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its stations within this State, between sunrise and sunset on Sunday, Proviso. except from necessity or mercy: Provided, That the commissioners may

suspend the operation of this section, so as to permit the handling, the loading, or the unloading of freight by transfer of said freight between steamboats and cars, until eight o'clock in the forenoon, at any depot or station where, upon application made to them, they shall find that the same is required by the public necessity or for the preservation of

freight. Violations.

SEC. 3751. Every such company which shall violate any provision of sections 3749 or 3750 shall forfeit to the State the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars for each violation.

CHAPTER 215.-Safety appliances on railroads. Couplers. SECTION 3762. Every company, operating a railroad located wholly

or partly in this state, shall cause every freight car built or purchased for use on such railroad to be provided with couplers so arranged as to render unnecessary the presence of any person between the ends of

the cars for the purpose of coupling the same. Commission- Sec. 3763. No couplers shall be placed on any such freight car, nor ers to approve. shall any couplers be substituted for any in use, until the same shall

have been approved by the commissioners, and such couplers shall be hung at such height above the railroad track as shall be designated by

the commissioners. Penalty. Sec. 3764. Every railroad company which shall permit a violation of

any provision of sections 3762 or 3763 shall forfeit fifty dollars to the State for every such violation.

CHAPTER 215.- Railroads-Brakes and brakemen.

Number of SECTION 3799. Upon every train run, or intended to be run, upon brakemen.

any railroad in this State, at a greater average speed than thirty miles an hour between stations, and including more than two passenger cars, one brakemen shall be kept at the brake of each car; but when the double-action brake is used on any such train, but one brakeman need be kept upon and for every two cars connected with such train. The commissioners may grant permission to any company to reduce the number of brakemen required upon passenger trains, when such company has adopted a system of brakes to be operated by the engineer, which in the opinion of the commissioners will render such number of brakemen unnecessary. The commissioners may revoke such permission when they consider that public safety requires; and on such revocation the company shall place upon its trains the number of brakemen required by law.

CHAPTER 215.-- Accidents on railroads.

Accidents to be SECTION 3800. Every railroad company shall, within twenty-four reported.

hours after the occurrence of any accident attended with personal
injury, give notice of the same to the commissioners in writing, who,
upon receiving such notice or upon public rumor of such accident,
may repair, or dispatch one of their number, to the scene of said acci-
dent, and inquire into the facts and circumstances thereof. The com-
missioners shall, without charge, furnish any person injured, or the
friends of any person killed, any information they may have acquired
in relation to such accident, and the names of the persons from whom
the same was obtained or by whom the same may be proved.
CHAPTER 217.- Protection of employees on street railwaysInclosed plat-

forms. Power of com- SECTION 3869. When the railroad commissioners deem it necessary, missioners.

in the interests of the public, or of the employees concerned, that the platforms of any or all of the cars operated by any street railway company should be protected by gates or vestibules, or that fenders should be placed upon such cars, said commissioners may order the company operating such cars to inclose the platforms thereon with gates or vestibules, or both, or to place fenders upon such cars, of such kind and


in such manner as they may deem necessary and proper, first giving such company reasonable notice to appear and be heard, and may, after similar notice, modify or revoke any such order. The commissioners shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over the inclosing of such platforms and the placing of fenders on such cars; but nothing in this section shall prevent any such company from inclosing its platforms or placing fenders on its cars without such order.

SEC. 3870. Any company operating such car or cars which shall Negligence of neglect or refuse to comply with any order relating to platforms made

companies. pursuant to section 3869 shall forfeit to the State twenty-five dollars for each day of such neglect or refusal.

CHAPTER 217.-Sunday labor-Street railways. SECTION 3875. No law affecting travel, business, or labor on Sunday, Street cars may or the operation on Sunday of any railroad or railway, shall apply to any railroad company or street railway company so as to prohibit or limit the operation on Sunday of electric cars.

