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Sometimes the sin does us o'ertake, And on our weakness win; Sometimes ourselves our ruin make, And we o'ertake the sin.

Oh save us, Lord, from all these darts That seek our souls to slay;

Save us from us and our false hearts, Lest we ourselves betray.

Save us, O Lord, to Thee we cry, From whence all blessings spring;

We on Thy grace alone rely,

Alone Thy glory sing.

Glory to Thee, eternal Lord,

Thrice blessed Three in One ;

Thy Name at all times be adored

Till time itself be done.




OOD GOD, how extremely ungrateful are we, how strangely insensible to our manifest duty!

Every creature hears Thy voice but we; every thing lives by rule but we.

The sun observes his constant rising, and sets exactly at his appointed time.

The sun stands still if Thou commandest, and even goes back to obey Thy will;

And yet the sun pretends to no reward, nor looks to be placed in a higher heaven.

We who expect those glorious promises, and aim no lower than the heaven of heavens

Shall we forget the law of our God, that only instructs us to perfect ourselves?—

We, who are bought by the blood of Jesus, and freely redeemed by His sacred Cross !

Shall we neglect so gracious a Saviour, whose only design is to draw us to His love?

Shall we neglect so generous a love, whose only effect is to make us happy?

Oh may Thy holy will, dear Lord, be all our rule, and Thy gracious hand our only guide.

Oh may Thy infinite goodness engage us to love Thee, and Thy blessed love prepare us to enjoy Thee.


TWAS not alone to make the day that

Thou, O Lord, didst make the sun,

But to teach us these pious lessons, and write them plain as its own beams.

So should our light shine forth to others, and so our charity warm their coldness;

So when they say we are under a cloud, we should, like the sun, be really above it.

And though we appear sometimes eclipsed, or even extinguished in a night of sorrow,

Still we should shine to ourselves and Thee, and still go on in the ways of light;

Still, like the regular sun, unchangeably expect the appointed periods of light and dark.

Only in this we gladly disagree-and blessed be our God who made the difference

Not like the sun that every night goes down, and must at last be quite put out :

When we have finished here our course, and seem to set to this dark earth,

We hope to rise and set no more, but shine perpetually in a brighter heaven!

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