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many places where he unqualifiedly gives expression to his belief in the overruling power of divine providence, and of his reliance on God for support and guidance. This feeling evidently strengthened, as he advanced in life. I am one of those who believe that God can and does convert men from the error of their ways, to be living epistles of the truths contained in His word; and that He did touch and turn the heart of Abraham Lincoln, his own words abundantly testify.

That wonderful funeral journey, which has no parallel in human history, except that of the Israelites carrying the body of the patriarch Jacob up out of Egypt, is delineated in detail.

The characteristics which distinguish this book from all others, touching the life of Abraham Lincoln, are: the Map, showing the course of his life and funeral; and the full and minute account of the building and dedication of the National Lincoln Monument, erected by a grateful people as a visible symbol of their desire to commemorate his virtues.


J. C. P.

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