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school and college games, broadcasts of the game would not be allowed that Section 3 of the Public Law 87-331. It also does nothing to blun: the 29 the regional and "exception" telecasting of NCAA events and be me impact on the extent of television coverage of college sportsporedbi spread cable carriage of such events into areas where television brua 2** ** not authorized.

The FCC's new rule became effective on August 22 of this year, ad * events have graphically demonstrated its patent inadequacy in deall 5,5" concerns of intercollegiate and interscholastic sports, As you will the purpose of the NCAA's Television Plan is to insure maximum televisio 13 for the largest number of institutions while at the came time preverity telecasts from having an undue harmful impact ujuon localls-gelased and college games. An element of flexibility is afforded by proti which, in addition to the games appearing nationally or regionally a great local interest may be telecast in situations where it can be prou no undue impact upon other college games in the vicinity of broadcast ?""

On September 20 of this year, an “pXception" telecast of a fa &. 52% between Arkansas and Oklahoma State was scheduled to be truda Rock, Arkansas. However, it was learned that cable srutems pils'.1*!** the game virtually throughont the State of Arkansas, with a potential disy effect on concurrently-scheduled lixal rollege contests. A similar trlp you!! game between Texas Tech and the tinirersity of Texas at Austin was for the following Saturday. Plans to make both of these telo am? ' abandoned because cable systems carrying the pertinent broadcast 1"! " ! pach ca se planned to transmit the games into anas where the app the games on television would seriousls jepardize other interesse , F"! interscholastic events. Indeed, the Texas Tech-Austin (axe, cable synirl . have carried the signal to some 00 horispholds in areas which ar buvo drawn upon as an important part of the spectatorship for jowa polepou yon af The FCC's rule, which was in effect throughout this entire poriad, wa { $ avail in prerenting this problem.

The inequities in the present ratem are obrions. Their continuatie te dy one's interest. It is not in the interest of the telerision-rien ing pergije, * sono See less, not more, college sports. Indeed, although the reput luonno telecasts which were precluded by cable carriage illustrate the point that "2"

how the full impact of alle farriage u**) amateur spiste prents, then w e not possible to tabulate all of the potential telernote that are not pretpos wat due to known widespread cable carriage ontside of the broaden Vr#. Moreover, the present system is not in the long run interest of the hole !! which will gain at best a transitory advantage and which has brrer arti 5 either in ('ongressional hearings or in silmiissions to the Fif any. 1 to the protection requested by the NCAA. Voris it in the internet of their con industry, which is subject to divriminatory treatment. Finally. It is 1:9 interest of high school and college swirts programs, which are stric *** survive.

The failure of the ('ommission to deal with the fasule means that the de has been placed wuarely before Congress, either to perpetuate the power mystem-and its adopting Satin 1111c in its purusan P to amend the bill to include provisions mhich, in conjunction with the 1'*** provinjs in the bill gorerning en ble sistems, impune fra www.ble lir!!** Sen ondary transmissions of intercoullrgiate morts pleut telecasts and will t«cable retransmiss the watue limitations that are applied ay tular 87 331 to television brondeauty of professional football games

We hope ilat a Sour Staminifte turns to Trrison of IT Rabac resuwnd to this challenge, and that it will adjogot modifications to

e '" frun-niesion authority wanted by Section 11 so that the ball wil g rire le 2*** and high wholu ilep berpiry profertions We will be here to ur naminame in this reard which you or the submittee *a may uggest Sincerely yours,

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Washington, D.O., October 6, 1973, Mr Jlrun Frcis, bermumillar on Courte, (intl Liberties, and the Administration of Justier,

( House of Representatitra, Washington, D.C. Dar MM. FUIS: The National Commission on Libraries and Information & irre, at its meeting on September 25, 1975, passed a resolution on the (. trumtial problem of library photoxning.

The rwinlion, I think, indicates the rule that YO'LIS has played in cwration with the Irpinter of copyrights in trying to develop witne pompromise t** twrp the author pullimbers and librarians. We are hojwful that the t'otn maje***of New Te htiolekital 1 4 of Copyrighted Works I CONTI), which is jointing Orkaniad, wat in alle to deal with this problem for the lonirali

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Rosoft Tior or LIBRARY PHOTOCOPYING AND COPYRIGHT Wherra. the problem of resolving the conflict between the expressed herd of libraries to share treure via phone using and the protestion of the right of jhabitwhen ata autbor ham me fur pludmutson; and Wherras the courts and t ongres have indhi at that the two of unitine

ld work together to firendue pat equitable prowal for dealing witb the protirin, and

Whereas the ('onfrfrore on Remolution of copyright Inuties which was con Proel fatttis by the National testamisaluti on libraries and information lette 1. LIS) and the 'opis right ( m in the Library of Congr , and which includes trurarntatives of all cute rrnirdi «untittiet jes) has Te l etuted a study of t..!

orkester H atters of photxxuying and of the fruit of a really murtud
t. .a k iu, tud

Wtorfra. the .LIN has in ceration with the one of Natten Informathon
Nori * of the National matter tuulali. IX. ) agrd to fund sur la
& stsely to begin ajattualeis I J n titary init): 1
W luting the 14 l) pinhel (rofitninsoon

Technological of (opis righted Works ( Ili in just 06.111171' to toegan fululit nie of its 11.1 miit the resni! 18 which un

t eed to kaip life at mata tle 111.rpmttn.gif raritet and the aforexa de to station of tartrtat are fertilsal ftirpe prixl. pitsabet low therefore, top it Né sted i tunt the ***to (

o r that it selleen posting the ( te take any interin mit ein flap **..

