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ary 21,...


WEDNESDAY, January 15,.......... 25 | Monday, February 10,.......... ....47

Evacuation of Charleston.

Report on Virginia resolutions relative to

tobacco exported.

Friday, January 17,


Misrepresentations in South Carolina of Tuesday, February 11,......... .48

European negotiation · Report of the Discussion on the valuation of land - Re

committee on foreign loans — Vote of ferred to a special committee.

thanks to Gen. Greene - Mr. Webster

and Mr. Judd.

WEDNESDAY, February 12, ...... .49

From FRIDAY, 17, to TUESDAY, Janu.

General revenue - - Discussion continued


- Impost

Letters from Mr. Adams, relative to siege THURSDAY, February 13,..


of Gibraltar, and the treaty of commerce
with Holland.

Impost - Violation of passport by seizure

of goods for prisoners of war - Speech of

THURSDAY, January 23, ..............27 the king of Great Britain.

Report of committee on treaty, with Hol: Friday, February 14, .


land - Purchase of books for the use of
Congress discussed.

Mr. Jefferson's mission suspended.

Friday, January 24,

.....27 Monday, February 17,...............50

Violation of passports by citizens of Penn- Report on the valuation lost - Revived

sylvania - Committee confer with the gov. Adopted.

ernor - Letter from the superintendent of

finance - Discussion thereon - Memorial | Tuesday, February 18,.....


from the army.

Committee of the whole on general rev

- Letter from Mr. William Lee, at

SATURDAY, January 25,.



Ratification of the contract with France

- Discussion of the army memorial re-

WEDNESDAY, February 19,.



Impost, and debate thereon.

Monday, January 27,....


THURSDAY, February 20,.............54

Death of Lord Stirling – Vermont- Ar- Motion for limiting the impost to twenty,
my memorial - Resolution in favor of

Decision - The goods seized
adequate revenue discussed Resolution

under passport — Resolution relative to.

of Virginia repealing impost.

Friday, February 21,.


CUESDAY, January 28,.....


Revival of the discussion on general rev

Subject of permanent revenue resumed.

WEDNESDAY, January 29,............38

Tuesday, February 25,..... ..58

Treaty with Holland, and its inaccura-

Discussion on the motion to refer the

cies — Permanent revenue - Debate there-

officers for half-pay to their respective


THURSDAY, January 30,...... .42

WEDNESDAY, February 26,...........58

Decision on memorials from the legisla- Refugees in the state of Delaware - Con-

ture of Pennsylvania.

tinued debate on the valuation of land -

Letter from Mr. Morris relative to his

Friday, January 31,...... .....43

purpose of resigning.

Instructions to the Virginia delegates, rel.
ative to tobacco exported under flags –

THURSDAY, February 27,.......

Valuation of land - Report to Congress Report of committee on Mr. Morris's let-

taken up

ter Reconsideration of the subject of

Tuesday, February 4,...... .44

hall-pay Addition of specific duties to

the impost proposed - Debate thereon.

Hemonstrance from Vermont Report
proposing a commutation for the half- Friday, February 28,.....

pay due the army taken up - Letter Hom
Mr. Samuel Adams Valuation of land.

Motion by Mr. Wolcott to refer the half

pay to the states — - Duty on wine.

WEDNESDAY, February 5,............45

Monday, March 3,......


Rule of voting - Amendments proposed
to the report on the valuation of land.

Specific duties reported.
FRIDAY, February 7,......

.46 TUESDAY, March 4, and WEDNESDAY,

Reconsideration of the report.

March 5,...


Abatement of the quotas of certain states

SATURDAY, February 8,..............47 Motion to arrange the department of

Discussion on the valuation of land con- finance - Attack on, and defence of, Mr.





THURSDAY, March 6,.....

.62 | Monday, March 31, ....

Report of the committee on revenue or.

Letter from the governor of Rhode Island

dered to be printed.

- Mr. Howell – Cessation of hostilities

on account of the signing of the general

FRIDAY, March 7,......

....62 preliminaries - American cruisers ---Gen.

Printed reports delivered to the members

Carleton's refusal discussed.

-Resolutions contained in the report.

TUESDAY, April 1, ...


Monday, March 10,....

Report on general revenue - Discussion

Report on commutation of half-pay.

continued - State conventions - Rate of

slaves agreed to.

TUESDAY, March 11,................64

Impost and specific duties - Appointment


of collectors.

April 3, FRIDAY, April 4, SATUR-

DAY, April 5,.......



