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OPEN thine eyes, my soul, and see,

Once more the light returns to thee; Look round about, and choose the way Thou mean'st to travel o'er to-day.

Think on the dangers thou may'st meet,
And always watch thy sliding feet;
Think where thou once hast fallen before,
And mark the place, and fall no more.

Think on the helps thy God bestows
And aim to steer thy life by those;
Think on the sweets thy soul did feel
When thou didst well, and do so still.

Think on the pains that shall torment
Those stubborn sins that ne'er repent;
Think on those joys that wait above
To crown the head of holy love.

Think what at last will be thy part
If thou goest on as now thou art :
See life and death set thee to choose--
One must thou take and one refuse.

O my dear Lord, guide Thou my course,
And draw me on with Thy sweet force;
Still make me walk, still make me tend,
By Thee my way, to Thee my end.



E are nearer, indeed, the end of our life, but are we nearer the end for which

we live?

What have we done, my soul, to-day, that truly advanceth us to our last great home?

Have we increased our esteem of heaven, and settled its love more strongly in our hearts? Have we avoided any known temptation, or faithfully resisted when we could not avoid?

Have we interrupted our customary faults, and checked the vices we are most inclined to? Have we embraced the opportunities of good which the mercy of providence has offered to our hands?

Have we industriously contrived occasions to improve, as we are able, ourselves and others?

Alas, dear Lord! what do we see, when seriously we look into our guilty selves?

When we reflect upon our former years―nay, even the follies of this one day

So many hours misspent in nothing; so many abused in worse than nothing.

Pardon, O meek Redeemer, what our passions have done, and favourably supply what our weakness has omitted.

Make us hereafter more carefully watch that our time unprofitably slide not away;

Make us select every day some fit retreat, to study the knowledge of ourselves and of Thee— Of ourselves, to correct our many infirmities; and of Thee, to adore Thy infinite perfections.

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