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every expense incurred in the transport of these several articles to the troops, and also of every thing they may stand in need of. It being well understood that the aforesaid articles shall be delia vered to the English commissary at the same time as the recruits of the year, in order that the same velfel may convey both.

XIV. In case an officer Should lose his equipage, either on his route or by some accident of war, his Majesty shall grant himi the same indemnification as the English officers are allowed in fimilar cases.

XV. As soon as his Serene Highness shall have put the corps in a state to march, within the term agreed upon, he shall be confidered as having fulfilled his preliminary engagements ; so that the payment of the levy money, subsidy, and pay, shall take place according to the aforesaid determination, even in case his Majesty, on account of some unforeseen event, should not think proper to have the corps reviewed, or to cause it to march or embark.

XVI. If before the period of the review his Britannic Majesty shall find himself disposed to renounce this treaty entirely, his Serene Highness thall receive, under the title of indemnification,

ift. The levy money.
2d. The equipage money allowed to the officers.

3d. Three months pay for the whole of the troops, according to the table annexed to the second article, &c.

Ath. One year's subsidy.

XVII. At the end of six years, his Britannic Majesty shall send back the corps, at the disposal of his Highness, in the same Itate in which it was taken into his service, and being at the entire expense of transport until their arrival at Darmstadt. It being understood that his Majesty shall not pay the levy money for the men who may be wanting at that time, except in the case where he shall have failed to inform the Serene Landgrave of it six months beforehand, in order to save his Highness the expense of a new completion. If by accident the return should be retarded, the treaty shall be tacitly prolonged for one year, in every respect, and a certain sum shall be agreed upon as an equivalent for levy money, in proportion to the present arrangement.

XVIII. If his Majesty fhould think proper, after the expiration of the six years fixed for the duration of this treaty, to keep the said corps for some years longer, his Highness consents to it beforehand; and it will be then only necessary to make an arrangement respecting the levy and equipage money for the officers, which will be calculated according to the proportions of the pre

XIX. 'His Serene Highness reserves to himself the jurifdiction over his troops, as well as all dispositions respecting promotion, discipline, and interior administration.

XX. His

sent treaty:






WAR against FRANCE

Now carrying on by GREAT BRITAIN and the

several other EUROPEAN POWERS:

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Printed for J. DEBRETT, opposite Burlington House



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THE Sixth Volume of this Colle&tion is now offered to the

Public. The termination of hoftilities upon the Ctinent, the conclusion of peace between the Emperor and the French Republic, the republicanising of Italy, and the negotiation at Lifle, ręnder the present at least equal in interest and iinportance to any of the preceding Volumes. All the official documents relative to those events will be found in this Volume, together with some very important, and hitherto unpublished papers, respecting the United States of America. The Editor muft express his hope, that the same assiduity and care will be recognised in this, as have been acknowledged in the former parts of this Collection.

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