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Gie me ae spark o’ Nature's fire, That's a’ the learning I desire ; Then though I drudge thro' dub an' mire

At pleugh or cart, My Muse, though hamely in attire,

May touch the heart.

O for a spunk o' Allan's glee,
Or Ferguson's, the bauld and flee,
Or bright L*****k's, my friend to be,

If I can hit it!
That would be lear eneugh for me,

If I could get it.

Now, Sir, if


hae friends enow, Tho' real friends, I b’lieve are few, Yet, if your catalogue be fou,

l’se no infift, But gif ye want ae friend that's true,

I'm on your lift.

I winna blaw about mysel ;
As ill I like my fauts to tell ;
But friends and folks that wish me well,

They sometimes roose me; Tho' I maun own, as monie still

As far abuse me.

There's ae wee faut they whiles lay to me, I like the lasses-Gude forgie me! For monie a plack they wheedle frae me,

At dance or fair; Maybe some ither thing they gie me

They weel can spare.

But Mauchline Race, or Mauchline Fair, I should be proud to meet you there ; We're gie ae night's discharge to care,

If we forgather, An' hae a swap o'rhymin-ware

Wi'ane anither.


The four.gill chap, we'le gar him clatter, An' kirsen him wi' reekin water; Syne we'll fit down an' tak our whitter,

To chear our heart; An' faith, we'fe be acquainted better

Before we part.

Awa ye selfish warly race,
Wha think that havins, sense, an' grace,
Ev'n love an' friendship, should give place

To catch-the-plack!
I dinna like to see your face,

Nor hear your crack.

But ye whom social pleasure charms, Whose hearts the tide of kindness warms, Who hold your being on the terms,

• Each aid the others,' Come to my bowl, come to my arms, My friends, my brothers!


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But, to conclude my lang epiftle,
As my auld pen's worn to the grissle ;
Twa lines frae you wad gar me fissle,

Who am, moft fervent, While I can either fing, or whissle,

Your friend and servant.

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April 21. 1785.

WHILE new-ca'd kye rout at the stake,
An' pownies reek in pleugh or braik,
This hour on e'enin's edge I take,

To own I'm debtor,
To honeft-hearted, auld L*****k,

For his kind letter,


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