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1. The Navajo-Hopi Land Commission hereby aflirms the selection made

Mpril 28, 1962 of 35,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management lands within the Paragon Resources Ranch in New Mexico.


2. The Navajo-Hooi Land Commission hereby selects for acquisition or transfer under Public Law 96-305, the lands in Arizona designated the attached maos nacked Exhibit A, B and ċ for the benefit of Navajo population residing in the Hopi Partitioned Land of. the forrer Joint Ose Area.


3. The Navajo Nation hereby reserves the right to substitute other lands for those selected.

may be convenient or necessary in the process of acquisition or to aid negotiation with the Hopi Tribe.

4. The Navajo-Bopi 'Land Commission hereby requests the Chairman of the Navajo Tribal Council to forward the final selection to the Bureau of Land ianageren: anċ the Navajo-opi Incian Relocation Corsission and further recuests suc. agencies to immediately take appropriate steps to traasfer those lands describes · herein, including the Pazagon Resource Ranch.


I hereby certify that the foregcing resolution was duly considered by the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission of the Navajo Tribal Council at which a quorum was present and that same was passed by vote of

in favor and e opposed, this 24th day of




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üresiding Chairman

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Dear Chairman Zah: This letter is in response to your letter of May 14. I agree that a comprehensive settlement of issues between the Navajo and Hopi is desirable and I appreciate your efforts in working toward that goal. I have repeatedly sukkested that after all HPL residents desiring to move have done so, the Hopi should try to work out a residency perit, life ostate or mall land exchange for those still left. If • samll land area at the BIR Hountain site could be exchanged for other unoccupied Javajo land, this nicht solve some of the problems. However, I believe the only alteration of the 1974 Act or resolution of the 1934 dispute will happen through negotiations of both Tribes. Our role could be that of mediator or observor but only if both fribes agrood.

Please keep me advised of your concerns in this matter.


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Rórs 0. svituner
Assistant Secretary

Indian Affairs


Ivan Sidney

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My sister, daughter and I have no place to go. We hear it's difficult to obtain lands to live on elsewhere. We grow fruits and vegetables at our small farm plot near our residence here in Howell Mesa. Some of our children have moved away.

I am a 84 year old widow. My husband is buried near my farm plot. I cannot move away from here. This is why I do not want to relocate. Even if I were to relocate, I will not be able to cope with it.

My children have moved away despite my pleas to them to stay. We now have only a few sheep.

In closing, I appeal to you for help in finding a way to allow me to stay in Howell Mesa.

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July 14, 1986

Congressman Morris Udall
c/o Mr. Alex Skibine
Staff Counsel
Cmte. on Interior and Insular

Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Udall,

There are no lands to move to. I was born here in Howell Mesa. My umbiblical cord is buried nearby. I do not intend to move anywhere. My ancestors are buried in this area. For this reason I will not relocate.

The crops that we grow on our form is our only source of food, our once large sheep herd is decimated. We have no firewood because our neighbors prohibit us from gathering it. Our water supply is sometimes cut off. We have to truck in water from Tuba City. The Hopis do this to us, probably to feed water line systems they've developed nearby.

Life here is ideal, despite the ever present spectre of relocation. We make potteries, wedding baskets, utilizing native plants. We are not so dependent on money income.

I intend to stay here, and even though I am told to relocate. Therefore, I request your help in resolving the relocation issue in our favor.

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July 15, 1986

Congressman Morris Udall
c/o Mr. Alex Skibine
Staff Counsel
Amte. on Interior and Insular

Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Udall,

Please help me. The land i live on is being disputed. The relocation deadline is here, I don't know what will happen. I have no place to go, no place to move. I used to survive on livestock, but now I only have a few. There is no place to take them.

I am 65 years old and don't understand English. Because I don't understand English, I am unable to live anywhere but here. Please consider any means to let me stay.

Hunger, poverty, and mental stress are sapping at my strength. Now, I am not strong anymore. I cannot lift heavy items. I cannot walk far, I have to rely on my horse for local transportation. Therefore, please help me. Do all things possible to help me.


(his thumbprint)

Rang Herder
Box 578
Tuba City, AZ 86045

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