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ITH all the pow'rs my poor soul hath
Of humble love and loyal faith,

Thus low, my God, I bow to Thee,

Whom too much love bowed low for me.

Down, busy sense; discourses, die;
And all adore faith's mystery ;
Faith is my skill, faith can believe
As fast as love new laws can give.

Faith is my eye, faith strength affords
To keep pace with those pow'rful words;
And words more sweet, more sure than they,
Love could not think, truth could not say.

Oh dear memorial of that death

Which still survives, and gives us breath!
Live ever, Bread of Life, and be

My food, my joy, my all to me.

Come, glorious Lord, my hopes increase,
And fill my portion in Thy peace;
Come, hidden life; and that long day
For which I languish, come away!

When this dry soul, these eyes shall see
And drink the unsealed source of Thee;
When glory's sun faith's shade shall chase,
And, for Thy veil, give me Thy face.


OND shortness of the mistaken world!


Unhappy crossness of proud mortality!

To abound in our own sense we think is wisdom, and virtue to do what we have a mind to.

While things go on as we think fit, and heaven affords us all we wish;

While we have plenty of food and clothes, and whatever our superfluity calls convenient; While all our humours go on unchecked, and nothing crosses them in ourselves or friends

We make a shift to live without murmuring, and think ourselves resigned because we have nothing to complain of.

But if the unerring wisdom of our great Governor disposes of things in another order: If we feed more hardly, or are clothed more

coarsely; if we are not what we have been, or what we would be

We presently repine, and, in our vain hearts, nourish seeds of discontent.

Unmindful what we are-mere dust the best of us, and to whom nothing at all is due ;

Unmindful what the world is-at the worst, never so bad but we may be saints in it, if not wanting to the grace of God;

Unmindful of the promises of God, and of that hundredfold which is ensured to all those who leave anything for Christ.

But our God sees not as we see; and that which is highly esteemed of by us, is even an abomination in His sight;

His thoughts are not as our thoughts; and His ways are in the darkness, so that the vulture's eye cannot search them out:

For His whole work is to do wonders, and by these He, being invisible in person, declares His presence on the earth.

He therefore fails not to exalt the humble and the meek, when He puts down the mighty

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