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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1866,


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.


THE future of our country depends so much upon the distinguished and remarkable individual who now occupies the Presidential Chair, that a portrait of his life and character, adapted to general use, cannot fail to receive a favorable reception from the entire community. Such a biographical sketch, written by a countrywoman of the Chief Magistrate, may also be supposed to interest, in a particular manner, that sex who have suffered so fearfully during the late terrible. war, and who now rejoice with all their hearts at the prospects of Peace, Union, and Prosperity which the noble and patriotic conduct of the President is rapidly restoring to every section of the great Republic.

A true-hearted woman naturally admires and appreciates great and heroic excellence. Her tribute of esteem and gratitude for brave and magnanimous actions is shadowed by no jealousy and colored by no party opinions.

With such feelings, I present to my countrymen and especially to my countrywomen, this brief narration of the life and public services of HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON, believing him to be a statesman whose whole intellect is devoted to the greatest good of the entire United States, and whose admirable policy of restoration commends itself to the warmest approbation and the most zealous support of the best and wisest portion of the American people.

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