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home locality, misrepresent any of the conditions of such employment as mentioned above, shall be liable to pay to the person injured by such misrepresentation, the full amount of the damage sustained and shall be further liable to the penalties provided in

section three of this act. Fraudulent SEC. 2. Every person, who, with intent to defraud, shall accept acceptance of or receive transportation provided by or at the instance or exadvances.

pense of his employer, from any point in this State to or in the direction of the place where he has contracted to perform labor for, or render services to such employer, or who shall knowingly, and with intent to defraud, accept or receive the benefit of any other pecuniary advancements made by or at the instance and cost of his employer, under an agreement on the part of such person to perform labor or render services in repayment of the cost

of such transportation or of such other benefits, shall be deemed Misdemeanor. and adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor if he shall neglect or re

fuse to render services or perform labor of an equal value to the full amount paid for such transportation or other benefits, or shall neglect or refuse to pay such employer in money the amount paid therefor. The value of the services to rendered, or labor to be performed shall be determined by the price agreed to be paid therefor by such employer under his contract with the employee. The failure or refusal of any such employee to perform such labor or to render such services in accordance with his contract, or to pay in money the amount paid for such transportation or other

benefits, shall be prima facie evidence of his intent to defraud. Penalty. SEC. 3. Every person found guilty of violating the provisions of

this act shall be punished by a fine not exceeding twenty-five dollars or by imprisonment of not less than ten nor more than sixty days.



CHAPTER 1.-Protection of employees as voters-Time to vote, etc.



Half holiday SECTION 12.

and the forenoon of each day on which on election a general election is held shall be a compulsory half holiday, and day.

all employees of every kind whatever shall be allowed the whole

of said forenoon for the purpose of voting. Same subject. Sec. 114. Any person entitled to vote at any general election in this

State shall, on the day of such election, be entitled to absent himself from any service or employment in which he is then engaged or employed for the whole of the forenoon or from the opening of the polls until twelve o'clock noon, and such voter shall not, because of so absenting himself, be liable to any penalty, nor shall any deduction be made on account of such absence from his usual salary or wages; but such person shall on so absenting himself proceed at once to the polling place wherein he is entitled to vote, and

having so voted, return at once to his employment, otherwise he Application shall not be entitled to such salary or wages. Application for for leave of ab- such leave of absence shall be made prior to the day of election;

and, if not so made then, such person may make-application on the morning of election day, in which event he shall be allowed, between the hour of twelve o'clock noon and an hour one hour before the hour for closing the polls, for the purpose of voting, one full hour, and in addition thereto one-half of an hour for each mile that he may be distant from said polling place, and said employer may

specify the hours during which said employee may absent himself Refusal, at. as aforesaid. Any person or corporation, or officer or member tempts to in thereof, who shall refuse to an employee the privilege hereby confluence, etc.

ferred, or shall subject an employee to a penalty or deduction of wages because of the exercise of such privilege, or who shall, in any manner, attempt to influence or control such voter as to how he shall vote, by offering any reward or by threatening his dis


charge from employment or otherwise intimidating him from a full and free exercise of his right to vote, or shall, directly or indirectly, violate the provisions of this section, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

CHAPTER 6.-Commissioner of statisticsDuties.

SECTION 404. It shall be the duty of the commissioner of statis- Collection of tics annually to collect and compile, from official and any other statistics. reliable source, the statistics of the State of Minnesota pertaining to its agriculture, manufactures and population, including statistics relating to all departments of labor in the State, especially in its relation to the commercial, industrial, social and sanitary condition of the laboring classes, and to the permanent prosperity of the productive industry of the State, including all useful facts which he may be able to gather, bearing upon the material and social interests of the State, and tending to afford, at home and abroad, a correct knowledge of resources and progress.

SEC. 408. The said commissioner of statistics shall, during the Report. month of January in each year, make a written report to the governor, giving in a concise and available form the results of bis labors, which shall be communicated by the governor to the legislature, and be printed, distributed and bound with the executive documents, as provided by law.