* inte ***** of 11.

** In w until ili the routits at the Valinat diy arm s and I tiup ( it has made its trwart and m ine tidal letos nillary pl

Aslle qutard by the Vatfeta] ('oti.ft.Iselon on Iibraries and Informat.on & trur at Ha te luto tu bolewa , 137, in Iss Angeire, t alif

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7. Performance Royalty consistent with Cable TV Royalties. The pair underlying the bill is identical to that supported by the broadcasters in general revision bill. Broadcasters assert that cable systems should the two to pay the broadcaster and copyright owners when cable TV picks up the tru casters' over-the-air signal. Indirectly parallel fashion, broadcasten the be required to pay the creators of sound recordings when broadcasters the 213 programming material for their profit.

8. Performance Royalty Recognized Abroad. The principle of the bill o : at all radical. Almost all other Western nations require the pay ibent *** formance royalties to performers and recording companies. Some of the payments are currently denied to U.S. artists and companies braun out * offers no reciprocal right. The primary reason that the principle hys * established here is that the last revision of the copyright law fox k pare ia ** long before sound recordings became a significant sure of prograill terial for commercial exploitation by broadcasters and others

[From Broadcasting, Sept. 1, 1975.)

RADIO 1975: BIGGEST YEAR IN THE MAKING Xational radio business has taken off this year as in no other of recent met The radio networks are virtually sold out in key day parts and

1 to make this their best sales year in more than two decades-vliettiseu a s for sure, and in some cames individually.

National spot radio is more erratic but according to meet areonints ja rei". N a head of last year's pace by at least two or three xrcentage joints and pri by several-either way, by enough to make a reord.

The status of local business is less clear. In some markets it's shrnd of 191 levels and in some it's behind, depending on several factor in:"p ! aggressiveness of local sales staffs and the extent of the neon's lo t (renerally, observers tend to think 1970 local sile will rise in total-*hich # d mean another new record there, too but that the old pattern of aladel auta . annual 6% increases will not hold up in wome markets.

Network business, where much of the prcitement used to be in poper days, has of course dwindled to small potatoes be complertson with na' spot and local. In 1973, the latest year for which timures are avantante all three components, network billings totaled $19.4 million, national an to $32.Smiliton and local reached $12 billion.

But althonub network is now the smallest component of radio basneulatrit it has become the liveliest. *Super." one network head maid last week biernble," said another. Both were talking about water this year. Nette of being almost sold out for long perioxis of the day, Ontbers, thunurk ontsu; ? elated aroided the "sold-100" term as a matter of principior of sutenti. As one put it, "There's always a spot at 2 o'clock in the morning or some time that you can sll to someone out there."

The best estimates available Ukgest that for the Ont seren mrth of mational network alles in total--for ABC Radio's four networks and the la JE0! and Be Radio network proped the emparable 14 porta Me somewhere between 0 and 300. Looking at it another WAY. PEAN Lit. proident of Jutual, qumtimated that if total network binti funtch 1974 monthlv totals for the rest of 1975, the year will still mise ! 1 1.5€", ahond of last year.

Sobols' Apparentlve rts the rear of 1973 to fall back and mappie ko stride with the last bull of 1974. Even if it did. authoritir flenre her radio would still have its best year since 1972, one of the best network pro

i n tyynt history. And if guins maintain anything approaching the T* 30* u de rate of the first even month., 1973 stund Pape Defork ni e *D* 11, whiti Friut network for at $ig million. That, in *** , Is more th:111 detalle what they were in the bottotninkunt years o! i

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rennut other *** officials of differing a mente oft mo Vogtly the car wale are on, but they diwrap as to how m'sh "The mat. just twinrink in" nevyrd ng to the bend of one ma top market **q

up. A statiuo rep with both large and middle-end markets on tuu

RR $345.

patimatrd his 1975 sales were up 27" as of Sept. 1 but said much of that kuin was in larrrr mn rart. Ble also said spet sales *went into a funk a couple (f Wrek ago** but that he assumed they would wrk np.

