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ule 8. Summary: Percentage of Selections, Total yents, and Number of Licenses on which Royalties Were Pud by the Three Largest Record Companies to their Twenty Largest Music Publishers at a Rate Less Than TWO

Cents Per Selection

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Table 9. Percentage of Royalty Payments to the
Harry Fox Agency Made by the Largest Record
Companies, and Percentage Received from
the Harry Fox Agency by the Largest

Music Publishers, 1974

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Source: Harry Fox Agency, Cash Deposits Journal Summary

Report, 1974 (percentages computed). The majority of royalty payments from record companies to music publishers are made through the Harry Fox Agency.

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Table 10. Most Prevalent Record Album Price,

on Various Dates

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Source: Billboard charts of best selling albums, dates listed;

prices are for monaural records for May 5, 1965, and stereophonic for other dates, since these were the most common categories on the various dates.

57-786 0 - 76 - pl. 3 - 16

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