CHAPTER 223.Cooperative associations. SECTION 3992. Seven or more persons, of lawful age, inhabitants of Who may form. this State, may, by written articles of agreement, associate themselves together for the purposes of trade, or for carrying on any lawful mercantile, mechanical, manufacturing, or agricultural business within this state, and when such articles of association shall have been executed, and recorded in the office of the town clerk, in the town in which the business is to be carried on, such persons shall become a corporation, and enjoy all the powers and privileges, and be subject to all the duties, restrictions, and liabilities set forth in all general laws, in relation to similar corporations, except so far as the same may be limited or enlarged by this chapter.

Sec. 3993. The objects for which such association is established, and objects. the place within which its business is to be carried on, shall be distinctly set forth in its articles of agreement, and it shall not do business in any other place or places than those mentioned in its articles.

SEC. 3994. The business of the association shall be managed and conducted by a president, a treasurer, and a board of not less than five directors, who shall be styled a board of managers, shall be chosen annually by the stockholders, and shall hold their offices until others are chosen and qualified in their stead. Such association shall have such other officers as it shall prescribe by its by-laws, and the mode of appointment and choice of such officers shall also be prescribed by the by-laws.

SEC. 3995. Any two of the persons associated may call the first Organization. meeting of such association, at such time and place as they may appoint, by notice in any newspaper published in the county in which such association is to be established, at least fifteen days before the time appointed; but such notice may be waived by a writing signed by all of the persons so associated, specifying the time and place for said meeting, and recorded at length upon the records of the association. Such association may make its own by-laws, provided they be not repugnant to the laws of this State, and shall file in the town clerk's office of the town where it transacts its business a copy of all by-laws made by it.

Sec. 3996. The amount of capital stock of such association shall be Stock.
fixed by its articles of association at any sum not exceeding fifty thou-
sand dollars. The association may increase or diminish the amount
and number of shares of said stock at any meeting of the stockholders
specially called for that purpose, and within five days after the
passage of any vote increasing or diminishing the said stock, shall
cause such vote to be recorded in the town clerk's office of the town
where its business is carried on, but no share shall be issued for less
than its par value.

SEC. 3997. When the association shall have organized, it shall be the Statement duty of the board of managers to prepare a statement of the condition be tiled. of the association, setting forth the amount of the capital stock, the par value of the shares, the number of shares issued, the names and


to Stock



residences of the shareholders, and the number of shares owned by each, which statement shall be filed and recorded in the office of the secretary of state and in the office of the town clerk of the town in which the association proposes to do business; and on or before the tenth day of March in each year thereafter, the board of managers shall prepare a like statement of the same facts as they existed on the first day of said March, with a statement of the kind and amount of the property of the association on that day, and of all its debts and liabilities of every kind, and the same shall be filed and recorded in the office of the town clerk of each town in which the association does business, and also in the office of the secretary of state. All the statements provided for in this section shall be signed and sworn to by a

majority of the board of managers. Holdings. Sec. 3998. No member of any such association shall be entitled to

hold or claim any interest therein exceeding the sum of one thousand dollars, nor shall any member be entitled to more than one vote upon any subject.

ŠEC. 3999. No certificate of shares shall be issued to any person paid in full.

until the full amount thereof shall have been paid in cash, and no shareholder shall receive less than the par value of any share when disposing of the same to the board of managers. No person shall be allowed to become a shareholder in such association except by the

consent of the managers of the same. Liability of SEC. 4000. If the board of managers shall fail to make any return board.

required by this chapter, or shall make an untrue return, they shall be jointly and severally liable for all debts existing at the date of such

return, or at the time when the same should have been made. Distribution of Sec. 4001. There shall be such distribution of the profits or earnings profits.

of such association among the shareholders as shall be prescribed by the by-laws: Provided, That no distribution shall be declared or paid, until a sum equal to ten per cent of the net profits shall be appropriated for a contingent or sinking fund, and until there shall bave been thereby accumulated a sum equal to twenty per cent of such capital stock.

