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did I


say, O Lord my God?" We guide not our lives by Thy straight

It was too mild and gentle a reproof for us, who quite contradict Thy laws.

What Thou forbiddest, we, left to ourselves, eagerly pursue; and what Thou commandest, our frowardness still resists.

We boldly converse with temptation and sin, which Thy charity adviseth us to fly like death. We timorously fear a loss or a frown, where Thou bidd'st us proceed with undaunted courage.

We govern our actions by our own wild fancies, and expect Thy providence should comply with our humours.

We would have Thee relieve us when we list; and rain and shine as we think fit.


Pardon, O gracious Lord, this rude perverseness, and fashion our spirits to submit to Thee.

Make us exactly observe what Thou prescribest, how bitter soever it taste to our sense.


e are sure Thy wisdom knows our infirmities; we are sure Thy goodness delights in our relief.


GRACIOUS GOD, whose laws are but

necessary rules of soul-saving love, and whose commands are but efficacious advices of what our nature needs to make it happy, quicken, we beseech Thee, the slackness of our obedience to them, by causing us often to reflect on this Thy generous goodness; and grant that the ready obedience paid by all other creatures to Thy holy will, in serving us, may so reproach our perverse resisting the guidance of Thy sweet Spirit towards our only good, which Thou kindly callest Thy service, that we may feel ourselves confounded with shame at our notorious follies, and be henceforth apter to learn, by all the world about us, our duty to Thee; through our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.


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