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other provisions of 506(a). Indeed, the legislative history of the record piracy legislation indicates that Congress feels that record piracy is of greater serietal concern than other infringements. Therefore, the Department of Justice proposal to provide at least an equivalent term of imprisonment is fully justified.

4. Section 506, Destruction of Infringing Articlex. Finally, we urge the inclusion of the amendment to Section 506 noted on pages 24 and 25 of the Department of Justice testimony. Although we believe a reading of the present coppright law may permit the Government to destroy infringing articles, this has been a matter of some debate. Therefore, the Government powers should be made explicit. This would preclude the necessity of the recording industry filing expensive and essentially superfluous-ciril suits to permit the destruction of infringing articles after the Government has successfully concluded its criminal prosecution.

Mr. Gorrikov. Gentlemen, I am president of the Recording Industry Association of America. Our member companies create and market about 85 percent of the recorded music sold in the United States.

We strongly object to the proposed mechanical royalty rate increase in section 115. The mechanical royalty is the amount of monev a music publishing company can charge a recoruling company for the use of a composer's tune in a sound recording.

Section 115 proposes a statutory increase for mechanical royalty from 2 cents to 3 cents. This increase is glossed over as “only a penny" increase. However, that seemingly inno, uous pemr ini olies added payments of about $17 million per year to the music publishing industry, which is an increase of 39 percent.

The $ 17 million "penny" payment is the biggest money issue in this bill, and it is the major commercial and consumer question before this committee. It is more than 11 times greater than the $1 million annual payment by jukeboxes provided in section 116.

It is more than seven times greater than cable television's hotly contested payments to broadcasters of $6.7 quillion per year. And it is almost five times greater than the estimatesis 10 million for performance rovalties to recording vocalists, musicians and record companies. It is actually more than twice all of thom payments combined.

The economic facts, to be detailed by the next witness, show that there is no reason for an increuse. Munde publishers and composers are doing handsomely at the present rate. Their income from mechanical royalties alone has more than doubleed in the past 10 years because of increased wales, which more than oth twintlation.

Significantly, in the 10 vear debate over copyright revisjon, up to today and includmg today, the publishers liai le proposented any profit data that would instafs an inereas. This mornina I scanned the material that the publishers are offering into rudence here, and, oner again, incredibly. there is not a sint of profit information as to how well or how rls they are doing in that mass of material they are going to offer. Yet, with no sh supportive doumentation to date.thes ask for an additionalsti million peor year.

The trit of their presentation they are eching pion for 4 cents, which will be million a year.

That propun ponny in'rray in it alfin indtationary and will stick the puble with an ini protip in mod po xa esposa enfamou S m illion per rearitatem, and Mul! unity. That nimir- punitine. sed to our inkliner and to the F** . It will im hanh burdelis on mall, ligling truri company. It could father dlinourap the already riski bune of recording claffem jurn, and prperimental music.

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le at least an equivalent terth of . . *. , potion 346. Destruction of /noringing their gir bearerdient to Serting 15 do segm41::. ipatioas. Alibongh we bitte an!

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Vinuirt, the public interest is being will served at the's 1,monopoly on muule, and plenty of music is air | With originally were the major congresjonali movie alig the compulsory licensing sistem and there

l'acces of the publikung iniluwirr boils down to t *Nadient rate puudublished way back in 1909 cannot poss

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Raiph, vice president, Peer-Southern Ormante Noc Music Publishers Association.......... CITeDonald R., senior vice president for broadcasting Como

ixPic Broadcasting ............

Pascared statement....... u l co J., representing the Aesneist of As

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e statement..... CMT D a Regster of Copyrights,

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A."...te and letters concerning licensing of copyrighted produc

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Porn Amciatiin, joint statement Aranean sarty of Componens, Authors, and Publishers, prop

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Andrew, director, Legelative Department, AEL (IO), I dated) is 22. 1975, to Hon. Robert W. hastenmeier ...... R- , Windon J, prident, Cable Division, Teleprompter (: the trust Vfus, Inc. prrpared statement .. . B -- Aann prudent, International Typeface Corp., ltuerd

Teen 1979, ta Hin Robert W. hastenmeier Top Tresol'nder the 1972 Rules and the Impact of Altern.

langt ber Proposal," by Bridgit M Mitchell (2x Rin W, American (hemical Society, letter dated June

1 o* !. - Radt W hastenmeier...... very irrita

Typolice and Type Font Design," stateme to ta, (storal! Indistries, Inc ( Menor, MD.. Irpartment of Radiology, Providence ih A:.r!. tage, Alaka, letter dated July 9, 1973, tHos Pite

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825, 1355


Additional material-Continned

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Alaska, lett's dated October 2, 1970, to Hon. Robert W.

214 Appendixes

Apptidixi. Teleprompires (orp. Diemorandum on Constitutionality of Primed (oprindit 1.Kiation :Il R. 2223........

1917 Appendix 2 1 5 horietatik papers submitted by the Copyright Office. 2031 A ndi 3 Ripart of Working Group of Conference on Resolution of Copyright lijen dealing with library photocopying).-overs

2002 Appendix 4-Mincellaneous communications .....................



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