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Longman, Rrown [sic] Green, and Longman, 1855

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Página 339 - Redman made a third sermon ; which three sermons made the People wonderfully to lament his Death. Last of all all the learned men of the University made their epitaphs in his praise laying them on his grave.
Página 330 - Augustinum episcopum perduxerit, dicite ei, quid diu mecum de causa Anglorum cogitans tractavi: videlicet quia fana idolorum destrui in eadem gente minime debeant; sed ipsa quae in eis sunt idola destruantur ; aqua benedicta fiat, in eisdem fanis aspergatur, altaria construantur, reliquiae ponantur: quia si fana eadem bene constructa sunt, necesse est ut a cultu daemonum in obsequio veri Dei debeant commutari ; ut dum gens ipsa eadem fana sua non videt destrui, de corde errorem deponat, et Deum verum...
Página 14 - Bateman, the discoverer, described the helmet, as "coated with narrow plates of horn, running in a diagonal direction from the ribs, so as to form a herring-bone pattern; the ends were secured by strips of horn, radiating in like manner as the iron ribs, to which they were riveted at intervals of about an inch and a half: all the rivets had ornamented heads of silver on the outside, and on the front rib is a small cross of the same metal Upon the top or crown of the helmet, is an elongated oval brass...
Página 330 - ... ad laudem Dei in esu suo animalia occidant, et donatori omnium de satietate sua gratias referant ; ut dum eis aliqua exterius gaudia reservantur, ad interiora gaudia consentire facilius valeant. Nam duris mentibus simul omnia abscidere impossibile esse non dubium est, quia et is, qui summum locum ascendere nititur, gradibus vel passibus, non autem saltibus elevatur.
Página 351 - twas order'd then we can't so certainly know, Because none of us can remember so long as Sixteen Years ago; Yet we believe they were more civil to the Ladies then, and good Reason why, For if we all stay'd at...
Página 345 - St. Mary's Church at every great Commencement is made a Theater, and the Prevaricatour's Stage, wherein he Acts and setts forth his prophane and scurrilous jests besides diverse other abuses and disorders then suffered in that place. All the year after a parte of it is made a Lumber House for y c Materials of ye Scaffolds, for Bookbinders' dry Fats, for aumerie Cupboards, and such like implements, which they know not readily where else to put.
Página 126 - ... the matters to be established for the estate of the king and of his heirs, and for the estate of the realm and of the people, should be treated, accorded, and established in parliament by the king, and by the assent of the prelates, earls, and barons, and the commonalty of the realm, according as had been before accustomed.
Página 142 - Mr. Davison, of Blaixton, shall sitt in the seate next unto the chancell one the north side, where he usith to sitt, and for his servants and tenants to sitt in the north porch, wh is called by the name of Blaixton porch.
Página 286 - Tuesday next after the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in the eighteenth year of the reign of King Edward [1290] received seisin, from brother W.

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