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access, examination, and inspection of scales, measures, and accounts at the same time, and that such persons shall make no unnecessary interference with the use of such scales, machinery, or apparatus. The agent of the miners as aforesaid shall, before entering upon his duties, make and subscribe to an oath before some officer duly authorized to administer oaths, that he is duly qualified and will faithfully discharge the duties of check weighman. Such oath shall be kept conspicuously posted at the place of weighing.

SEC. 1532. Any person, company, or firm having or using any Fraudulent scale or scales for the purpose of weighing the output of coal at weighing. mines so arranged or constructed that fraudulent weighing may be done thereby, or who shall knowingly resort to or employ any means whatsoever by reason of which such coal is not correctly weighed or reported in accordance with the provisions of this chapter; or any weighman or check weighman who shall fraudulently weigh or record the weights of such coal, or connive at or consent to such fraudulent weighing, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

SEC. 1533. Any person, owner, or agent operating a coal mine Violation. in this State who shall fail to comply with the provisions of this chapter, or who shall obstruct or hinder the carrying out of its requirements, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor; Provided, That the provisions of this chapter shall apply only to coal mines in which ten or more miners are employed in a period of twenty-four hours.

SEC. 1534. It shall be the duty of the coal mine inspector, in Scales to be addition to his other duties, to examine all scales used at any

inspected. coal mine in the State for the purpose of weighing coal taken out of such mine; and on inspection, if found incorrect, he shall notify the owner or agent of any such mine that such scales are incorrect; and after such notice it shall be unlawful for any owner or agent to use or suffer the same to be used, until such scales are so fixed that the same will give the true and correct weight. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

TITLE 43.-Earnings of minors. SECTION 1544. When a contract for the personal services of a Payments to minor has been made with him alone, and those services are after- minors valid,

when. ward performed, payment made therefor to such minor in accordance with the terms of the contract, is a full satisfaction for those services, and the parent or guardian cannot recover therefor a second time.

TITLE 61.-—State Miners' Hospital.

SECTION 2207. There shall be established at Park City. Summit Branch estabCounty, a branch of the State Miners' Hospital for the treatment lished. of the sick and disabled miners of the State, to be known as the Branch of the State Miners' Hospital.

SEC. 2208. The government and control of the Branch of the Board of comState Miners' Hospital shall be vested in a board of commission- missioners. ers to consist of the governor and two other members appointed by the governor, by and with the consent of the senate, who shall be known as the board of commissioners of the Branch of the State Miners' Hospital.

Sec. 2209. The board may contract and he contracted with, and Powers. may sue and be sued, in all matters concerning the hospital. It may take and hold by purchase, gift, bequest, or devise real and personal property required for its uses, and it may convert property and credits received by gift, bequest, or devise, and not suitable for its use, into money and property available for its uses.

SEC. 2210. The board may appoint a secretary, a treasurer, a Organization. medical superintendent, and such other officers as it may deem necessary, and may make by-laws for its own government, and



shall have general control and management of the affairs of the hospital. A majority of the members of the board shall consti

tute a quorum for the transaction of business. May remove SEC. 2211. The board may remove any officer or employee of the ufficers.

hospital by a majority vote of its number, for neglect of duty or for refusal to comply with the by-laws made for the establish

ment and government of the institution. Report to au- SEC. 2212. On or before the first day of January of each year, ditor.

the board shall certify to the State auditor the number of indigent patients, the number of pay patients, and the number of patients

who pay in part, and also the amount paid by each. Applications. SEC. 2213. Application for admission to the hospital must be

made to the medical superintendents under such rules and regu

lations as the board may establish. Costs of treat- SEC. 2214. In case a person received into the hospital shall be

possessed of property sufficient to pay the costs of treatment, or any part of the same, he shall be admitted on such terms as the board may fix: Provided, That the hospital shall be free to any

indigent miner. Payment of Sec. 2215. The relatives or friends of any patient in the hos

pital may pay any portion or all of his expenses therein. Patients who desire it, and shall be able to pay the expenses thereof, may be provided with a special attendant or have such other special

care as the superintendent may deem expedient. Infectious dis- SEC. 2216. No patient having an infectious or contagious disease

shall be admitted into the hospital. Site to be do- SEC. 2217. This chapter shall take effect only upon condition nated.

that there shall be donated and conveyed to the State a suitable site for such hospital, to be subject to the approval of the board of commissioners hereinbefore provided for, and on the further condition that there shall be donated and actually paid to the said board of commissioners the sum of five thousand dollars as a fund

to assist in the building of the hospital herein provided for. Building, SEC. 2218. The sum of five thousand dollars is hereby approprimaintenance, ated to be used under the direction and control of the said board

of commissioners in the erection of a building for such hospital. The board of commissioners may expend in the maintenance of the hospital such sums as may be paid into the same by patients, and may also receive gifts, bequests, and devises of personal and real estate, and apply the same, or the proceeds thereof, according to the intention of the donors, for the use and benefit of the hospital. The board shall make semiannual reports to the governor of all its transactions.



