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2. The

Chapter of the Navajo Nation further requests the Navajo Tribal Council and the Chairman of Navajo Tribal Council to do all things necessary and proper to insure the passage and enactment of the proposed "Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1986."

The White Core Chapter of 3.

the Navajo Nation commends Congressman Morris Udalt and Congressman John McCain for their courage and leadership for sponsoring a compenhensive settlement of Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute which is both equitable and fair to the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Nation.


I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duly, considered by the Lolite cou Chapter at a duly called meeting at Whiteine. Navajo Nation (Arizona), at which a quorum was present and that, same passed by a vote of 36 in favor and opposed, this 47 day of fel van 1986.


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Chule Cyazac



Chapter President

Chapier Secretary

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Chapter Vice resident

Council Delegate


The Black Mesa Chapter hereby certifies 153:

thc foregoing resolution was duly considered by the Black Mesa Chapier at a duly called mccling at which a quoruin was present and that samic was passed by vote or s7 in favor and OO opposed, inis day of Movender



Chapter President


Andrew Benalls La sosi

Chaplegtice President


Chapicr Secretary

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The Chilchinbeto Chapter 1s a certified chapter of the Navajo
Tribal government located in the western portion of the Nava-
jo reservation; and
The Chilchinbeto Chapter does not agree to giving up 79,029.2
acres of land to the Hopi Tribe under the 1934 act; and
The Chilchinbeto Chapter totally opposes the compensation in ex-
cess of $300 million from the revenues generated from Navajo co-
al royalties at Peabody mines and revenues from the proposed coai
Gasification Plant designated on the Paragon Ranch in New Mexico;
The chilchinbeto Chapter does not agree to ()oi che revenues from
the Paragon Ranch to be placed in Trust for the benefit of relocatees
for over (20) years period; and
The Chilchinbeto Chapter opposes giving up lands selected and purchas-
ed under P.L. 93-531 such as the Wallace Ranch, Spurlock Ranch, Bar N
Ranch and the proposed Right of Way for roads between Hopi Lands and
new lands.




1. The Chilchinbeto Chapter hereby opposes in its entirety che "Navajo

Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1986" sponsored by Congressmen Udall and
Congressman Mc Cain.


The Chilchinbeco Chapter is in favor and supports the repeal of Pub-
lic Law 93-531.

We, the undersigned, hereby certifiy that the foregoing resolution was duly considered at a duly called chapter meeting held at Chilchinbeto, Arizona at which a quorum was present and that same was passed by a voce 30 in favor and o opposed this 7th day of April 1986.

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Opposing the Prosposed Land Exchange Between the Nava jo and Toni Tribes hinch Hill Result in Transferring ol lasi Peabody

Ledsc Lands 10 the Hopi iribe



1. The

the official loca i government or CHINLE Community and is certilicd pursuant to Section 4001. Tille 2 of the Nava jo Tribal Code: and CHINLE Chapter has the authority and duties to protect and promote the inicres of community members; and

2. The mining operation by Peabody Coal Company has contributed much to the social and economic well-being to all the Nava jo communitics especially those located in conical and western part of the Navajo reservation by providing the much needed jobs for hundreds of Mava jo mine workers and additionally by sustaining important base enabling many sucessful


sector business which also have generaicd many more jobs

foc our people; and

econoc activities

3. A number of residents (rom this cominunily are presenily employecd by Peabody and it is their only source or income lo provide food, fuel, shelier, medicine, and other daily needs for their families. The loss of jobs would create severe hardship on them and their children. It is the duties and responsibilities of tribal leaders to protecl the land, resources, and livelihood of the Nava jo people.

4. Easi Peabody Coal Lease is heavily populated and the land exchange involving

the Icase area will acrcly subject over 200 people to relocalion, therefore providing no solution. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: 1. The CHINLE

Chapier hereby opposes the proposed land exchange which would result in transferring all or pari or Navajo Tribe's surface interest of Peabody Coal Lease lands to the llopi Tribe : 2. The CHINLE Chapter further requests

Chairman Peterson Zah to reconsider the Nava jo Tribe's position which may indicate the Nava jo Tribe's willingness to transfer its Peabody Coal Icasc lands the llopi Tribe: and the Chapter

also authorizes its Navajo Tribal Council representalive to do all things ncccssary to prevent the transfer ol Peabody lease lands to the Hopi Tribe.



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The CHINLE Chapter hereby


that the Turcoing resoiurion

duly considered by the CHINLE Clos; los al july called inceling alwhich j quorum was

present and Saillc wils passed by a voic or 30

in favor and O OP;' ocd. this


day or NOVEMBER 19.95.

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Chapter Secretary

Saching Sun

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