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To the "Editorial," on a preceding page, the subscriber begs leave to add a word. It is well known to his elder brethren of the clergy, that he has for many years been engaged in collecting, from every accessible source, all that he could find in print or Mss., illustrating the history of our own branch of the Church. The accumulation has now become large; and among his materials are some originals of value, of which no copy exists anywhere. The fear of accident induces the subscriber to seek some mode of preserving, without expense to the Church at large or himself, these valuable papers; and this led to the arrangement announced in the foregoing editorial. It is due to himself to say, that the subscriber derives no pecuniary advantage from the arrangement; nor can the editor hope for any other than the incidental one that may result from an increased subscription to the Review, on the part of Churchmen willing to aid in preserving the documentary history of the Church.

The plan which the subscriber proposed to himself was, for the most part, simply to print such original documents as he might deem it important to preserve, without any change or alteration; and to accompany them with such notes or explanatory remarks as might serve to elucidate them.

In conclusion, while the undersigned disclaims responsibility for any portion of the Review, save the department of American Ecclesiastical History; he begs to add, that his disclaimer does not result from any want of confidence in the conduct of, or contributors to, the work; but from his desire not to seem even to appropriate to himself merit that belongs to others.

NEW YORK, Jan. 1, 1850.


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