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This collection of "Martial Law Cases" is intended primarily to be used with Major Birkhimer's Military Government and Martial Law in connection with the course in Martial Law in the Army Staff College.

Realizing that Army officers generally do not have access to the cases and believing that nothing else can bring home to the student the large scope of the questions presented, and the true limitations of the principles that govern them, with anything like the freshness, precision, force and fascination, which accompany the orderly tracing of those things in the cases, this book is published with the hope that it will prove valuable not only to the Staff Class but to the Army at large.

It is believed that almost every phase of the subject has been covered, beginning with the troubles in Rhode Island in 1842 which arose out of an attempt by a part of the citizens of that state to overthrow their old charter government granted by Charles II in 1663; including the effort of the Federal Government to apply the principles of Martial Law during the Civil War; and ending with the more recent cases occurring during the labor troubles in Pennsylvania, Idaho and Colorado.

The thanks of the Department are due to Captain Kreger for this important and valuable contribution to the law course of this institution.

Captain, 7th Infantry,

Senior Instructor.
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,

June 10, 1910,

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