TITLE 70.-Trade-marks of trade unions.

Adoption of SECTION 27:21. Any person, association, or union, may record any trade-mark.

trade-mark or name by filing with the secretary of state his or its claim to the same, and a copy or description of such trademark or name, with his affidavit attached thereto, certified to by any officer authorized to take acknowledgments of conveyances. setting forth that he, or the firm, corporation, association, or union of which he is a member, is the exclusive owner, or agent

of the owner, of such trade-mark or name. Rights of SEC. 2723. Any person who has first adopted and used a tradeownership, mark or name, whether within or beyond the limits of this State,

is its original owner. Such ownership may be transferred in the
same manner as personal property, and is entitled to the same
protection by suits at law; and any court of competent jurisdie-
tion may restrain, by injunction, and award damages for, any
use of trade-marks or names in violation of this title.
TITLE 73.-Right of action for injuries causing death-Limitation.

Limitation of SECTION 2873. The periods prescribed for the commencement of two years. actions other than for the recovery of real property, are as here

inafter provided.

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2. An action to recover damages for the death of one caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another.

TITLE 73.-Eremption of wages from erecution, etc.

SECTION 3243. The earnings of any minor child of any debtor Minors' earn. within this State and the proceeds thereof are exempt from execu-ings exempt. tion against such debtor by reason of any debts or liability of such debtor, not contracted for the special benefit of such minor child.

SEC. 3245 (as amended by chapter 31, Acts of 1901). The following property is exempt from execution, except as herein otherwise specially provided :



7. One-half of the earnings of the judgment debtor for his per- Certain earnsonal services rendered at any time within thirty days next pre- ings of judgceding the levy of execution or levy of attachment by garnishment ment debtor

exempt. or otherwise, when it appears by the debtor's affidavit that he is a married man, or head of family, and that such earnings are neeessary for the use of his family, residing in this State, supported wholly or in part by his labor; Prorided, That when the earnings are two dollars a day or less, such married man or head of family shall be entitled to an exemption of $30 per month : Provided, That in no case shall the judgment debtor be taxed with the costs of any proceeding to obtain by levy of execution or otherwise, any part of the earnings of such judgment debtor, for personal services rendered within thirty days next preceding the levy of such execution.

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SECTION 3869. The executor or administrator, as soon as he has Payment of sutficient funds in his hands, must pay the funeral expenses and funeral expenexpenses of the last sickness and the allowance made to the ses, etc. family of the decedent. He may retain in his hands the necessary expenses of administration, but he is not obliged to pay any other debt or any legacy until the payment has been ordered by the court.

SEC. 3870. Other debts of the estate must be paid in the following order :

1. The wages of each employee of the decedent for services ren- Wages a prior dered within sixty days next preceding his death, not exceeding claim. one hundred dollars.

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SECTION 4065. Except in cases where a different punishment is Penalty where prescribed by law, every offense declared to be a misdemeanor is none



scribed. punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by a fine in any sum less than three hundred dollars, or by both. In all cases where a corporation is convicted of an offense for the commission of which à natural person would be corporations. punishable as for a misdemeanor, and there is no other punishment prescribed by law, such corporation is punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars.



TITLE 75.-Sunday labor.


SECTION 4234. Every person who keeps open on Sunday any

Sunday store, workshop, bar, saloon, banking house, or other place of busi bor forbidden ness, for the purpose of transacting business thereln, is punishable by fine not less than five nor more than one hundred dollars.

Application SEC. 4235. The provisions of the preceding section do not apply of law.

to persons who, on Sunday, keep open hotels, boarding houses, baths, restaurants, taverns, livery stables, or retail drug stores, for the legitimate business of each, or such manufacturing estab

ments as are usually kept in continued operation. Penalty. SEC. 4238. Every person who performs any unnecessary labor, or

does any unnecessary business on Sunday, is guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be fined in any sum not exceeding twenty-five

dollars. Exceptions. SEC. 4239. Labor performed by employees of such works as are

usually kept in constant operation, and in irrigating, is not included in the foregoing section.

TITLE 75.—Negligence of employees on steamboats, railroads, etc.

