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All present then utter'd a terrified shout;

All turn'd with disgust from the scene. The worms they crept in, and the worms they crept out, And sported his eyes and his temples about,

While the spectre address’d Imogine :

« Behold me, thou false one! behold me!" he cried;

" Remember Alonzo the Brave ! “ God grants, that, to punish thy falsehood and pride, « My ghost at thy marriage should fit by thy side, “ Should tax thee with perjury, claim thee as bride,

“ And bear thee away to the grave'!"

Thus saying, his arms round the lady he wound,

While loudly the shriek’d in dismay; Then sank with his prey through the wide-yawning ground: Nor ever again was Fair Imogine found,

Or the spectre who bore her away.

Not long lived the Baron: and none since that time

To inhabit the castle presume;
For chronicles tell, that, by order sublime,
There Imogine suffers the pain of her crime,

And mourns her deplorable doom.

At midnight four times in each year does her sprite,

When mortals in flumber are bound, Array'd in her bridal apparel of white,


Appear in the hall with the skeleton-knight,

And shriek as he whirls her around.

While they drink out of Kulls newly torn from the grave,

Dancing round them pale fpectres are seen:
Their liquor is blood, and this horrible stave
They howl:-" To the health of Alonzo the Brave

And his confort, the False Imogine !"

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This is a Parody upon the foregoing Ballad. I must acknowledge,

however, that the lines printed in italics, and the idea of making an apothecary of the knight, and a brewer of the baron, are taken from a parody which appeared in one of the news-papers, under the title of “ Pil-Garlic the Brave and Brown Celestine.”

A Doctor so prim and a fempitress so tight

Hob-a-nobb’d in some right marasquin; They fuck'd up the cordial with truest delight: Giles Jollup the Grave was just five fect in height,

And four feet the brown Sally Green.

.66 And

" And as," said Giles Jollup,“ to-morrow I go To physic a feverish land, “ At some fixpenny hop, or perhaps the Mayor's show, “ You'll tumble in love with some smart city beau,

“ And with him Thare your shop in the Strand.”_

-“ Lord! how can you think fo?" brown Sally Green said;

• You must know mighty little of me; “ For if you be living, or if you be dead, * I swear, 'pon my honour, that none in your stead

“ Shall husband of Sally Green be.

* And if e'er for another my heart should decide,

“ False to you and the faith which I gave, “ God grant that, at dinner too amply supplied, " Over-eating may give me a pain in my fide;

May your ghost then bring rhubarb to physic the bride, “ And fend her well dosed to the grave !”

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Away went poor Giles, to what place is not told :

Sally wept, till she blew her nose sore !
But scarce had a twelvemonth elapsed, when behold!
A brewer, quite stylish, his gig that way roll’d,

And stopp'd it at Sally Green's door.

His wealth, his pot-belly, and whisky of cane,

Soon made her untrue to her vows;
The steam of strong beer now bewildering her brain,


He caught her while tipfy! denials were vain,

So he carried her home as his spouse.

And now the roaft beef had been bless'd by the priest,

To cram now the guests had begun :'
Tooth and nail like a wolf fell the bride on the feast;
Nor yet had the clash of her knife and fork ceased,

When a bell-('twas a dustman's)--toll'.—" one!"

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Then first with amazement Brown Sally Green found

That a stranger was stuck by her side :
His cravat and his ruffles with snuff were embrown'd;
He ate not, he drank not, but, turning him round,

Sent some pudding away to be fried !!!

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His wig was turn'd forwards, and short was his height;

His apron was dirty to view :
The women (oh! wondrous) were hush'd at his fight:
The cats, as they eyed him, drew back (well they might),

For his body was pea-green and blue !

Now, as all wish'd to speak, but none knew what to fay,

They look'd mighty foolish and queer :
At length spoke the bride, while she trembled" I

pray, Dear Sir, your peruke that aside you would lay,

And partake of some strong or small beer!


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