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KAE; a daw


Jumpit, did jump

King's-hood, a certain part Jumpin, jumping

of the entrails of an ox,


Kin, kindred

Kiuttle, to cuddle

Kiutlin, cuddling
AE, a daw

Kiaugh, carking anxiety Kain, fowls, &c. paid Kirsen, to chriften as rent by a farmer Kimmer, a young girl, a Kail, colewort, a kind of gossip broth

Kist, cheft, a shop counter Kail-runt, the stem of the Knaggie, like knags colewort

points of rocks Kebbuck, a cheese

Knappin-hammer, a hamKen, to know, kend or kenit, mer for breaking stones knew

Knowe, a small round hil. Kennin, a small matter

lock Keek, a peep; to peep

Kye, cows Keepit, kept

Kythe, to discover, to show Kelpies, a sort of mischie one's self

vous spirits, said to haunt KYLE, a district of Ayrfords and ferries at night, shire

especially in storms Kyte, the belly Ket, a matted, hairy fleece

of wool Kin', kind

Kilt, to truss up the clothes
Kirn, the harvest fupper, a
churn ; to churn

Lang, long, to think Kitchen, any thing that eats lang, to long, to weary

with bread; to serve for Lap, did leap, soup, gravy, &c.

Lampit, a kind of shell-fish Kittle, to tickle; ticklish, Laverock, the lark likely

Lambie, dimin. of lamb Kittlin, a young cat

Laughin, laughing

Lawfu', VOL. II.


L AN, land, estate

Laigh, low

Lawfu' lawful

Link, to trip along
Lapfu', lapful

Linkin, tripping

Limp't, limpid, hobbeled Lane, lone, my lane, thy lane, Linn, a water-fall

&c. myself alone, &c. Lint, flax, lint i the bell, thyself alone, &c.

flax in floor
Lanely, lonely

Lilt, a ballad, a tune, to
Lawlan, Lowland; Lallans, fing
Scottish dialect

Lintwhite, a linnet
Laggen, the angle between Loan, the place of milking

the fide and bottom of a Loof, the palm of the hand
wo den dish

Looves, plural of loof
Lave, the rest, the remain- Lowe, a flame
der, the others

Lowin, flaming
Laith, loath

Lowse, to loofe
Laithfu', bashful, sheepith, Lowf'd, loofed
Lairing, wading, and link. Loot, did let
ing in snow, mud, &c.

Loun, a fellow, a ragamuf-
Laddie, dimin. of ladi!

fin, a woman of ealy vir. Lee-lang, live long

tue Leuk, a look, to look : Y Lowrie, abbreviation of Law. Leeze me, a phrase of con

gratulatory endearment Lug, the ear, a handle Lear, pronounce lare, learn- Lugget, having a handle ing

Luggie, a small wooden dish Lea'e, to leave

with a handle Leifter, a three pronged Lunt, a column of smoke; dart for striking fish

to smoke
Leugh, did laugh

Luntin, fmoking
Leal, loyal, true, faithful Lunch, a large piece of
Lightly, sneeringly, to sneer cheese, fleth, &c.

Lum, the chimney
Limmer, a kept mistress; a Lyart, of a mixed colour,

grey Livin, living




MAE more


AD: 1795

M м

Menselefs, ill-bred, rude,


Melancholious, mournful
Maist, most, almost Meere, a mare
Maigly, mostly

Mither, a mother
Maud, must

Mixte-maxtie, confusedly Unad more

mixed Mak; to make; makin, ma- Mim, prim, affectedly,

meek Mathim, meslin, mixed Mindfu', mindful con

Mislear'd, mischievous, unManteele, a mantle

mannerly Maw to mow; mawin, Misca', to abuse, to call mgwing Maukin, a hare

Misca'd, abused Mallie, Molly

Min', mind, remembrance Mar's year, the Rebellion Mind't, mind it, resolved 1715

intending Mark, marks, this and feve- Middin, a dunghill ralother nouns,

which, in Middin-hole, a gutter at Elçlijh, require an s to the bottom of the dungfor the plural are in hill Soos like the words theep, Minnie, mother, dam dees, the fame in both num. Misteuk, mistook :

Morn, the next day, to-morMalz,

įto, mash, as malt, &c, Máfkio pat, a tea-pot

Moudiwort, a mole 'Mang among

Mony, or monie, many Mavis, the thrush

Moistify, to moisten Mell, čo middle

Mournfu', mournful Men, to amend

Moop, to nibble as a sheep Messin a small dog Mottie, full of motes Mėlviė, to foil with meal Mou, the mouth Menfe, good manners, deco- Moufie, dimin. of mou tum




O” ,

Moorlan, of or belonging Norland, of or belonging to to moors

the North Muckle or mickle, great, Notic't, noticed big, much

Nor-weft, North-welt;
Mutchkin, an English pint
Muslin-kail, broth composed
fimply of water, shelled

barley and greens
Mufie, dimin. of muse
Mysel, myself

Observin, obferving Ony, or onie, any

Or, is often used for erę, beN


O't, of it TA, no, not, nor Ourie, shivering, drooping

Nae, no, not, any Oursel, or ourfels, ourselves Nane, none

Outler, not housed Naething, or naithing, no Owre, over, too, thing

Owre-hip, a way of fetchNaig, a horse

ing a blow with a'hamNeebor, a neighbour

mer over the arm ,
Needfu', needful
Negleckit, neglected
Neuk, nook

Niest, next
Nieve, the fift
Nievefu', handful

liar; twelves stones of Niger, a negroe

wool Nine-tailed cat, a hang. Painch, paunch man's whip

Parritch, oatmeal pudding, Niffer, an exchange; to ex, a well known Scotch dith

change, to barter Pang, to cram Nit, a nut

Paukie, cunning, fly
Nowte, black cattle

Paughty, proud, haughty
Paitrick a partridge


PACK, intimate, fami.

tery ; to flatter

Pat, did put ; a pot

Pownie, a little horse Pay’é, paid, beat

Pow, the head, the skull Pattlë, or pettle, a plough- Pout, a poult, a chicken staff

Prayin, praying Pechy to fetch the breath Pridefu', proud, faucy

:hort, as in an asthma Proveses, provosts Pechån, the erop, the fto. Prig, to cheapen, to disputé. . mach

Priggin, cheapening
Pettle, to cherish; a plough- Pryin, prying

Prief, proof Pet, a domesticated sheep, Prent, printing &c?

Propone, to lay down, to Peelin, peeling

propose Pensivelie, pensively Primfie, demure, precise Phraise, fair speeches, flat- Prie, to taste

Prie'd, tafted Phrailin, Hattery

Preen, a pin Pit, to put

Pund, pound, pounds Pine, pain, uneasiness

Puddin, pudding Pickle, a sinall quantity Pyle, a pyle o'caff

, a single Platie, dimin. of plate grain of chaff Plack, an old Scotch coin Plackets, pennylefs Pliskie, a trick Plew or pleugh, a plow

UAT, to quit Plumpit, did plump

Quak, to quake Placad, a public proclama- Quakin,

quaking tion

Quey, a cow from one year Poortith, poverty

to two years old Powther or pouther, pow.

Pouthery, like powder

Pouk, to pluck
Pou, to pull
Pou't, did pull

overspread Poussie, a hare or cat Rantin, ranting

S 3



RAM.Cezread fatigued,

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