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CHAPTER 786.- TITLE 2.- Exemption of wages from execution. SECTION 273.

The following property shall beexempt from Sixty days' execution if selected and reserved by the judgment debtor or his agent earnings ex.

. at the time of the levy, or as soon thereafter before sale thereof as the same shall be known to him, and not otherwise:

First. The earnings of the judgment debtor, for his personal services rendered at any time within sixty days next preceding the levy of execution or attachment, when it appears by the debtor's affidavit or otherwise that such earnings are necessary for the use of his family supported in whole or in part by his labor;






CHAPTER 786.–TITLE 2.— Wages preferred— In administration.


Order of paySECTION 872. The charges and claims against the estate shall be paid in the following order

: First, funeral charges, mands.

ment of desecond, taxes of whatever nature due the United States; third, expenses of last sickness; fourth, all other taxes of whatever nature; fifth, debts preferred by the laws of the United States; sixth, debts which at the death of the deceased were a lien upon his property or any right or interest therein according to the priority of their several liens; seventh, debts due employee(s) of decedent for wages earned within the ninety days immediately preceding the death of the decedent; eighth, all other claims against the estate.

ACTS OF U. S. CONGRESS, 1901-02.
CHAPTER 641.- Exclusion of Chinese laborers.

[See under United States, Acts of 1901-02, post.]



(Approved March 3, 1901: amended January 31, and June 30, 1902.,

Employment of children-Certain employments forbidden. Section 814. * * * Any person, having in his custody or control a Acrobatic and child under the age of fourteen years, who shall in any way dispose mendicant occuof it with a view to its being employed as an acrobat, or a gymnast, or a contortionist, or a circus rider, or a ropewalker, or in any exhibition of like dangerous character, or as a beggar, or mendicant, or pauper, or street singer, or street musician; or any person who shall take, receive, hire, employ, use, exhibit, or have in custody any child of the age last named for any of the purposes last enumerated, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, when convicted thereof, shall be subject to punishment by a fine of not more than two hun- Penalty. dred and fifty dollars, or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or both.

Hours of labor on public works. SECTION 892. The service and employment of all laborers and Eight hours a mechanics who are now or may hereafter be employed by the Gov-day's work. ernment of the United States, by the District of Columbia, or by any contractor or subcontractor upon any of the public works of the United States or of the said District of Columbia, is hereby limited and restricted to eight hours in any one calendar day; and it shall be unlawful for any officer of the United States Government or of the District of Columbia, or any such contractor or subcontractor, whose duty it shall be to employ, direct, or control the service of such laborers. or mechanics, to require or permit any such laborer or mechanic to work more than eight hours in any calendar day except in case of extraordinary emergency.

H. Doc, 733, 58–2—-15

Penalty. Sec. 893. Any officer or agent of the Government of the United

States or of the District of Columbia, or any contractor or subcontractor, whose duty it shall be to employ, direct, or control any laborer or mechanic employed upon any of the public works of the United States or of the District of Columbia who shall intentionally violate any provision of the last preceding section for each and every such offense shall be punished by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.

Eremption of wages from attachment, etc. Certain earn- Section 1107. The earnings, not to exceed one hundred dollars each ings exempt.

month, of all actual residents of the District of Columbia, who provide for the support of a family in said District, for two months next preceding the issuing of any writ or process from any court or officer of and in said District, against them, shall be exempt from attachment, levy, seizure, or sale upon such process, and the same shall not be seized, levied on, taken, reached, or sold by attachment, execution, or any other process or proceedings of any court, judge, or other officer of and in said District.


Earnings of married women. Earnings sepa- SECTION 1151. All the property, real, personal, and mixed, belonging rate property

to a woman at the time of her marriage, and all such property which she may acquire or receive aiter her marriage from any person whomso

* by her own skill, labor, or personal exertions shall be her own property as absolutely as if she were unmarried, and shall be protected from the debts of the husband and shall not in any way be liable for the payment thereof: *

Right of action for injuries causing death. Action for SECTION 1301. Whenever by an injury done or happening within the damages may be limits of the District of Columbia the death of a person shall be caused brought, when.

by the wrongful act, neglect, or default of any person or corporation, and the act, neglect, or default is such as would, if death had not ensued, have entitled the party injured, or if the person injured be a married woman, have entitled her husband, either separately or by joining with the wife, to maintain an action and recover damages, the person who or corporation which would have been liable if death had not ensued shall be liable to an action for damages for such death, notwithstanding the death of the person injured, even though the death shall have been caused under circumstances which constitute a felony; and such damages shall be assessed with reference to the in

jury resulting from such act, neglect, or default causing such death, Damages lim- to the widow and next of kin of such deceased person: Provided, That ited.

in no case shall the recovery under this act exceed the sum of ten Previous recov- thousand dollars: And provided further, That no action shall be mainery a bar.

tained under this chapter in any case when the party injured by such wrongful act, neglect, or default has recovered damages therefor

during the life of such party: Limitation.

