmanufactured,n.

o. p

Milk, presVd or. con'd... Mineral and bitu's subs.,

crude, n. o. p

Mineral or med. water, per quart

[ocr errors]

otherwise than in bot'ls.. Molasses ,


Morocco skins

Morphia, and all salts of.. Mosaics, real and imitation, not set

set in metal.../.

Moss, for beds or mate's

Mungo ,


Music, printed witli lines..

Musical instruments

Muskets .*

Mustard, ground, in bulk.,

inclosed in glass or tin... Natron

Needles, sewing, darning,

knitting » ,

for knitting or sew. mach.

[ocr errors][ocr errors]


oxide, and alloy of.... Nitric ether, spirits of. ....

Nutmegs- !ft> 20 c.

Nuts, all, n. o. P lb 2 c.

Oatmeal |10 p. ct.

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'All not artificial.'

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