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In this edition the authorities are brought down to January, 1891; and to the decisions of the federal Supreme Court a considerable number of decisions from the inferior federal courts, and from the State courts has been added.

The editorial notes have been separated entirely from the notes of the author; the latter run across the page, after numerals, the former are in double columns, after letters of the alphabet. The notes of the last edition (by Mr. Justice Cooley) have generally been retained, subject to such changes as time has made necessary; in a few instances, they have been recast; in some instances they have been abridged, in some enlarged. Whenever they have been reprinted without change, and contain original discussions as distinguished from a mere statement of the cases or of familiar facts, the initial C. has been added to them. The chapters added to the work by the same distinguished editor are also retained.

The present editor's notes are mostly in the second volume.

A table of the cases cited has been added, for the first time.

M. M. B.




In preparing for the press a fourth edition of Mr. Justice Story's Commentaries on the Constitution, it has been thought proper to preserve the original text without alteration or interpolation, and to put into notes all discussions by the editor, as well as all references to subsequent adjudications, public papers, and events, tending to illustrate, support, or qualify the positions assumed in the text. The new amendments, however, seemed to demand treatment in the body of the work, and additional chapters are given for that purpose. In preparing them, the editor has not been ambitious to enter upon original discussions, or to advance peculiar views; and he has contented himself with a brief commentary on the provisions and purposes of the amendments, aiming, as far as possible, to keep in harmony with the opinions and sentiments under the inspiration of which they were accepted and ratified in the several States. . . .

USIVEKSITT OF MICHIGan, Ann Ardor, 1873.

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