Grand committee on the report on revenue

FRIDAY, 14, and SATURDAY, 15, ....65

Committee appointed in consequence

of the declaration of peace
Despatches brought by Capt. Barney read

- Their du-
Preliminary articles of peace - Amer-

ican ministers.

Monday, April 7,......


Monday, March 17,...... ....66

Number allotted by the grand committee

Letter from Gen. Washington, enclosing

to the states - Letter from Gen. Wash.

two inflammatory exhortations to the army

ington on peace.

- Effect of this intelligence.
TUESDAY, April 8,

TUESDAY, March 18,......... ...66

Debt of the United States estimated - Re
Amendments of the report on specific du- port on revenue.
ties - Letter from the secretary for foreign WEDNESDAY, April 9,.......
affairs relative to West Florida.

Memorial from Gen. Hazen on behalf of

WEDNESDAY, March 19,

the Canadians - Discussion on a motion

Letter from the superintendent of finance to refer to a select committee the subject
- Dr. Franklin - Count de Vergennes of western lands - Drawback on salt fish
Conduct of American ministers towards
France discussed.

THURSDAY, April 10,.......

THURSDAY, March 20,.....

72 Letters from Gen. Carleton and Admiral

Instructions of Virginia relative to confis.

Digby - Letters from Dr. Franklin and

Mr. Adams - Peace - The secretary of

cated property - Resolutions of Pennsyl.

vania relative to British debts - General

foreign affairs reports a proclamation to

Congress - Prisoners of war directed to

be discharged.

FRIDAY, March 21,.....


Friday, April 11,.....


Revenue report considered.

Proclamation of the secretary of foreign

SATURDAY, March 22,..

.73 affairs discussed.

Letter from Gen. Washington — His ad- Saturday, April 12,


dress to the convention of officers - -Licen-

ses to whalers - Report on the conduct of Letter received from Mr. Dana - Remarks

American ministers in France Debate.

thereon – Consideration of the report of

the secretary of foreign affairs.

Monday, March 24,...


Monday, April 14,.....


Intelligence of peace sent by La Fayette
- Letter from Gen. Carleton received Report of the committee on the ratifica.
through Gen. Washington - Injunction of

tion of the preliminary articles - Consid-
secrecy debated.

erations of the committee for recommend-

ing a postponement of the decision of
WEDNESDAY, March 26,.............76 Congress.

Communication by the minister of France, TUESDAY, April 15,
on the finances and negotiations of the
two countries.

Ratification of the articles.

THURSDAY, March 27,..... ..77 WEDNESDAY, April 16, .


General revenue taken up Amendments.

Mr. Hamilton's views of the provisional


Friday, March 28,......



Proportion of slaves to freemen – Vote- THURSDAY, April 17,......

Arguments for various rates - Main ques- Mr. Madison's views to the adjustment of


the revenue — - Remarks - Vote.

SATURDAY, March 29,...

..80 FRIDAY, April 18,....... ...... 87

Examination of department of finance.

Termination of hostilities - Debate


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No quorum




Ine cessions of the states — Passage of Friday, May 30,..


the plan of revenue.

Debate on the report of the committee

Monday, April 21,........ .....87 recommending the states to comply with

certain of the provisional articles — Inter

Motion relative to expenses incurred by

est on British debts.

individual states.


WEDNESDAY, April 23,......

WEDNESDAY, June 4,....


Resolution permitting soldiers to retain

Army certificates for land - Secretary of

their arms - Resolution for granting fur-

foreign affairs.

loughs and discharges.

FRIDAY, June 6,.....


SATURDAY, April 26,......


Discussion of the report relating to the

territorial cession of Virginia.

Address to the states, and to Rhode Isl-


Monday, June 9,......


Monday, May 5,.......

- Instruction received from

New Jersey, in relation to the public

Mntion as to the vote on the loan from



Tuesday, May 6, ...........

TUESDAY, June 10,......



Cession of Virginia -- Debate continued

Indemnification of officers for damages

Nominations for secretary of foreign af

Proposal to erect a statue of Washington


- Treaty of commerce with Great Britain

referred to a committee.

THURSDAY, June 12,...... ......91

WEDNESDAY, May 7,........

Instruction relative to neutral confederacy.

Resolution for indemnifying officers agreed Friday, June 13, ... ........91


Mutinous memorial from the sergeants re-

ceived and read - Sent to the secretary


Thursday, May 8,...........

of war.