CHAPTER 6.Bureau of labor.

SECTION 469. A commissioner of labor, appointed by the gov- Bureau to be ernor, and an assistant commissioner and a factory inspector, ap- composed, how. pointed by the commissioner, shall constitute a bureau of labor. The present commissioner of labor statistics shall act as commissioner of labor until the expiration of his term of office in January, 1895. At that time and thereafter biennially, on the first Monday in January, the governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, shall appoint a suitable person to act as commissioner of labor, with headquarters at the capitol, who shall hold his office until his successor has been appointed and qualified.

SEC. 470. It shall be the duty of the officers and employees of Duties. the said bureau to cause to be enforced all laws regulating the employment of children, minors and women; all laws established for the protection of the health, lives and limbs of operators in workshops and factories, on railroads and in other places, and all laws enacted for the protection of the working classes, including chapter two hundred and five of the General Laws of 1885 [secs. 1455 to 1458), chapters ten and sixteen of the General Laws of 1889 (secs. 2244 to 2246), chapter seventeen of the General Laws of 1891 (secs. 6965 and 6366], laws declaring it a misdemeanor on the part of employers to require as a condition of employment the surrender of any right of citizenship, laws regulating and prescribing the qualifications of persons in trades and handicrafts, and similar laws now in force or hereafter to be enacted. It shall also be the duty of the officers and employees of the bureau to collect, assort, arrange and present, in biennial reports, to the legislature, on or before the first Monday in January, statistical details relating to all departments of labor in the State ; to the subjects of cooperation, strikes or other labor difficulties; to trade unions and other labor organizations and their effect upon labor and capital; and to such other matters relating to the commercial, industrial, social, educational, moral and sanitary conditions of the laboring classes, and the permanent prosperity of the respective industries of the State as the bureau may be able to gather. In its biennial reports the bureau shall also give an account of all proceedings of its officers and employees which have been taken in accordance with the provisions of this act or of any of the other acts herein referred to, including a statement of all violations of law which have been observed, and the proceedings under the same, and shall


join with such account such remarks, suggestions and recommen

dations as the commissioner may deem necessary. Information SEC. 471. It shall be the duty of every owner, operator or manto be l'urnished. ager of every factory, .workshop, mine or other establishment

where labor is employed, to make to the bureau, upon blanks furnished by said bureau, such reports and returns as the said bureau may require for the purpose of compiling such labor statistics as are authorized by this act, and the owner or business manager shall make such reports and returns within the time prescribed therefor

by the commissioner of labor, and shall certify to the correctness Information of the same. In the reports of said bureau no use shall be made confidential.

of names of individuals, firms or corporations supplying the information called for by this section, such information being deemed confidential and not for the purpose of disclosing personal affairs, and any officer, agent or employee of said bureau violating this provision shall forfeit a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars or be imprisoned for not more than one year.

SEC. 472. The commissioner, or any officer of the bureau of labor, shall have the power to issue subpænas, administer oaths and take testimony in all matters relating to the duties herein required by said bureau, such testimony to be taken in some suitable place in the vicinity to which testimony is applicable. Witnesses subpænaed and testifying before any officer of the said bureau shall be paid the samne fees as witnesses before a district court, such

payments to be made from the contingent fund of the bureau. Witnesses re- Any person duly subpoenaed under the provisions of this section, fusing to tes- who shall willfully neglect or refuse to attend or testify at the tify.

