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Unrecoupabie Flat Payments to Artists

(Any special lump sum or flat or bonus payments to
the artist which are unrecoupable and unrelated to

direct sales performance.) AFTRA Payments

(Payments to the Union's pension fund)

AF of M Payments

(Payments to the Union's pension fund)

Actor. Equity Association Payments

(Payments to the Union's pension (und)


(All payments to the trustees of this fund, including the
U.S. Trust Company portion.)

Purchased or Leased Masters

(in some instances, record companies purchase or lease
masters produced by others, often by independent AbR men.
The total cost of any purchased or leased masters, including
royalties, any. should be included in this account. )

Art Departrrent Coats

(This is the cost of an in-house art department, or fees
paid for outside art services directly or through a
producer) for use on aibum jackets or any other related
art work.)

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of J.K. Lasser and Co. In this manner, full responses were received from 13 firms. As spelled out in Exhibit 5-D in the main report, these 13 firms represented 16 of the 19 fims in the Glover report of 1965, as three had merged in the interin period. This overlap provides acceptable reliability for year-to-year comparisons.

The questionnaire itself was designed with great care, in consultation with financial executives of various recording firms. In this way, it was assured that proper financial categories and definitions were employed, and that the questions asked could be answered. The questionnaire was similar to the one employed for the survey reported in the 1965 Glover report.

Representativeness of the Sample

. For years 1967 to 1974, inclusive, financial survey data was provided, as follows:


13 companies 1973

13 companies 1972

13 companies 1971

13 companies 1970

12 companies 1969

10 companies 1968

8 companies 1967

7 companies All 13 companies reporting for years 1971-74 were unable to report for the full period 1967-14 because some were not in business for the full period; some did not maintain the requisite historical data; and still others were participants in nergers and acquisitions rendering historical data nisleading or unavailable.

The survey encompasses firms which account for a lov of 43.08 of industry sales in 1968 and high of 63.88 in 1974. Such large sample site works to make sample results representative of the universe even when the Sample is not known to be random in a scientific sense, as is the case here. Moreover, the data presented are as representative as it was possible to obtain.



Thoroughness of the Survey

The survey, as conducted, is the most thorough and comprehensive study of the financial condition of the recording industry that has ever been under. taken with the exception of the earlier survey we conducted for the 1965 beurtags) or that is available from any source.

The materials associated with this lengthy financial survey are provided
la the following pages in four parts:
PART 1: Instructions to companies Responding to the

1973 Survey.
PART 11: The 1973 Questionnaire Forns.
PART 111: The 1974 Update of the Survey - Questionnaire


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