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No. 1, A.]

[Published Feb. 12, 1897.


AN ACT to provide for the revision of the

statutes relating to the incorporation of villages.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in

senate and assembly, do enact as follows:


SECTION 1. The governor shall appoint two Governor ancompetent persons who, together with the at- thorized to aptorney general, shall collect and revise the gen- to revise the eral laws of the state, relating to the incorpora- to incorporation of villages.

SECTION 2. The revisers appointed in pursu- To be comance of section 1, of this act, shall enter upon March 1, 1897. their work as soon as practicable, and shall complete and report said revision to this legislature on or before March 1, 1897.

SECTION 3. The revisers before mentioned Compensation shall receive such compensation for their ser- $300. vices as the governor shall deem just and reasonable, not to exceed three hundred dollars, to be paid out of the state treasury out of any money not otherwise appropriated.

SECTION 4. In case any of the revisers be- Vacancies to come incapacitated by reason of sickness or other cause, to perform their duties under this

not to exceed

be filled.

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