CHAPTER 250.— Inspection of factories, etc. Duty of in

SECTION 4515. The inspector shall, as often as practicable, examine spector.

all buildings and places where machinery is used, and may enter such buildings and places at all proper times for the purposes of inspection. He shall, on or before the first of December in each year, make a report to the governor of the condition, as respects safety to life and

health, of the factories, buildings, and places visited by him. Lighting, etc.

SEC. 4516. All factories and buildings where machinery is used shall

be well lighted, ventilated, and kept as clean as the nature of the busSafety appli- iness will permit. The belting, shafting, gearing, machinery, and

drums, of all factories and buildings where machinery is used, when so placed as, in the opinion of the inspector, to be dangerous to the persons employed therein while engaged in their ordinary duties, shall, as far as practicable, be securely guarded. No machinery other than steam engines in a factory shall be cleaned while running after notice forbidding the same is given by the inspector to the owners or operators of the factory.

Sec. 4518. Every person, firm, or corporation using stained, painted, or corrugated glass in factory windows, where the same is injurious to the eyes of the workmen therein, shall remove the same upon the

order of the factory inspector. Water-close ts. Sec. 4519. Every person or corporation managing or operating any

factory, or owning or controlling the use of any other building where more than five persons are employed, shall provide and keep in good sanitary condition suitable water-closet accommodations for the use of

the persons employed. Enforcement. SEC. 4520. The inspector shall enforce the provisions of this chapter

by giving proper orders or notices to the persons or corporations own. ing, operating, or managing the factories or buildings inspected by him, and shall make complaint to the State's attorneys of all violations of this chapter.


Colored windows.

Sec. 4521. Whenever the inspector, on complaint of any person, Bufing, grindshall find it necessary, for the preservation of the health of the em

ing, etc. ployees in any manufacturing establishment, factory, or mill in which is carried on the business of buffing, polishing, or grinding metals, or any operations in which an excessive amount of dust is generated, that such dust should be removed from the atmosphere of the rooms or apartments used for that purpose, he shall, in writing, direct the person, or corporation owning, occupying, or carrying on business in such premises, within three months from the date of said order, to introduce and operate such appliances or devices as may be necessary to remove, so far as the nature of the business will permit, such excessive dust or foreign matter: Provided, That such appliances or devices do not restrict or interfere with the aforesaid business or operations. SEC. 4522 (as amended by chapter 53, Acts of 1903). Every owner,

Violations. lessee, or occupant of a factory, or building included within the provisions of this chapter, or owning or controlling the use of any room in such building, shall for the violation of any provision of sections

Penalty. 4516, 4517, 4518, 4519, or 4521, or for obstructing or hindering the inspector of factories or his deputies in carrying out the duties imposed on them by law, be fined not more than fifty dollars; but no prosecution shall be brought for any such violation until four weeks after notice has been given by the inspector to such owner, lessee, or occupant of any changes necessary to be made to comply with the provisions of said sections, and not then, if, in the meantime, such changes have been made in accordance with such notification. Nothing herein shall limit the right of a person injured to bring an action to recover damages.

SEC. 4523. The orders and notices given by the inspector under this Notices. chapter shall be written or printed, signed by him officially, and may be served by himself or any proper officer or indifferent person, by leaving an attested copy thereof with or at the usual place of abode of the person upon whom service is to be made; and the notice, properly indorsed with the doings of the person or officer serving the same, shall be returned to the office of the town clerk of the town in which is located the factory, building, or business to which such notice appertains, where it shall be kept on file. Such notice, or copies thereof duly certified by the town clerk, shall be prima facie evidence that notice was given as therein appears. Notice to one member of a firm shall be notice to every member thereof, and notice to the president, secretary, or treasurer of a corporation shall be notice to such corporation. The fees for serving such orders and notices, unless served by the inspector, shall be the same as for the service of process in civil actions, and shall be included in the necessary expenses of the inspector.