Delivery of slaves - Portrait of Don Gal.

TUESDAY, June 17,......


FRIDAY, May 9,.......


Consideration of the report relative to the

departinent of finance.

Report on the occupation of posts post-

poned — Debate on the recommendation THURSDAY, June 19,......


to restore confiscated property.

Information received from the executivo

WEDNESDAY, May 14,.....


council of Pennsylvania, of mutinous pro-

ceedings in the army - Conference of a

Recommendation relative to the tories. committee with the executive.

Thursday, May 15,.................89 Friday, June 20,....


Report relating to the department of for-

Entrance of the soldiers, from Lancaster,
eign affairs taken up.

into the city - Amendment to the report
Monday, May 19,...... .....89 on the cession of Virginia - Discussion

thereon continued.

Debate on the report recommending pro-

visions for tories.

SATURDAY, June 21,...... ....93

TUESDAY, May 20, ....... .....89 Mutinous soldiers - Call made upon the

executive of Pennsylvania - Conference

Debate on the proposal to discharge the

by the committee - Congress resolves to

troops Laid on the table - Confiscated

meet at Trenton - Submission of the mu.


tineers— Their leaders.


22, ...


Armed neutrality - Treaty of commerce

with Russia.

Monday, February 19, 1787,.... .94

FRIDAY, May 23, .......


Insurrection in Massachusetts — Enlist.

Report in favor of discharging the soldiers ment of troops by Congress - Motion to


stop it rejected.

Monday, May 26,.... .....90 WEDNESDAY, February 21, ...... ....96

Passage of the resolutions for furloughing Report of the convention at Annapolis

the troops, and instructing our ministers proposing a Federal Convention - New

m Europe to remonstrate against the car. York delegates move for a convention -

rying off the negroes.

Views of different members – Congress

sanction it.

THURSDAY, May 29,...


Report of the committee concerning in. Tuesday, March 13, ...... ...97

terest on British debts, submitted and dis- Refusal to remove the military stores from


Springfield Conference of Mr. Man



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ison and Mr. Bingham with Mr. Guar. poned — Representations of North Caro
doqui relative to the navigation of the lina relative to discontents in the western
Mississippi - Discontents in the western territory — Navigation of the Mississippi
territory - Posts held by the British.

- Negotiation between Mr. Jay and Mr

TUESDAY, March 20, ...


Mr. Jay's report relative to the effect of Monday, April 2, .......

British treaty of peace - Obligations im- Resolution to lay the negotiation between
posed on the states by treaties.

Mr. Jay and Mr. Guardoqui before Con.



WEDNESDAY, March 21,...

Effect of treaties on the states.

TUESDAY, April 10, ......


Future seat of Congress.

Friday, March 23,......


Proposal to reduce salaries - Civil list. WEDNESDAY, April 11,....... ..102

WEDNESDAY, March 28,...... .99

Future seat of Congress.

Discontinuance of enlistments - Military WEDNESDAY, April 18,


establishment - Seizure of Spanish prop- Negotiation between Mr. Jay and Mr.

erty by Gen. Clark — Representations of Guardoqui - Motion to send Mr. Jefferson

Virginia relative to disturbances in the to Madrid - Referred to the secretary of

western territory.

foreign affairs.

THURSDAY, March 29,... ...99 Thursday, April 19,...... ...103

Ordinance for settlement of public ac. Representations of Virginia relative to the

counts - Complaints from Illinois — Seiz. navigation of the Mississippi.

ure of Spanish property by Gen. Clark -

Unsettled state of the western territory -

Monday, April 23,....


Navigation of the Mississippi - Confer. Mr. Jay's report against sending Mr. Jef-

ence of Virginia delegates with Mr. Guar. ferson to Madrid.


WEDNESDAY, April 25,.......

Friday, March 30,.....


Motion that a vote of nine states is requi.

Mr. Jay's report on the admission of Mr. site to authorize suspension of the use of
Bond as British consul — Subject post- the Mississippi, not decided by Congress.


To Edmund RANDOLPH. New York,

February 25, 1787,.....


Congress sanction the Federal Convention

Embarrassment of the treasury - Pros-

pect of disunion.