Sec. 1302. Every such action shall be brought by and in the name of the personal representative of such deceased person, and within one

year after the death of the party injured. Damages ex

Sec. 1303. The damages recovered in such action shall not be ap; empt from execution, etc. propriated to the payment of the debts

or liabilities of such deceased person, but shall inure to the benefit of his or her family and be distributed according to the provisions of the statute of distribution in force in the said District of Columbia.

[The following laws, though not embodied in the Code, were not repealed by the law enacting it and are still in force:]


CHAPTER 16.-Sunday labor. Sunday labor Section 107. No person whatsoever shall work or do any bodily forbidden,

labor on the Lord's day, commonly called Sunday, and no person



* *




as a *



having servants

shall command, or wittingly or willingly suffer any of them to do any manner of work or labor on the Lori's day, (works of necessity and charity always excepted) and every person transgressing this act, and being thereof convict[ed] by the oath of one sufficient witness, or confession of the party before the police court * * * shall forfeit


Penalty. ACTS OF '1886–87. CHAPTER 45.Fire escapes on factories, etc. SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of the owner or owners, in fee or for Fire escapes to life, of every building constructed and used, or intended to be used, be placed on cerfactory, manufactory,

tenemento house, * * and of the trustee or trustees of every estate, association, swiety, college, academy, school, hospital, or asylum owning or using any building fifty feet high or upwards, used for any of the purposes hereinabove mentioned, to provide and cause to be erected and affixed to said building iron fire escapes and combined standpipes and ladders, or either of said appliances as may be approved and adopted by the commissioners of the District of Columbia. SEC. 2. In all * * * factories, manufactories, workshops,

Halls, etc., to or other places mentioned in this act, the hallways and stairways shall be lighted. he properly lighted when occupied at night; and at the head and foot of each flight of stairs, and at the intersection of all hallways with main corridors, shall be kept during the night a red light; and one or more proper alarms or gongs, capable of being heard throughout the building, shall always remain easy of access and ready for use in each of said buildings, to give notice to the inmates in case of fire; and there shall be kept posted in a conspicuous place in every sleepingroom a notice descriptive of such means of escape; and the building inspector and chief engineer of the fire department shall have the right to designate the location of the said fire escapes and standpipes in conformity with this act, and shall grant certificates of approval to every person, firm, corporation, trustee, and board of school trustees complying with the requirements of this act, which certificates shall relieve the party or parties from the liabilities of fines or damages imposed by this act.

SEC. 3 (as amended by chapter 178, Acts of 1894-95). It shall be Certificate of unlawful to issue a license to the lessee or proprietor of any building inspection. in the District of Columbia used as a hotel, factory, manufactory, theater, tenement house, hall or place of amusement or other building used for a business for which a license is required, unless the application for such license is accompanied with the certificate of the inspector of buildings that such building is provided with fire escapes, standpipes, ladders, lights, alarm gongs, and descriptive notices as required by sections one and two of said act. On the failure or neglect, after sixty days' notice, of the owner or lessee of any building used as a factory, manufactory, tenement house, or to the trustee of any building used as a seminary, college, academy, hospital or asylum, in the District of Columbia, to provide fire escapes, standpipes, ladders, lights and alarm gongs as required by sections one and two of said act, such person or persons shall be liable to a fine of not less than Penalty. fifty nor more than one hundred dollars for each day he or they shall fail to provide the same, such fine to be collected by prosecutions in the police court in the name of the District of Columbia. And in cases of default of lessees, trustees or owners in putting up said fire escapes, said commissioners are hereby empowered, and it is their duty to cause such fire escapes to be erected, and they are hereby authorized to assess the cost thereof as a tax against the buildings on which they are erected and the ground on which the same stands, and to issue tax lien certificates against such building and grounds for the amount of such assessments, bearing interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum, which certificates may be turned over by the commissioners to the contractor for doing the work: Provided, also, That the lessee, owner or trustee, as the case may be, of any such building, who shall fail to erect fire escapes as in said act provided, shall be liable to an


Damages. action for damages in case of death or personal injury resulting from

fire in buildings not provided with fire escapes as required by said act, and that such action may be maintained by any person or persons

now authorized by law to sue, as in other cases of injury or death by Fireproof wrongful act: Provided, further, That as to any building which the buildings. commissioners shall determine to be fireproof, they may in their dis

cretion require the erection of fire escapes.

CHAPTER 272.-- Examination, licensing, etc., of steam engineers. License re- Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person to act as steam enquired.

gineer in the District of Columbia who shall not have been regularly

licensed to do so by the commissioners thereof. Board of ex- Sec. 2. All persons applying for such license shall be examined by a

board of examiners composed as follows: The boiler inspector for the District of Columbia and two practical engineers to be appointed by the District commissioners. Said examination shall be conducted in all respects under such rules and regulations as the commissioners of the District of Columbia shall from time to time provide; and all steam boilers and engines shall be subjected to such tests as the said

commissioners may prescribe. Applicants. SEC. 3. Applicants for license as steam engineers must be twenty-one

years of age and of temperate habits ; must make application in writing, to which application must be attached a certificate as to character and moral habits signed by at least three citizens of the District

of Columbia, themselves of moral standing: Fee.

