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WE give Thee thanks, O Lord, with all our

hearts, for that Thou hast chosen Thy saints, and justified them by Thy infinite grace; for that Thou hast prevented them with the blessings of Thy sweetness, and preserved them in their way through all the impediments of their salvation. We give Thee thanks, O God, for all the graces and benefits which Thou hast bestowed upon them in time, and reserved for them to eternity. And we beseech Thee to join us so together in unity of spirit with them, that we, following their blessed steps, in all virtuous and godly living, may readily do Thy will on earth, as they in heaven, and so come to those unutterable joys which they are now possessed of, and which Thou hast prepared for all them that, like unto these, unfeignedly love Thee; through the merits of Thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.


OW we have begun, permit us, mighty


Lord, to speak once more, who are but dust and ashes.

Let us go on, and confess to Thee, and open before Thee all our miseries.

Such an occasion often endangers us; such a temptation too often overcomes us.

Our own infirmities are too strong for us, and our ill customs prevail against us.

Every day we resolve to mend, and every day we break our resolutions.

Have mercy upon us, O God of infinite compassion. Have mercy upon us, O Thou Comforter of afflicted minds.

Have mercy upon us, and pardon what is past; have mercy upon us, and prevent what is

to come.

Whenever Thou seest us unhappily engaged, and blindly running on in the ways of death,

Oh send Thy holy grace to check Our desperate speed, and make us stay and look before us.

Shew us the horrid downfall into that bottomless pit, where impenitent sinners are swallowed up for ever.

Strike our regardless souls with fear and trembling at the dreadful sight of so sad a ruin.

Then turn our eyes, and kindly set before them the beauteous prospect of a pious life.

Make us look long, and steadily upon it; and make us look through and see beyond it.

Make us delight in the hope it enjoys, but incomparably more in the joy it hopes;

A joy which none but Thyself can give, none but Thyself can make capable to receive.

Give us, O gracious Lord, Thou free Beginner and perfect Finisher of all virtuous actions

Give us a right spirit to guide our intentions, that we may aim directly at our true end.

Give us a faithful spirit to maintain our resolutions, that what we wisely resolve on we may steadfastly adhere to.

Give us a holy spirit to sanctify our affections, that what we rightly design we may piously pursue.

Give us a heroic spirit to confirm our hearts, that what we piously endeavour, we may courageously achieve.

Suffer not the flesh to deceive us any more, but fortify our spirit against all its assaults.

If the flesh grow bold, and insolently demand, "How can you live without these liberties?" let the spirit answer, "Their followers are slaves, and the service of God is the only true freedom."

If the flesh allege, "What joy in suffering ills, or doing contrary to our own inclinations ?" let the spirit reply, "That the cross of Christ is sweet, and nothing so glorious as the conquest of ourselves."

If the flesh insist, "What do we see, or hear, or exercise any sense in, but in the things of the world?" let the spirit immediately enter this protest, and may every experienced soul subscribe the truth :

"I see its vanity and feel its vexation; and meet in everything its falseness and danger."

Away then, flesh and blood; away deceitful world—you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

You were created only to serve us in the way, and set us down at our journey's end;

Away with all your fond deluding dreams; be banished for ever from our awakened souls. Come Thou to us, blest Spirit of Faith, and govern our lives with Thy holy maxims.

Subdue our sense to the dictates of reason, and perfect our reason with the mysteries of religion.

Teach us to love and fear what we see not now, as at too great a distance for our short sight,

But what we are sure will hereafter be our bliss, or our misery for ever.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost,

As it was in the beginning, is now,

shall be, world without end.


and ever

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