Northern Mythology: Comprising the Principal Popular Traditions and Superstitions of Scandinavia, North Germany, and the Netherlands, Volumen1

E. Lumley, 1851

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Página 266 - Augustinum episcopum perduxerit, dicite ei, quid diu mecum de causa Anglorum cogitans tractavi: videlicet quia fana idolorum destrui in eadem gente minime debeant; sed ipsa quae in eis sunt idola destruantur ; aqua benedicta fiat, in eisdem fanis aspergatur, altaria construantur, reliquiae ponantur: quia si fana eadem bene constructa sunt, necesse est ut a cultu daemonum in obsequio veri Dei debeant commutari ; ut dum gens ipsa eadem fana sua non videt destrui, de corde errorem deponat, et Deum verum...
Página 22 - When a person has received a sprain, it is customary to apply to an individual practised in casting the "wresting thread." This is a thread spun from black wool, on which are cast nine knots, and tied round a sprained leg or arm. During the time the operator is putting the thread round the affected limb, he says, but in such a tone of voice as not to be heard by the by-standers, nor even by the person operated upon : The Lord rade, And the foal slade ; He lighted, And he righted Set joint to joint,...
Página 267 - Dei in esu suo animalia occidant, et donatori omnium de satietate sua gratias referant ; ut dum eis aliqua exterius gaudia reservantur, ad interiora gaudia consentire facilius valeant. Nam duris mentibus simul omnia abscindere impossibile esse non dubiuiu est; quia et is, qui summum locum ascendere nititur, gradibus vel passibus, non autem saltibus, elevatur.
Página 24 - The fairies of Scotland are represented as a diminutive race of beings, of a mixed or rather dubious nature, capricious in their dispositions, and mischievous in their resentment. They inhabit the interior of green hills, chiefly those of a conical form, in Gaelic termed Sighan, on which they lead their dances by moonlight, impressing upon the surface the marks of circles, which sometimes appear yellow and blasted, sometimes of a deep green hue, and within which it is dangerous to sleep, or to be...
Página 288 - Margaret was buryed in the lower chancel, And William in the higher : Out of her brest there sprang a rose, And out of his a briar. They grew till they grew unto the church top, And then they could grow no higher ; And there they tyed in a true lovers knot, Which made all the people admire.
Página 263 - Qui fanum effregerit et ibi aliquid de sacris tulerit, ducitur ad mare, et in sabulo, quod accessus maris aperire solet, finduntur aures ejus, et castratur, et immolatur diis quorum templa violavit.
Página 227 - Sunt etenim inibi vicinse nationes Suevorum ; quo cum moraretur, et inter habitatores illius loci progrederetur, reperit eos sacrificium profanum litare velle, vasque magnum, quod vulgo cupam vocant, quod viginti et sex modios amplius minusve capiebat, cerevi-sia plenum in medio habebant positum. Ad quod vir Dei accessit et sciscitatur, quid de illo fieri vellent? Illi aiunt: deo suo Wodano, quem Mercurium vocant alii, se velle litare.
Página 22 - when a person has received a sprain it is customary to apply to an individual practised in casting the
Página vi - Lo, the poor Indian! whose untutor'd mind Sees God in clouds, or hears him in the wind; His soul, proud science never taught to stray Far as the solar walk, or milky way...
Página 142 - Ay; or else one must come in with a bush of thorns and a lantern, and say he has come to disfigure, or to present the person of moonshine.

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