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ET not our Lord be angry, and we will


speak yet once, for we have much to

ask, and He has infinite to give.

We have much to ask for ourselves, and all the world, who depend entirely on His free goodness.

Many, O Lord, are the graces we want, and none can give them but Thy bounty;

Many are the sins and miseries we are exposed unto, and none can deliver us but Thy providence.

Deliver us, O Lord, from what Thou knowest is against us; deliver us from what we know in ourselves will undo us;

Deliver us from the spirit of profaneness and infidelity, from the spirit of error, and schism, and heresy ;

Deliver us from the spirit of pride and avarice, from the spirit of anger, and sloth, and envy;

Deliver us from the spirit of drunkenness and gluttony, from the spirit of lust, wantonness, and impurity;

Deliver us, O gracious God, from every evil spirit, and vouchsafe to give us of Thine own good spirit; vouchsafe to give us the spirit of fortitude, the spirit of temperance, and justice, and prudence;

The spirit of wisdom, and understanding, and counsel; the spirit of knowledge, and piety, and fear of Thee;

The spirit of peace, and patience, and benignity; the spirit of humility, sobriety, and chastity.

O Thou, who never deniest Thy favours, except we first deny our obedience;

Thou who art often near us, when we are far from Thee; often ready to grant, when we are unmindful to ask,

Refuse not, O Lord, to hear us, now we call

upon Thee; and make us still hear Thee, when Thou callest to us.

Fill our understandings with the knowledge of such truths, as may fix them on Thee, the Eternal Verity;

Inure our wills to embrace such objects as may unite them unto Thee-the sovereign goodness;


Shew us the narrow way that leads to lifeway that few can find, and fewer follow; Guide us still on in the middle path to virtue, that we never decline to any vicious extreme;

Let not our faith grow wild with superfluous branches, nor be stripped into a naked and fruitless trunk;

Let not our hope swell up to rash presumption, nor shrink away into a faint despair;

Let not our charity be cooled into a careless indifference, nor heated into a furious zeal;

Suffer us not obstinately to persist in any known wickedness, nor maliciously to impugn any known truth ;—

But, above all, suffer us not, O Thou blessed and Holy Spirit, to be guilty of the unpardonable sin against Thyself;

Suffer us not to die in our sins without repentance, but have mercy upon us at that serious hour, and inspire us with Thy grace now and always.

Have mercy upon us, and govern us in our life; have mercy upon us, and save us in our death.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost,

As it was in the beginning, is now,

and ever

shall be, world without end.


PRAYER FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT. GOD, who by Thy Holy Spirit didst at

first establish a Church, and who, sanctifying it by the same Spirit, dost still preserve and govern it, hear, we beseech Thee, the prayers of Thy servants, and mercifully grant us the perpetual assistance of Thy grace, that we may never be deceived by any false spirit, nor overcome by the vicious suggestions of flesh and blood; but in all our doubts may be directed in the ways of truth, and in all our actions guided by this Thy Holy Spirit, who with Thee and Thy eternal Son liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end. AMEN.

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