‘at Annapolis, in 1786 - Recommends Fed. national executive to possess the execu.

eral Convention — Proceedings of Virginia tive powers of the Congress of the Con.

and other states - Previous suggestions

federation — Amended, to possess power

for a convention by Pelatiah Webster, Gen. to execute the national laws, and appoint

Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton, Richard to offices not otherwise provided for.-

H. Lee, and Noah Webster - Defects to Amendment agreed to - To be chosen

be provided for by a constitution - - Mr. for a term of years — Amended, for

Madison's sketch — Meeting of Federal

- Amendment agreed to

Convention in 1787 - Manner in which To be chosen by the national legislature -

the reports of the debates were taken.


FRIDAY, May 25,...... ......123 SATURDAY, June 2,.......

Organization of Convention - Gen. Wash- Mr. Randolph's seventh proposition - The
ington chosen president, and Maj. Jackson national executive to be chosen by the na-
secretary - Delaware credentials -Com- tional legislature, resumed — Agreed to -
mittee on rules.

To receive fixed compensation — Amend

ed, to receive no salary, but expenses to

Monday, May 28,...


be defrayed - Amendment postponed -

Rules reported— No yeas and nays re-

To be ineligible a second time- Amended

quired - Vote by states - Letter from to be removable on impeachment-Clause

Rhode Island

and annendment agreed to - To consist of

persons · Postponed.

TUESDAY, May 29,......



Additional rules - Keeping of minutes

Monday, June 4,.......

Convention goes into committee of the Mr. Randolph's seventh proposition - The

whole - Mr. Randolph submits fifteen

national executive to consist of


propositions-His remarks - Propositions sons, resumed — Amended, a single per-

stated - Mr. Charles Pinckney submits a

Agreed to.

plan of a constitution - Plan stated.

Mr. Randolph's eighth proposition - A

council of revision, to consist of the na.
WEDNESDAY, May 30,..............132 tional executive, and a convenient number
Mr. Randolph's first proposition with-

of the national judiciary, to have a nega.
drawn, and a substitute offered — The pro-

tive on acts of national legislature unless
posed government to be national, and to

again passed by members of each
consist of a legislature, executive, and ju-

branch — Amended, to give the national

executive alone that power, unless over.
Mr. Randolph's second proposition -

ruled by two thirds of each branch of the

The right of suffrage in the national legis.

national legislature — Amendment agreed


lature, to be proportioned to the quotas of

contribution, or the number of free inhab-

Mr. Randolph's ninth proposition
itants, as is best in different cases — Post-

The national judiciary to be established


Agreed to — To consist of one or more

supreme tribunals, and of inferior tribunale

THURSDAY, May 31,....... .135

- Amended, to consist of one supreme

tribunal, and of inferior tribunals –Amend.

Mr. Randolph's third proposition - The

ment agreed to.

national legislature to have two branches

Agreed to.

TUESDAY, June 5,.....

.. 155

Mr. Randolph's fourth proposition

Mr. Randolph's ninth proposition - The
First branch of the national legislature to
be elected by the people — Agreed to -

national judiciary to be chosen by the na-

tional legislature - Disagreed to -
Qualifications, &c., of members of first

hold office during good behavior, and to
branch — Postponed.

receive fixed compensation - Agreed to
Mr. Randolph's fifth proposition - Sec.
ond branch of the national legislature to

- To have jurisdiction over offences at
be chosen by the first branch, from nomi-

sea, captures, cases of foreigners and cit.

izens of different states, of national rev.
nations by state legislatures — Disagreed
to - Qualifications of members of second

enue, impeachments of national officers,

branch - Not considered.

and questions of national peace and har.

mony -


Mr. Randolph's sixth proposition - Pow-

ers of the national legislature

Mr. Randolph's tenth proposition - New


states to be admitted Agreed to.

branch to originate laws — Agreed to - Na-

Mr. Randolph's eleventh proposition
tional legislature to possess all the legisla-

Republican government and its territory.
tive powers of the Congress of the Con-

except in case of voluntary junction, to

federation, to pass laws where state legis-

be guarantied to each state- Postponed.

latures are incompetent, or where neces- Mr. Randolph's twelfth proposition
sary to preserve harmony among the states,

The Congress of the Confederation to
and to negative state laws contravening continue till a given day, and its engage-
'he articles of union or foreign treaties

ments to be fulfilled - Agreed to.
agreed to - The national legislature au-

Mr. Randolph's thirteenth proposition
thorized to exert the force of the whole

Provision to be made for amendments of
against a delinquent state Postponed

the Constitution without the assent of the

FRIDAY, June 1,.....

national legislature - Postponed.


Mr. Randolph's fourteenth proposition

Mr Rande'pb's seventh proposition - The - National and state officers to take an


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