SEC. 4. The fee for a license as steam engineer shall be three dollars. Intoxication of Sec. 5. Any person employed as a licensed steam engineer in the engineers. District of Columbia who is found under the influence of intoxicating

liquor while on duty, shall, for the first offense, have his license revoked for six months; for the second offense, twelve months; and for the third offense, shall have his license revoked and be debarred from following the occupation of licensed steam engineer in the Dis

trict of Columbia for the period of five years. Employment Sec. 6. Any owner or lessee of steam boiler or engine, or the secreof unlicensedengineers.

tary of any corporation, who shall knowingly employ a steam engineer as such who has not been regularly licensed to act as such, shall on

conviction thereof by the police court of the District of Columbia, be Penalty. fined fifty dollars, and in default of payment of such fine shall be con

fined for a period of one month in the workhouse of the District of Steam heating Columbia : Provided, That boilers used for steam heating, where the apparatus.

water returns to the boiler without the use of a pump and injector or inspirator, and which are worked automatically, shall be exempt from the provisions of this section.

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CHAPTER 390.- Elevators.

Commissioners SECTION 1. The commissioners of the District of Columbia to regulate.

are hereby authorized and directed to make and publish such orders as may be necessary to regulate the construction, repair, and operation of all elevators within the District of Columbia, and prescribe such

means of security as may be found necessary to protect life and limb. Penalty. Sec. 2. Any person or persons, or corporations, who shall neglect or

refuse to comply with the orders made pursuant to this act, shall, upon conviction thereof in the police court of the District of Columbia,

be fined not less than ten dollars nor more than one hundred dollars for each offense.


ACTS OF 1894-95.

CHAPTER 192.- Seats for female employees.

Seats to be pro- SECTION 1. All persons who employ females in stores, shops, offices, vided.

or manufactories as clerks, assistants, operatives, or helpers in any business, trade, or occupation carried on or operated by them in the District of Columbia, shall be required to procure and provide proper and suitable seats for all such females and shall permit the use of such seats, rests, or stools, as may be necessary, and shall not make any rules, regulations, or orders preventing the use of such stools or seats when any such female employees are not actively employed in their work in such business or employment.

Sec. 2. If any employer of female help in the District of Columbia, Penalty. shall neglect or refuse io provide seats, as provided in this act, or shall make any rules, orders, or regulations in his shop, store, or other place of business, requiring females to remain standing when not necessarily employed in service or labor therein, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction shall be liable to a fine therefor in a sum not to exceed twenty-five dollars, with costs, in the discretion of the court.

ACTS OF 1897-98.


CHAPTER 8.-Factories and workshops-- Water-closets. SECTION 9. Every building in said District *

* where persons

Water - closets are employed or intended to be employed in any trade or business, to be provided. shall be provided with sufficient and suitable privy accommodations, having regard to the number of persons employed in or in attendance at such building; and also where persons of both sexes are employed or intended to be employed, or in attendance, with sufficient, suitable, and separate privy accommodations for persons of each sex. It shali be unlawful for any owner or agent to put any person or persons in possession of any building, or any part thereof, not provided with privy accommodations as aforesaid, except a watchman for the purpose of guarding such building or part thereof.

CHAPTER 467.- Ecamination and licensing of plumbers. SECTION 1. The commissioners of the District of Columbia are hereby

Board of exauthorized to appoint a plumbing board to be composed of two master plumbers, one journeyman plumber competent to be licensed as master plumber, and two employees of the District of Columbia having a knowledge of plumbing and gas fitting and sanitary work, whose compensation shall be three hundred dollars per annum each, payable monthly. A majority of the board shall be deemed competent for action.

Sec. 2. In addition to such advisory duties as said commissioners Duties. shall assign them, it shall be the duty of said plumbing board to examine all applicants for license as master plumbers or gas fitters, and to report to said commissioners, who, if satisfied from such report that the applicant is a fit person to engage in the business of plumbing or gas fitting, shall issue a license to such person to engage in such business.

Sec. 3. Applicants for licenses as master plumbers or gas fitters must Applicants. be twenty-one years of age, must make application in their own handwriting, and must accompany such application with a certificate as to good character, signed by at least three reputable citizens of the District of Columbia.

SEC. 4. The fee for a license as master plumber or gas fitter shall be three dollars.

Sec. 5. It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the work of License replumbing or gas fitting in the District of Columbia unless he is licensed quired. as provided in this act, or is an employee of a licensed master plumber. Sec. 6. It shall be unlawful for the owner or lessee of any building Employment

of in the District of Columbia, or the agent or representative of such

plumber. owner or lessee, to knowingly employ an unlicensed person to do plumbing or gas fitting in or about such building:

SEC. 8. Any person violating any of the provisions of this act shall, Penalty. on conviction thereof in the police court, be punished by a fine of not less than five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars; and in default of payment of such fine such person shall be confined in the workhouse of the District of Columbia for a period not exceeding six months; and all prosecutions under this act shall be in the police court of said District, in the name of the District of Columbia.


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