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Come then, my soul, bring all thy powers

And grieve thou hast no more;
Bring every day thy choicest hours,
And thy great God adore.

But, above all, prepare thy heart
On this His own blest day,
In its sweet task to bear thy part,
And sing, and love, and pray.

Glory to the eternal Lord,

Thrice blessed Three in One; Thy Name at all times be ador'd Till time itself be done. AMEN.


ETERNAL, infinite, and almighty God, whose wisdom and goodness hath vouchsafed to command us such things as are necessary to fit us for everlasting bliss, and to forbid us such as will make us eternally miserable, we, wretched sinners, beseech Thee to hear our humble supplication for the forgiveness of our sins. Forgive them all, O Lord, of what kind or degree soever they be: our sins of omission, and our sins of commission; the sins of our youth, and the sins of our riper years; the sins of our souls, and the sins of our bodies; our secret and our more open sins; our sins of ignorance and surprise, and our more deliberate and presumptuous sins; the sins we have done to please ourselves, or the sins we have done to please others; the sins we know and remember, and the sins we have

forgotten; the sins we have striven to hide from others, and the sins by which we have made others offend. Forgive them, O Lord; forgive them all for His sake, who died for our sins and rose again for our justification, and now stands at Thy right hand to make intercession for us-Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.




Y GOD, since Thou art never absent from us, let us be always present with

Let us go up to Thy throne above, and there contemplate and admire Thy glory.

Let us attend on Thy holy altars, and there adore and praise Thy mercy.

Everywhere let us seek to meet Thee; everywhere let us delight to find Thee.

All our wants let us spread before Thee; all our petitions let's offer to Thee.

Thou willingly inclinest Thy gracious ear to the prayers that come from a fervent heart.

Thou lovest to hear us treat of Heaven, as if we made it our business indeed to go thither. All other things we must ask with submission to Thee, since we know not absolutely what is good for ourselves.

But Thy eternal joys we may beg without restraint; and urge and press for Thy assistance to gain them.

Heaven we may wish, without the check of resignation; Heaven we may pray for, without fear of importunity.

O wise and gracious Lord, whatever Thou doest, Thy love intends it all for the good of Thy servants.

If Thou deferrest sometimes to grant our requests, it is only in charity to make us repeat them;

That we may feel more sensibly our own poverty, and be more strongly convinced of our dependence on Thee;

That we may practise our hope while we long expect, and increase our gratitude when we receive at last;

That we may learn this sure and happy skill of working in our souls the virtues we desire, By often renewing those very desires till themselves become even the graces we seek.

But, O improvident we! how unwilling to

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