Anaber leading with oth large and medium-sized markets prorted his to be up but not becoming." and thought he world wind up about 3

hund of 1914--thanks more to regional and rohet work business, he said. than to gain from strictly pational acylinte. lie, too, agreed bovine was Iller for large markets than for all. *Stue of the ku in small markets are aptink kind." another and

N.ll aber sources parimated that spot business for the first ha! was 6 tom, alead of the 1971 Arthuil which wasn't great in the opalik moutl.s 10!!! #trustheted in April. Ja and June. Thus, sollip maro s imate of In tol.. in time past June were interprei dan r et11 * Molid midyear *** got no hi ha jeur, to'xn some reps calienyrd the 10% 12% prifmate fur

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radio for the Orst time or on a heavier scale than before (for a partial art
of "new" advertisers, see page 22). To advance this trend, radio
values during hard times were promoted widely in a "Radio : Adflation Funder"
on-air campa ign, led by RAB, which at its peak earlier this year wu 6
estimated 2,000 radio stations and which now, as the recension xbows K.
of fading, is being recast to emphasize the continued importance of the at
tation fighter" in reaching consumers as the economy turns around.

"In any case," said ABC Radio's Mr. Neal, there's a lot of momentum in
now. I just hope it continues in 1976 and I think it will; we're predicting
it will."
Almost everyone is.


Success in signing up advertisers they hadn't had before is part of the nadno networks' 1975 boom. In the lists that follow, each network enumerated a furt tisers that were new to it in 1975. "new" in each case meaning adsertim had not been on that particular network in the past two to thrre years

ABC Radin.AVF Inc.'s Harley-Davidson motorcycles: Allstate in urako Ajay sporting goods; American Home Products; Denorex xham ), Bali N.. ('orp's Riunite wines ; Chattem Drug & Chemical's Sun in Hair Leteret. (hesebrough-Ponds' Hemorr-aid, Bath *n' Splash, Bath Ou Beads and set products; Del Monte green beans; Duraflame fireplace logs; Di Kawhef med cleaner; General Electric small appliances; Georgia-Pacific building powy Jiinmy Dean Meat (0.; Michelin Tire (orj).; National Potato Promotion Bauer Pennzoil's Penreco Gumout carburetor cleaner: Pillsbury's Figurines Data Stock vermouth; Schick razors: Scott lawn products; Sears' men's gende la mowers, shirts and slarks; Singer sewing machines ; Standard Bralds (9** Baby Ruth and Butterfingers candy and Planters peanuts: Voik Wilku Rex Warner-Lambert's Dynamints, Rolaids and Cool-Ras sun glan: Yamaha İnter national ('orp.'s stereo/hi ti and guitars; Yardles of landua cunes 124 fragrances

('BN Radin.-Allis-Chalmers Corp: Allstate Insurance: AT&T; Burlen's Kara coffee; British Leyland Motors; ('ertain-Teed Products Corp.; fontm i na (on: Jimmy Dean Meats: A.B. Dick ('0.; Emery Air Freight: Federe fuori General Foods' Sanka; John Hancock insurance: Hepblein (0.; Ss Kri K Mart stures; Michelin tires; Midas International (orp.; National Baile card: National Pork Producers ('ouncil; Jean Paton Inc.: Red Wing Stiens Rich Products Inc. ; Scott lawn products; Sichel Blue Vun Wine ('n : Standard Brands Planters peanuts; Western l'nion: Warner-lambert's Rolands

Mutual.-Ace Hardware: Anheuser-Busch's Michelob beer; Armor Dia's Armour hot dogs and Dial sp; American Home Products Temari si Quiet Porld and Dristan: Ballantine Books; Borden's kara utet: (**** Corp.: Chesebrough-Punds; Dodge carx; Florida (itrus ('ommiss offer* Electrie: Goodyear Tire & Rubber: Greyhound package express: Jalu Ilaica inirane: KMart stores; Kelly-Springfield tires: La (hoy Fr*** litr Naren Inc.; Venley James' ARVI allergy relief medicine: Penazoll'. Gonxogt ca matter cleaner: Pillxury ('o.; Qualits ('ourts motels : Ramada Inas motel: Nappa Ilonnet and Mateus wines: Scott lawn prouets; Singer sering Standard Brands' Planters panuts; Sterling Drug's new Bayer #spiria pada** and its Lehn & Fink diri-ion's Wet Ones towelettes : Warner A rt Rim

I s namints and American Chicle products; Wenlern L'nion Mailgrat ; WIR Wanners.

SBC Radio Alls-("haimers Corp: American Laundry Machiners : Belins * ing and storage: British Lapland Motors; f'ertain-To Produtora ARTE (o: Faton (orp ; Erron: Ford Tractor: Folders entral air cudiroting llam1 Verantain pet products; Jimmy Itean meats: S h reige (o: Michelin ti! Vidas Mufflers; Wiley One-atar ritamins: Macklenburg Thon bandware

roup: Yational Bowling (onell: Orford Industries rel: Parintoll's (ue Carburetor cleaner: Scott lawn products: Sears law nowner, Western CG: Winelago Industries.

WHAT'S PART Repardipes of the shape in which radio Anisher 1975, 1974 ws. portts and rear for radio stations Acording to the National Awwwtation of Bradurre in deure relen last week, the "typiralmalo station with AV* And TV retworted x 7.6 Increase in revenues for 1974 over 1973 For the ** * Tu station, the resende inereawe was nearly three times that figure . But

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