time and place named in the subpæna, shall be guilty of misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, before any court of competent jurisdiction, may be punished by a fine not exceeding fifty

dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding thirty Proviso. days; Provided, however, That no witness shall be compelled to

go outside the county in which he resides to testify. Access to fac- SEC. 473. The commissioner of labor or any officer or employee tories, etc. of the bureau of labor shall have power to enter any factory or

mill, workshop, or public or private works when the same is open, or in operation, for the purpose of gathering facts and statistics such as are contemplated by this act, and to examine into the methods of protection from danger to employees and the sanitary condition in and around such buildings and places and make a record thereof, and any owner or occupant of said factory or mill, workshop, or public or private works, or his agent or agents, who shall refuse to allow an officer or employee of the said bureau to so enter, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, before any court of competent jurisdiction, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dol

lars, or be imprisoned in the county jail not to exceed ninety Definitions. days. The expressions “ factory or mill," " workshop,” and “pub

lic or private works " used in this act shall have the same meanings defined for them, respectively, in an act entitled "An act providing for the protection of employees," approved March 30,

1893 (secs. 2248 to 2264). Reports to be SEC. 474. No report or return made to the said bureau in accordpreserved. ance with the provisions of this act, and no schedule, record or

document gathered or returned by its officers or employees, shall be destroyed within two years of the receipt or collection thereof, such reports, schedules and documents being declared public documents. At the expiration of the period of two years above referred to in this section, all records, schedules and papers accumulating in the said bureau that may be considered of no value by the commissioner may be destroyed : Provided. The authority of the governor

and the senate be first obtained for such destruction. Additional in- SEC. 475. In addition to the assistant commissioner and the spectors. factory inspector, provided by section one of this act (sec. 469), the

commissioner of labor shall appoint two deputies and two assistant factory inspectors, one of whom shall act as inspector of railways. He may also employ such other assistants and incur such


other expense, not exceeding three thousand dollars a year, as
may be necessary in the discharge of the official duties of said
bureau ; such other assistants shall be paid for the services ren-
dered such compensation as the commissioner of labor may deem
proper, but no such assistant shall be paid more than four dollars
per day in addition to necessary traveling expenses.
SEC. 476. The biennial reports of the bureau of labor, provided

Biennial for by section two of this act [sec. 470), shall be printed in the same

ports. manner and under the same regulations as the reports of the executive officers of the State: Provided, That not less than one thousand nor more than three thousand copies of the report shall be distributed, as the judgment of the commissioner may deem best. The blanks and other stationery required by the bureau of labor, in accordance with the provisions of this act, shall be furnished by the secretary of the State and paid for from the printing fund of the State. SEC. 477. The compensation of said bureau shall be two thou- Comp ensa.

tion. sand five hundred dollars annual salary for the commissioner, fifteen hundred dollars annual salary for the assistant commissioner, twelve hundred dollars annual salary for the factory inspector, and one thousand dollars annual salary each for the two deputies and the two assistant factory inspectors, and a sum not exceeding three thousand dollars per annum shall be allowed for the necessary traveling and incidental expenses of the bureau: Provided,

Proviso. That only those persons who possess a practical knowledge of and experience in the work and duties required of them under the provisions of this and other acts shall be appointed factory inspectors.

CHAPTER 6.Inspection of steam boilersEramination of


SECTION 480 (as amended by chapter 131, Acts of 1903). Within Board of insixty (60) days after the passage of this act, and biennially there- spectors. after, there shall be appointed by the governor a board of fiftythree (53) inspectors, one (1) of whom shall reside in each senatorial district, except as hereinafter provided, whose duty it shall be to inspect all steam boilers in use within the State, not subject to inspection under the laws of the United States and not hereafter excepted, and to examine and grant certificates of license to steam engineers entrusted with the care and management of steam boilers: Provided, however, the provisions of this act shall not apply to heating plants in private residences. And provided further, That when there is more than one senatorial district within any one county in this State, in such counties there shall be but one boiler inspector for each of such counties. Said inspectors shall examine and license all masters and pilots on inland waters of the State, and such examination shall be conducted, as near as may be, pursuant to the rules and regulations provided by the laws of the United States for the examination of masters and pilots. Said inspectors shall hold their respective offices for two (2) years from February first (1st), respectively, and, until their successors are appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the governor. Said inspectors shall ancally on or before the thirty-first (31st) day of January, render a report to the secretary of state, and to the legislature, Reports. showing a detailed statement of the number of inspections made, licenses issued, and the amount of fees received therefor, also showing the amount of disbursements of their offices.

