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Supporting the Concept of a Bipartisan Bill Introduced
in the United States House of Representatives Entitled, the

Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1986 (H.R. 4281)


1. Nation; and

The Navajo Tribal Council is the governing body of the Navajo


.. On February 27, 1986. bipartisan

Bill entitled. The Can Excharge Act o! 10:- (4.3. 25:), tas introduced in the 2es zouse o: Representatives; and

3. The

proposed Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1986 6.2. 475:), would provide a real, permanent, humane and peaceful resolution oi ite cenzury-old land dispute between the Navajo and hopi Indian Tribes by exchanging approximately equal parcels of land to minimize the number of peoole required to relocate, settling the litigation of all present and potential legal suits created by Public Law 93-531, as amended, removing the nearly thirty year old construction and development freeze on the lands, and allowing for the rehabilitation of the people and land affected by this land dispute; and

1. The proposed Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1985 (H.2. +291), would allow for the elimination o! numerous lawsuits implemented I by Public Law 93-531, as amended,l. that have consured both the time and resources : the Hooi Tribe and the Navajo Nation, as well as the Federal government, with no real resolution of the underlying dispute being in sight (le::er ni 3 February 1035 from President Ronald Rezza: to the Chairman of ibe S343; aiion and Hopi Tribe)"; anc


August 1, 1935, the Vavaio Triba! Council approved Resoiutica Coti-ó!-85, affirming Presiden: Ronald Reagan's initiative into the Hi cisz:- 25. set:ing for:! that the collowing concep:s be incorporaied into ar: seriament agreement:

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Restore the self-sufficiency of the families who
live on the land (JUA, 1934 Act, acquired

IllFairly resolve


ard all current and potential liability among all parties without further litigation (Navajo, Hopi, Paiute, United States);


6. The proposed Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1986 (H.R. 4281), includes provisions addressing the concepts set forth in Navajo Tribal Council Resolution CAU-64-85; and

7. The majority of the Chapters in the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation and the Former Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Area support the concepts of the proposed Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1986 (H.R. 4281), as further described in Exhibit A attached hereto.

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1. The Havajo Tribal Council hereby expresses its support ior the concepts of a comprehensive resolution of the lavajo and Hopi Indian Land dispute as embodied in the proposed Navaio-Hop: Land Exchange Act of 1986 (H.R. 423i, except as otherwise expressed herein.

2. The Navajo Tribal Council believes that the payment of $300,000,000 to the Hopi Tribe of Indians is excessive, because the Hopi-Navajo dispute stems from action and inaction on the part of the Federal government, it ought to bear the responsibility for any payment to the Hopi Tribe.

3. The Navajo Tribal Council hereby authorizes the Chairman of the Navajo Tribal Council to request additional funds for the rehabilitation of lands afiecied by the Navajo-opi !ndian land dispute, and provide benefits to those Navajo families who have relocated in reliance upon Public Law 93-531, as amended. 20.0 272 7xaising receipt of relocarior. benefi:s authorized under such Act.

The Chairman of the Navajo Tribal Council is also authorized and directed to express io appropriate lawmakers the concerns expressed by the Vavao pengle ini mbodied in the Chapter ?espiutions, at:ached here:0 as Exhibit ".", consisten! with Navajo Tribal Council Resolution CALI-64-83 and the concer?s expressed by the Navajo Tribal Council, attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit "B".

:. The 'a:3:0 Tribal Council further juthorizes the Chairman of the Savajo Trial Council in take any and all actions necessary to achieve a just resolution o! the Favaio-ilopi Indian land dispuie consistent with the provisions oí lavajo Tribal Council Resolution CAL:-64-85.


I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duir considered b: ne Vai'ajo Tribai Courel at a duis called mee:ing at rincos 2007, Navajo Sation (Arizona), as which a quorum was present and tha: same was passed by à voie of 49 in favor and 20 opposed, this Ist day of May, 1986.

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Navajo Tribal Council


Class "C" Resolution
No B!A Action Required.



Supporting and Endorsing the Proposed "Navajo-Hopi
Land Exchange Aci oi 1986" and Recommending to the Navajo
Tribal Councii and the Chairman of the Navajo Tribal Council
to Do All Things Proper and Necessary to Ensure Enactment


1. The Advisory Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council, as ine executive Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council. is authorized "to take action as i: deems necessar

nserve be interesi oi thao ra::or du:: ines Wien ihe iaras Trial Councii is 200 !n session" ? :TC $ 3:3 ibi :::. and

2. The Advisor. Commiitee of the a: ajo Tribal Counci! is furones authorized "to coordina:c with all committees concerned

with all Sararo appearances and testimony before Congressional committees, ..." 2 NTC $ 33 (b)(6); and

3. The Navajo-Hopi Land Commission is authorized to "speak and act for the Navajo Nation with respect to land seiection and land exchange provision oi P.L. 40-5039, 2..!TC 330! (b)(2): and

4. The proposed "Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1966" is the best alternative yet presented by Congress in an attempt to resolve the long standing Navajo-Hopi land dispute.

The proposed "Navajo-opi Lan, Excr.ange Act of 1986" through land exchanges with the Hopi Nation will minimize the effects of relocation of Navajo iamilies currentl: residing within the topi Pariitioned Land, se::!e ali pending !igations be: een ihe Javajo Vation and the Hopi Nation chercov resulting in saving and eliminating possible continued human suiiering and relocation resulting from the 1934 case, and provides fair and equitable payments to the Hopi Vation; and



5. The proposed "ivavajo-hiopi Lard Exchange ici oi 1966' contains. in one form or another, all the elements oi a comprehensive settlement, i.e. (1) minimize the number of Vavajo families to be clocarea. (?) protection of righis and provisions of benelits reloc.rices, :)

restoration ೧: self-sufficiency io 13 milies living within tlic ;?;: lancis, and !!) resolution of all pendin: litigations loctivcen thic Vivaio Marion .und thc Ilopi Nation, authorized! and sunporind by the Navajo Tribu Council. Resolution Cil:-..;-45: an

h. It is in the best interest of the Navajo :15:1on that the prooose "Javajo-Hopi Land Exchange Ac: of 1936" be endorsed by the Navajo-riopi Land Commission; and

7. It is in the best in crest of the lavalo Va::on that the pronosed avajo-Hopi Land Exchange Ac: of 1930 be endorsed bv the Advisory Commit:ee of the Navajo Tribal Council and the Navajo-Hooi Land Commission: and

3. The Advisory Committee of the Navalo Tribal Council ancie Navajo- iopi Land Commission in a Joint Session have been iully apprised of the proposed "Navajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1986".


1. The Advisory Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council and the Navajo-llopi Land Commission hereby support and endorse the proposed *Havajo-Hopi Land Exchange Act of 1936".

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2. The Advisory Commit:cc of the Navajo Tribal Council and 152 'a:2:9-hopi Land Commission in the recommencis

the Navajo :::val Council 2010 the Chairman 0 the .lalalo 1::2. Councii to take ali 22:10ns necessary 2.2d prop? to insure enac:men: o: ihe proposed "fiavajo-10.i Land Exchange Aci of 1986".

3. The Advisory Commitice of the Navajo Tribal Council and the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission express their appreciation to and commend Congressman Morris Udall and Congressman John McCain for their courage and leadership in proposing a comprehensive settlement act which is fair to the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Natior..


I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duly considered by the Advisory Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council at a duly called meeting ai Window Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona), at which a quoruin was present and that same was nassed by a vote of 20 in iavor and opposed, this 12th day of February. 1986.

hond T. ßegens

e (

Vice Chairman
Navizio Tribal Council

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