Condensed Reports of Decisions in the Supreme Court of Ohio, Volúmenes6-7


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Página 29 - AND it shall and may be lawful for the said vessel, in her voyage, to proceed and sail to, touch and stay at, any ports or places, if thereunto obliged by stress of weather, or other unavoidable accident, without prejudice to this insurance.
Página 243 - April, when one director shall be elected in each district, who shall hold his office for three years, and until his successor is elected.
Página 522 - In all cases, when the property has been delivered to the plaintiff, where the jury shall find upon issue joined, for the defendant, they shall also find whether the defendant had the right of property, or the right of possession only, at the commencement of the suit...
Página 41 - An act to provide for an exchange of lands, with the Indians residing in any of the States or Territories, and for their removal west of the Mississippi...
Página 268 - This is a contract to tempt a man to transgress the law, to do that which is injurious to the community : it is void by the common law; and the reason why the common law says such contracts are void, is for the public good. You shall not stipulate for iniquity. All writers upon our law agree in this, that no polluted hand shall touch the pure fountains of justice.
Página 93 - ... the president, directors, and company of the bank of the United States," as soon as the said bank shall be organized.
Página 37 - It is a settled principle that a party will not be aided after a trial at law, unless he can impeach the justice of the verdict by facts or on grounds of which he could not have availed himself, or was prevented from doing it, by fraud or accident, or the act of the opposite party, unmixed with negligence or fault on his part.
Página 272 - Illinois, before any justice of the peace of such county, and such fine, when collected, shall be paid into the county treasury for the use of the county in which any such accident may have occurred.
Página 277 - ... in trust to and for the uses and purposes therein named, expressed, or intended, and for no other use or purpose whatever.
Página 25 - The defendant's counsel filed a motion for a new trial, and assigned for cause, that the verdict of the jury was against the evidence and the law of the case; also a motion nisi, in arrest of judgment.

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