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Senator McCarthy moved that the Report of the Committee. be laid on the table to be considered with the Bill. Seconded by Senator Lane.

Senator Lane withdrew his motion and the motion of Senator McCarthy, being put, carried.

Second Reading of Senate Bill No. 38 entitled "An Act to Establish the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts of Hawaii, and to Provide for the Government and Support thereof."

Senator McCarthy moved that the Bill be deferred until tomorrow and be made the Special Order of the Day. Seconded by Senator Hewitt and carried.

At 3 o'clock, upon motion of Senator Coelho, seconded by Senator Lane, the Senate adjourned.


Clerk of the Senate.

Approved by the Senate:


President of the Senate.


Friday, March 8th, 1907.

The Senate met, pursuant to adjournment, at 10 o'clock. After prayer by the Chaplain, the roll was called showing Senator Gandall (reported sick) absent.

The Journal of the Thirteenth Day was read and, upon motion of Senator Lane, seconded by Senator Knudsen, approved

as read.

A Message (No. 6) from the Governor, relating to appointments submitted under the head of "Trustees for the Queen's Hospital" was read by the Clerk as follows:


March 8, 1907.

Honorable E. Faxon Bishop,

President of the Senate of the

Territory of Hawaii.

Dear Sir:-In forwarding to the Senate, on February 28th, a list of appointments made between the sessions of your Honorable Body, there were included the following appointments of Trustees for the Queen's Hospital:

A. S. Cleghorn

E. W. Jordan

C. P. Iaukea

G. P. Wilder

F. J. Lowrey

G. W. Smith

David Dayton
W. H. McInerny

E. S. Cunha

T. C. Davies.

I am advised that these appointments are not of the class which the Organic Act provides should be submitted to your Honorable Body for its approval, and therefore, I desire to withdraw the same.

Very sincerely yours,

Governor of Hawaii.

Senator Knudsen moved that the request be granted and the names submitted returned to the Governor. Seconded by Senator Lane and carried.

A communication (No. 38) from the House of Representatives, notifying the Senate of the appointment of a Conference Committee for the further consideration of Senate Bill No. 32, was read by the Clerk as follows:


Honolulu, T. H., March 7th, 1907.

To the Honorable President and

Members of the Senate of the

Territory of Hawaii.

I have the honor to inform you that the Speaker has this
day appointed the following Members of the House on the
Conference Committee on Senate Bill No. 32:
Honorables, Rawlins, Pali and Mahoe.



Clerk, House of Representatives.

The communication was ordered received and placed on file. Senator Lane for the Printing Committee reported Senate Pill No. 47 printed and ready for distribution.

The Report was ordered accepted.

Senator Smith presented the Report (No. 38) of the Judiciary Committee on House Bill No. 32 as follows:

Hon. E. F. Bishop,

President of the Senate,

Territory of Hawaii.

Sir: The Judiciary Committee report consideration of House Bill No. 32, entitled "An Act to provide for the voting of a qualified Elector who has failed to register" as a voter as follows:

The object of the bill is to permit qualified electors to vote who failed to register before the Board of Registration because of sickness or absence from the Territory during the registration period.

We approve of the object sought to be obtained by the bill but do not approve of the provisions that such electors may qualify before the inspectors of election, but believe that they should appear before the members of the Board of Registration.

We therefore recommend that section 1 of the bill be amended to read as follows:

"SECTION 1. No qualified elector shall be disqualified from voting by reason of his failure to register, if such failure be caused by sickness or absence from the Territory during the last preceding registration period, provided that he shall make and present to the Board of Registration not later than the day preceding any election an affidavit in writing showing that his failure to register was caused by such sickness or absence, and shall also set forth in said affidavit his place of residence and the facts necessary to show that he is a qualified voter in said precinct, and shall prove before said Board by affidavit of two qualified electors of the precinct in which he offers to vote that he is a qualified elector of the Territory and of the said precinct, stating the length of time said elector has resided in his representative district and in the Territory, and that such person offering to vote was absent from the Territory or by reason of sickness unable to register during the last preceding registration period. The aforesaid affidavits shall be subscribed and sworn to before a member of the Board of Registration.

If it shall appear from said affidavits and be manifest to the Board of Registration that said elector desiring to vote has failed to register because of sickness or absence from the Territory as aforesaid, such Board shall immediately remedy such failure to register by adding the name of such elector to the register of voters, and if a copy of the register has been sent to the election precinct in which said elector is entitled to vote, shall immediately, in writing, order the inspectors of election of such precinct to correct such copy of the register by adding the name of such elector. Such order shall set forth the reasons for the action directed to be taken, and shall be retained and filed by the inspectors of election as a part of the records of the election."

And we recommend the passage of the bill as so amended.

[blocks in formation]

be laid on the table to be considered with the Bill. Seconded Senator Smith moved that the Report of the Committee

by Senator Lane and carried.

Senator Hayselden presented the Report (No. 39) of the Committee on Public Lands on Senate Petition No. 10 as follows:


Honolulu, T. H., March 8, 1907.

Hon. E. F. Bishop,

President of the Senate.

Sir: Your Public Lands Committee report having given careful consideration to Senate Petition No. 10, relating to Claim of W. K. Keoho, of Kipahulu, Maui, for damages to land. We find, upon reference to Act 4, page 275 of the Session Laws of 1905, that the said W. K. Keoho has been allowed $50.40 for damages as prayed for in his petition.

We find that the Superintendent of Public Works has addressed the following letter to Mr. W. K. Keoho, dated February 11th, 1907:

W. K. Keoho, Esq.,

Hana, Maui.

"Honolulu, T. H., February 11, 1907.

Sir: The Legislature, at the last session, passed an appropriation of $50.40 to be paid in settlement of your claim for the taking of one-sixth of an acre of your land at Kipahulu, in the year 1900, for road purposes.

Will you kindly advise me as to whether you are willing to settle in this basis, and if so, forward to me a description of the property in question showing the right of way taken by the Government in order that I may have a proper deed prepared for your signature.

Yours respectfully,

(Signed) C. S. HOLLOWAY, Superintendent of Public Works."

Under the circumstances, we recommend that the Petition be laid on the table.

Respectfully submitted,





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