SEC. 481. No person shall be eligible to hold the office of in- Qualificaspector of boilers who has not had at least ten years of actual tions. experience in operating steam engines and steam boilers, or who is directly or indirectly interested in the manufacture or sale of boilers or steam machinery, or any patented article required to be used, or that is in general use in the construction of steam engines or boilers, or who is not of good moral character, and suitably qualified by experience in the construction of steam boilers so as to


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enable him to perform the duties of the office; and no person shall enter upon or perform any of the duties of inspector who has not taken and subscribed an oath, and filed the same with the secretary of state, that he will faithfully and impartially perform

the duties of his office. Board SEC. 482. Said inspectors, in April next after the passage of make rules.

this act, and in February each year thereafter, shall meet as a board, at the capitol in St. Paul, and establish such rules and reg. ulations for the inspection of steam vessels and steam boilers, and their other duties, as herein provided for, as shall be required by the terms of this chapter. They shall also prescribe rules and regulations for the inspection of the hulls, machinery, boilers, steam connections, fire apparatus, life-saving appliances and equipments of all the steamers propelled in whole or in part by steam, and navigating the inland waters of the State; such rules to conform, as near as may be, to the requirements of the laws of the United States in regard to the inspection of hulls, machinery, boilers, steam connections, fire apparatus, life-saving appliances and equipinents of steam vessels, and such rules and regulations, when

approved by the governor, shall have the force of law. Noncompli- Provided further, Any master, owner or person not complying

with this section and the rules and regulations as prescribed by the inspectors, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and fined not less than fifty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed thirty days,

or both, at the discretion of the court. Annuaiin SEC. 483. Every owner, lessee or other person having charge of spections.

steam boilers, or any boat propelled in whole or in part by steam, not subject to inspection under the laws of the United States, shall cause the same to be inspected at least once each year by the inspectors herein provided for, and every such owner, lessee or person having charge of such boilers or steam vessels who shall raise steam and operate such boilers and machinery without such inspection shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not less than fifty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or may be imprisoned in the county jail not to exceed thirty days, or

both at the discretion of the court. Inspection of SEC. 484. The inspector or inspectors shall once each year at steam

vessels, least, upon application in writing by the owner, lessee or manager, etc.

carefully inspect the hull, boiler, machinery and equipments of all steam vessels and all steam boilers liable to inspection under this act, and shall satisfy themselves that every such vessel is of a structure suitable for the service in which she is to be employed, and has suitable accommodations for passengers and the crew, and is in condition to warrant the belief that she may be used in navigating as a steamer with safety to life, and that such equipments as life-preservers, floats, pumps, hose, anchors and other things necessary to insure safety have been provided. When the inspection of a steam vessel is completed and the inspector or in

spectors approve the vessel and her equipment throughout, he or Certificate. they shall make and subscribe a sworn and verified certificate to

the secretary of state in such form as the board of inspectors shall prescribe, and a copy of said certificate shall be furnished by the inspector to the managing owner or master of said steam vessel, who shall post the same in a conspicuous place on said boat.

The original certificate shall be kept on file in the office of secreExamination tary of state. The said inspector shall also examine all masters of masters and pilots.

and pilots of steam vessels on inland waters of the State as to their qualifications and fitness, and if found competent and reliable enough to perform the duties of master or pilot, the inspector shall issue them a certificate authorizing them to act as such on such inland waters of the State as designated by their certificate. The inspector shall also make such rules and regulations

for the navigation of steam vessels as will permit such navigaRevocation of tion without danger to life or property. The inspectors shall relicense.

voke the license of any master, pilot or engineer if found under the influence of intoxicating liquor when on duty, or who other

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