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Byre, a cow-stable

Caff, chaff
By himself, lunatic, distrac- Careerin, chearfully

Cartes, cards
Cadger, a carrier

Callan, a boy

Chap, a person, a fellow, a

blow A’to call, to name, to Chiel, or cheel, a young drive

fellow Ca't or ca'd, called, driven Chow, to chew ; check for calved

chou', lide by side. Careslin, carressing

Chuffie, fat-faced Cauld, cold

Chantin, chanting Cantie, or canty, chearful, Chanter, a part of a bagmerry

pipe Caup, a wooden drinking Cheep, a chirp; to chirp vefsel

Chockin, choking Carline, a stout old woman Chearfa', chearful Cannie, gentle, mild, dex. Chimla, or chimlie, a firetrous

grate Cannilie, dextroufly, gently Chimla-lug, the fire fide Cadie, or caddie, a perfon, Cheekit, checked

Chittering, shivering, tremCaller, fresh, sound

bling Gain, did come

Clash, an idle tale, the story Canna, cannot

of the day Carryin, carrying

Claw, to scratch Cantharidian, made of can Claise or claes, cloaths tharides

Claith, cloth, claithing, Calf-ward, a small inclofure cloathing for calves

Clinkin, jerking, clinking Cairn, a loose heap of stones Clinkumbell, who rings the Caudron, a caldron

church bell Cantraip, a charm, a spell Clachan, a small village a. Cap-stane, cope stone, key bout a church, a hamlet ftone

Clifhmaclaver, idle converCawd, a tinker



a young fellow

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Cloot, the hoof of a cow, are clad with feathers, are sheep, &c.

faid to be cootie Clootie, an old name for the Coost, did cast devil.

Cowte, a colt Clips, sheers

Coof, a blockhead, a ninny Claut, to clean, to scrape Core, corps, party, clan Clauted, scraped

Couthie, kind, loving Clarkit, wro e

Cookit, appeared and dif. Clap, clapper of a mill

appeared by fits Cleed, to clothe

Coble, a fishing boat Clatter, to tell little idle Corn't, fed with oats

stories; an idle story Cowrin, cowering Clour, a bump or swelling Coaxin, wheedling after a blow

COILA, from Kyle, a disClock, to hatch; a Leetle trict of Ayrshire, fo cal. Clockin, hatching

led, faith tradition, from Collie, a general, and some Coil or Coilus, a Pictish

times a particular name monarch for country cuis

Crack, conversation; to conComin, coming

verse Cotter, the inabitant of a Crackin, conversing

cot-house or cottage Crabbit, crabbed fretful Cood, the cud

Crouse, chearfully, courage. Cog, a wooden dish Coggie, dimin. of cog Crously,chearfully, courageCowe, to terrify, to keep ously

under, to lop; a fright, Crank, the noise of an una branch of furze, broom,

greased wheel &c.

Crankous, fretful, captious Commaun, command Cruihin, crushing, crusht, Cozie, snug; cozily, snugly crushed Cowp, to barter, to tumble Crap, a crop, to top over ; a gang

Cronie, cronie Cowpit, tumbled

Crowdietime, breakfast. Cove, a cave

time Coutie, wooden kitchen dish, Crump, hard and brittle, aljo those fowls, wboje legs Jpoken of bread



Groon, a hollow continued Cuihat, the dove or wood moan ; to make a noife

pigeon like the continued roar

of a bull, to hum a tune Crooning, humwing

Ꭰ .
Creeshie, greely
Craft or croft, a field near'a


, , house, in old husbandry

foolish Creel, a basket ; to have one's Daffin, merryment, foolish

wit in a creel, to be craz'd, ness to be fascinated

Daurg, or daurk, a day's Craw, a crow of a cock, a labour rook

Dawd, a large piece Crouchie, crook backed Daud, to thrash, to abuse Cranreuch, the hoar frost Dawtit or dawtet, fondled, Crambo-clink, or crambo carrefled -jingle,. rhymes, doggrel Dainty, pleasant, good huverses

moured, agreeable Crowlin, crawling

Dancin, dancing Creepin, creeping

Darklins, darkling Crood or croud, to coo as a Daur, to dare, daur't dared dove

Dappl't, dappled Crunt, a blow on the head Daimen, rare,

now and with a cudgel

then; daimen-icker, an ear Cuif, a blockhead, a ninny of corn now an then Curchie, a courtesy

