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WEET JESUS! why, why dost Thou love
Such worthless things as we?

Why is Thy heart still towards us
Who seldom think on Thee?

Thy bounty gives us all we have,
And we Thy gifts abuse;

Thy bounty gives us ev'n Thyself,

And we Thyself refuse.

And why, my soul, why do we love

Such wretched things as these; These that withdraw us from our Lord, And His pure eyes displease?

Break off, and raise thy manly eye

Up to those joys above!

Behold all those thy Lord prepares

To woo and crown thy love.

Alas, dear Lord! I cannot love

Unless Thou draw my heart;
Thou who so kindly mak'st me know,
Oh make me do my part.

Still do Thou love me, O my Lord,
That I may still love Thee;
Still make me love Thee, O my God,
That Thou may'st still love me.

Thus may my God and my poor soul
Still one another love,

Till I depart from this low world

To enjoy my God above.

To Thee, great God, to Thee alone,

One co-eternal Three,

All power and praise, all joy and bliss,

Now and for ever be !



My God, had I my breath from Thee,

This power to speak and sing,

And shall my voice, and shall my song
Praise any but their King?

My God, had I my soul from Thee;
This power to judge and choose,-
And shall my brain, and shall my will
Their best to Thee refuse?

Alas, not this alone, or that
Hast Thou bestow'd on me ;
But all I have, and all I hope,
I have and hope from Thee.

And more I have, and more I hope,
Than I can speak or think;

Thy blessings first refresh, then fill,

Then overflow the brink.

But though my voice and fancy be

Too low to reach Thy praise;

Yet both shall strain Thy glorious Name
High as they can to raise.

Glory to the immortal God,
One great, co-equal Three;
As at the first beginning was,

May now and ever be! AMEN.



ET us now consider, O Lord our God, let us humbly remember what we are to


We who, alas! are nothing in ourselves, what can we be to Thy immensity?

Thou who art all things in Thine own rich self, what canst Thou receive from our poverty? This only we are to Thee, O great Creator, the unthankful objects of all Thy bounties;

This only we are to Thee, O dear Redeemer, the unworthy cause of all Thy sufferings.

Guilty we committed the crime, and Thou with Thine innocency undertookest the punishment.

We went astray from the path of life, and Thy mercy came down from Heaven to seek us; To seek us in the wilderness where we had lost ourselves, and bring us home to the discipline of Thy love.

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