Negligence en SECTION 4269. Every captain or other person having charge of Cangering life. any steamboat, used for the conveyance of passengers, or of the

boilers and engines thereof, who, from ignorance or gross neglect, or for the purpose of excelling any other boat in speed, creates, or allows to be created, such an undue quantity or pressure of steam as to burst or break the boiler, or any apparatus or machinery connected therewith, by which bursting or breaking

human life is endangered, is guilty of a misdemeanor. Same subject. SEC. 4270. Every engineer or other person having charge of any

steam boiler, steam engine, or other apparatus for generating or employing steam, who willfully, or from ignorance, or gross neglect, creates, or allows to be created, such an undue quantity of steam as to burst or break the boiler, or engine, or apparatus, or cause any other accident whereby human life is endangered, is guilty of

a misdemeanor. Negligence SEC. 1271. Every person having charge of any steam boiler or causing death. steam engine, or other apparatus for generating or employing

steam, who willfully, or from ignorance or neglect, creates, or allows to be created, such an undue quantity or pressure of steam as to burst or break the boiler, engine, or apparatus, or to cause any other accident whereby the death of a human being is produced, is punishable by imprisonment in the State prison for not less than

one nor more than ten years. Collision on railroad caus

SEC. 4272. Every conductor, engineer, brakeman, switchman, or ing death. other person having charge, wholly or in part, of any railroad car,

locomotive, or train, who willfully or negligently permits or causes the same to collide with another car, locomotive, or train, or with any other object or thing, or any train dispatcher who willfully or negligently permits any such collision, whereby the death of a human being is produced, is punishable by imprisonment in the State prison for not less than one nor more than ten years.

TITLE 75.— Intorication, etc., of railroad employees. Intoxicacion SECTION 4292. Every person who is intoxicated while in charge of engineer,etc. of a locomotive engine, or while acting as conductor, or driver

upon any railroad train or car, or as motorman, or as conductor of any street car, whether propelled by steam or electricity, or drawn by horses or otherwise, or while acting as train dispatcher or as telegraph operator, and receiving or transmitting dispatches

in relation to the movement of trains, is guilty of a misdemeanor. Violation

SEC. 4294. Every engineer, conductor, brakeman, switchtender. duty.

or other officer, agent, or servant of any railroad company who is guilty of any willful violation or omission of his duty as such officer, agent, or servant, whereby human life or safety is endangered, the punishment of which is not otherwise prescribed, is guilty of a misdemeanor.


TITLE 75.-Trade-marks of trade unions. Counterfeit

SECTION 4482. Every person who willfully forges or counterfeits, ing trademarks. or procures to be forged or counterfeited, any trade-mark usually

affixed by any person, or by any association or union of workingmen, to his goods, which has been recorded in the office of the secretary of state, with intent to pass off any goods to which such forged or counterfeited trade-mark is affixed, or intended to be affixed, as the goods of such person or such association or union of workingmen, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

SEC. 1483. Every person who sells, or keeps for sale, any goods Using, countupon or to which any counterfeited trade-mark has been affixed, erfeit trade

. after such trade-mark has been recorded in the office of the secretary of state, intending to represent such goods as the genuine goods of another, knowing the same to be counterfeited, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

ACTS OF 1901.

CHAPTER 44.Coercion of cmployeesCompany stores and board

ing houses.

SECTION 1. Every person, body-corporate, agent, manager, or

Influencing employer, doing business in the State of Utah, who by coercion, cholce of board

employees in intimidation, threats or undue influence, compels his employees to ing house, etc. boarding board) at a particular boarding house, or to trade with or at a particular store, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. CHAPTER 52.Protection of employees on street railways

Inclosed platforms. Section 1. From and after the first day of November, 1901, it Platforms to

be inclosed. shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, or corporation own- when. ing or operating a street railway in this State, or for any officer or agent thereof, superintending or having charge or control of the management of the said line of railway, or of the cars thereof, operating electric, cable or other cars propelled either by steam, cable or electricity, which require when in operation the constant services, care or attention of any person or persons on any part of such car, to require or permit such services, attention or care of any of its employees, or any other person or persons between the first day of November, and the first day of April of each year, unless such person, partnership, or corporation, its officers or superintending or managing agents have first provided, at least one-third of the entire number of cars so owned, with a proper and sufficient inclosure, constructed of wood, iron and glass or similar suitable materials, sufficient to protect such employees from exposure to the inclemencies of the weather: Provided, That such inclosure shall be so constructed as not to obstruct the vision of the person operating such car. That two-thirds of the said cars so owned shall be provided with inclosures as heretofore described, on or before the first day of November, 1902; and that the remaining one-third of such cars so owned shall be provided with inclosures in a similar manner on or before the first day of November, 1903.

Sec. 2. It shall be unlawful for any such person, partnership or Unlawful to corporation so owning or operating a street railway using steam, operate

without incloelectric or cable cars, or any superintending or managing officer or sure. agent thereof, to cause or permit to be used upon such line of railway, between said first day of November, and said first day of April, of each and every of said years, any car or cars upon which services of any employee such as specified in section 1 of this act, is required, unless said car or cars shall be provided with the inclosure required by said section 1 of this act.

SEC. 3. Any person, partnership, or corporation owning, operat Penalty. ing, superintending or managing any such line of street railway, or managing, superintending officer or agent thereof, who shall be found guilty of a violation of the provisions of sections 1 or 2, of this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $250. Each day any of said persons cause or permit any of their said employees to operate such car or cars in viola.



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