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usually preceded by a historical statement. Such statements are followed by bibliographical references (suggestive rather than exhaustive), and the descriptions of records are followed by notations of finding aids, documentary publications, and other pertinent items.

Many records of the Federal Government relate to the Confederacy. These, of course, are described in the present Guide, but records of the Confederacy itself will be described in the companion Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America Every effort has been made to include in this volume all pertinent archives of the Federal Government--to produce a Guide complete and definitive. The records described include those in the National Archives, those in Federal Records Centers, and those in other custody. The last class includes materials still held by Federal agencies other than the National Archives and Records Service as well as official or quasi-official materials on deposit or available elsewhere. In the lack of adequate extant records of a given agency, or when otherwise useful, information about accumulations of private papers is given under Records in Other Custody. Records described under a record group number (for instance, Record Group 94) are in the National Archives unless stated to be in a Federal Records Center. A numerically arranged list of the record groups that contain records described in this Guide is presented as an appendix.

The authors are indebted to many staff members of the National Archives and the Federal Record Centers for invaluable assistance and cooperation in the research. It would be impossible to name them all. The authors are especially grateful, however, for the assistance of Elizabeth Hawthorn Buck, who not only has been their principal editor but has shared much of the research burden. Those who have given the project their clerical support must also go unnamed, but the assistance of Mary Jane Dowd in compiling the index is especially acknowledged. Finally--for his unfailing interest, enthusiastic encouragement, and constructive suggestions-the authors express to Bell Irvin Wiley, member of the national Civil War Centennial Commission and distinguished Civil War historian, their deepfelt gratitude.

Kenneth W. Munden
Henry Putney Beers

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trict of Columbia

U. S. Attorneys and Marshals

X. Post Office Department .

Office of the Postmaster General

Appointment Office

Contract Office

Finance Office









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X. Department of the Navy . .

Office of the Secretary of the Navy

Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy

Office of the Solicitor and Naval Judge Advocate

General ...

Office of the Commissioner of the Naval Code

Office of Naval Records and Library

Bureau of Construction, Equipment, and Repairs

Bureau of Construction and Repair.

Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Bureau of Navigation

Office of Detail

U. S. Naval Observatory and Hydrographical Office

Nautical Almanac Office

U. S. Naval Academy

Chaplain Corps .

Bureau of Ordnance

Bureau of Provisions and Clothing

Bureau of Steam Engineering

Bureau of Yards and Docks.

Naval Home.

U. S. Marine Corps

Naval Boards and Commissions

Office of the General Superintendent of Ironclads

Office of the Superintendent of Ironclad Gunboats

Squadrons and Flotillas

Navy Yards and Naval Stations

XL Department of the Interior ..

Office of the Secretary of the Interior

General Land Office

Office of Indian Affairs .

Office of the Commissioner of Public Buildings

Pension Office

Patent Office

Census Office .

Office of the Architect of the Extension of the Capitol

Washington Aqueduct Office

Office of the Superintendent of Public Printing

Federal Institutions in the District of Columbia .

Government Hospital for the Insane . .

Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf

and Dumb ...

U. S. Penitentiary for the District of Columbia

District of Columbia Jail.

Metropolitan Police

XII. Department of Agriculture

Commission To Investigate Flax and Hemp

XII. Miscellaneous Agencies

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company

Smithsonian Institution

Panama Railroad Company

U. S. Sanitary Commission

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