SEC. 4524. Any person, firm, or corporation aggrieved by any order Appeals. of the factory inspector may appeal to the superior court in the county where the person, firm or corporation owns, leases, or occupies the factory or building to which said order relates, within four weeks after notice of such order shall be given. Said appeal shall operate as a supersedeas, shall be made in writing, and shall contain a brief statement of the facts and reasons of appeal and a citation to the inspector to appear before said court, and said court or a judge thereof may direct the time of appearance and the manner of service. Said court may review the doings of the factory inspector, confirm, change, or set them aside, and make such orders in the premises, including orders as to costs, as it may find to be proper and equitable. Sec. 4527. The inspector shall, as often as practicable, examine all

Sweat shops. buildings, apartments, rooms, and places in any tenement or dwelling house used for residential purposes and used in whole or in part by others than the immediate members of the family therein, for the manufacture of artificial flowers, purses, cigars, cigarettes, or any articles of wearing apparel intended for sale.

SEC. 4528. The persons engaged in the manufacture of such goods in Notice of use. such premises, within thirty days after beginning such manufacture, shall notify said inspector of the location of said workrooms, the nature of the work there carried on, and the number of persons therein employed.

Sanitation, etc. Sec. 4529. The person operating said workrooms shall keep the

same at all times in a clean and sanitary condition, properly lighted, ventilated, and fit for the occupancy of the persons engaged in work therein. The inspector or any of his special agents shall notify the owner of such premises, and the person using the same for the purposes set forth in section 4527 to provide ample means for lighting or ventilating such work rooms, and to put the same in a clean, sanitary, and fit condition for occupancy for said work; and if said notification be not complied with in thirty days after the service of such notice, said inspector or any of his special agents shall cause complaint to be

made to the proper prosecuting authority. Violations. Sec. 4530. Every person, firm, or corporation owning, using, or

occupying any workroom for the purposes specified in section 4527 shall, for the violation of any provision of sections 4528 or 4529, be fined not more than five hundred dollars.

CHAPTER 253.- Earnings of married women.
Earnings sepa-
SECTION 4545. *

The separate earnings of the wife shall be rate prope. ty. her sole property.






CAAPTER 258.Bureau of labor statistics. Bureau estab- SECTION 4601. There shall be a bureau of labor statistics, under the lished.

management of the commissioner. Commissioner. Sec. 4602. The governor shall, with the consent of the senate on or

before the first of May, 1903, and every four years thereafter, appoint a commissioner of said bureau who shall hold office for four years, and until his successor is appointed and qualified. The governor may remove the commissioner for cause.

SEC. 4604. The commissioner shall collect information upon the subject of labor, its relation to capital, the hours of labor, the earnings of laboring men and women, and the means of promoting their material, social, intellectual, and moral prosperity; but for this purpose persons shall not be required to leave the vicinity of their residences or places

of business. Reports. Sec. 4605. The commissioner shall annually report to the governor

all the statistical details relating to his department. Agents. Sec. 4606. The commissioner may employ special agents to assist

him in his investigations, who shall receive compensation for the time

actually employed in such service. Protection of Sec. Î4607. The commissioner may appoint competent persons, alien laborers.

familiar with the language of alien laborers, as special agents of the bureau, who shall inform said laborers, either personally

or through printed matter in their language, as to their right of contract under the laws of the State, and prevent illegal advantage being taken of said laborers by reason of their ignorance, credulity, or want of knowledge of the English language. The appointment of such agents shall not be permanent, but simply to meet the exigencies of each case as presented to the commissioner, and they shall be paid the same compensation as is paid other agents of the bureau, the total expense in any one year not to exceed three hundred dollars. Every person who shall obtain or receive money due laborers ignorant of the English language, and shall retain any part thereof for his own use, without giving adequate consideration therefor, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

CHAPTER 259.— Employment offices. Free bureaus continued.

SECTION 4608. The public employment bureaus in New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, Norwich, and Waterbury shall remain as established. No compensation or fee shall be charged or received, directly or indirectly, from persons applying for employment or help through any such bureau. The commissioner of the bureau of labor statistics shall appoint for each bureau, and may remove for good and sufficient cause, a superintendent for the proper administration of its affairs.

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