Daddie, a father Curmurring, murmuring, a Dearies, dimin. of dears

flight rumbling noise Dearthfu', dear Curiing, a well known game Deil-ma-care!

no matter!

for all that ! Curler, a player at ice Deave, to deafen: Curpin, the crupper

Devle, a stunning blow Cummock, a short staff with Deleeret, delicious a crooked head

Deservin, deserving
Curlie, curled, whose hair Delvin, delving

falls naturally in ring. Descrive, to describe

Disrespecket, disrespected


on ice

Dizzen, or diz’n, a dozen Drinkin, drinking Dirl, a flight tremulous Dryin, drying stroke or pain

Dreep, to ooze, to drop Ding, to worst, to push Dreeping, oozing, droping Diona, do not

Drift, a drove Dight, to wipe to clean Drunt, pet, four humour corn from chaff; cleaned Dreadfu',

Dreadfu', dreadful from chaff

Droop-rumplit, that droops Dimplit, dimpled

at the crupper Dizzie, dizzy, giddy Dribble, drizzling, flaver Doited, stupified, hebetated Drummock, meal and waDolt, stupified, crazed

ter mixed raw Douce or douse, fober, wife, Droddum, the breech prudent

Dub, a small pond Doucely, soberly, prudent Duds, rags, clothes ly

Duddie, ragged Dorty, faucy, nice

Dung, worlted, pushed, driDow, am or are able, to

Dulh, to push as a ram, &c. Downa, am or are not able, Duint, puihed by a ram,




ox, &c.



Dought, was or were able
Dolefu' doleful
Doure, stout, durable, stub-

E born, sulien Dowie, worn with grief, fa "E the eye, een, the

tigue, &c. Donfie, unlucky

Eerie, frighted, "dreading Dowff, pithleis, wanting fpirits force

E’enin, evening Dool, forrow; to sing dool, Eild, old age

to lament, to mourn Elbuck, the elbow Drap, a drop ; to diop Eldritch, ghaitly, frightful Drapping; dropping

En', end Drumbly, muddy

ENBRUGH, EDINBURGH Drucken, drunken

Eneugh, enough Drouth, thirit, drought Ensuin, ensuing


FÆ:fall, lot ; to fall

Especial, especially Fetch't, pulled intermitEydent, diligent

tently Feg, a fig

Feckfu’, large, brany, stout F

Feckless, puny, weak, filly

Fell. keen, bitting : the leih A', fall, lot; to fall immediately under the Fae, a foe,

fkin ; a field pretty level Faithfu', faithful

on the side or top of a Fath, trouble, care ; to hill

trouble, to care for Fient, fiend, a petty oath Fash't, troubled

Fizz, to make a hilling Fawsont, decent, seemly noise like fermentation Faem, foam

Fit, a foot Farl, a cake of bread Fittie-lan', the near horse of Fairin, a fairing, a present the hindmoit pair in the Fareweel, farewell

plough Fallow, fellow

Fier, sound, healthy ; a broFaut, fault

ther, a friend Faddom't, fathomed

Fidge, to fidget Fac't, faced

Fidgin, fidgeting Fathrals, ribbon ends, &c. Fille, to make a rustling Fasteren-een, Faitens Even noise, to fidget ; a bustle Fand, did find

Flatterin', flattering Fauld, a fold ; to fold

Fleg, a kick, a random Faulding, folding

blow Ferlie or ferly, to wonder ; Flunkie, a servant in livery

a wonder, a term of con- Fley, to scare, to frighteni tempt

Fley'd, frighted, scared Fecht, to fight; fechtin, Flyin, flying fighting

Fleesh, a fleece Fend, to live comfortably Flingin-tree, a piece of timFeide, feud, enmity

ber hung by way of parFeat, neat, spruce

tition between two horses Fear't, frighted

in a stable, a fiail Fearfu', frightful

Flifk, to fret at the yoke Fetch, to pull by fits Flikit, fretted


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