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THE ch and gh have always the guttural

found. The found of the English diphthong oo, is commonly spelled ou. The French u, a found which often occurs in the Scottish language, is marked on, or ui. The a in genuine Scottish words, except when forming a diphthong, or followed by an e mute after a fingle consonant, sounds generally like the broad English a in wall. The Scottish diphthong ae, always, and ea, very often, sound like the French e masculine. The Scottish diphthong ey, sounds like the Latin ei.

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Abeigh, at a fhy diftance
Abreed, in breadth

Abread, abroad, in sight
Aback, away, aloof Ae, one
Abpon, above, up

Aft, off


9, all


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B4; ball

Aften, often

Akwart, auk ward Aff, off; Af loof, unpreme. Ayont, beyond

ditated Afore, before Agley, off the right line,

B, wrong -, Aiblins, perhaps

', ball Aits, oats

Baws'nt, having a Airn, iron

white ftripe down the Aith, an oath

face Ain, own

Barket, barked Aiver, an old horse

Barkin, barking Aizle, a hot cinder

Baith, both, Alake, alas

Bane bone Alane, alone

Bainie, having large bones, Amang, among

ftout Amaist, almost

Bardie, diminutive of bard An', and, if

Bauld, bold; Baldly, bold, Ane, one, an

ly Ance, once

Barefit, barefooted Anither, another

Batch, a crew, a gang Artfu', artful

Batts, botts
Ase, alhes

Bade, endured, did stay
Afteer, $abroad, stirring Bang, an effort
Auld, old.

Bairn, a child
Auld farran, or auld far- Bairntime, a family of chil-

rant, fagacious, cunning, dren, a brood

Baudrons, a cat
Aught, eight, poffeffion, as Barmie, of, or like barm

in u' my aught, in all my Bauk, a cross beam; Baukpossession

en', the end of a beam Ava', at all

Bad, did bid Awa', away

Baggie, the belly Awn, the beard of barley, Bashfu', bashful

Backlins comin, coming Awnie, bearded

back, returning Awfu', awful

oats, &c.


Be, to let be, to give over, Blink, a little while, a smil. to cease

ing look; to look kindly, Benk, a book

to shine by fits Behint, or behin', behind Blinker a term of contempt Be't, be it

Blinkin, smirking
Ben, into the spence or par. Bluid, blood; Bluidy, bloody

Blather, bladder
Belyve, by and by

Blaw, to blow, boast
Beet, to add fuel to fire Blether, to talk idly; non-
Beastie, dimin, of beast

Benlomond, a noted moun Bleth'ren, talking idly

tain in Dumbartonshire Blaud, a flat piece of any Belly-fu', belly-full

thing; to flap
Bethankit, the grace after Blate, balhful, sheepish

Bleezing, blazing
Befa', to befall

Bleslin, blessing Billie, a brother, a young Blusht, did blush fellow

Blype, a fhred, a large Big, to build ; Biggit, build piece ed

Bleatin, bleating Biggin, building, a house Blue-gown, one of those Bicker, a kind of wooden beggars who get annual. dish, a short race

ly, on the King's birthBirkie, a clever fellow

day, a blue cloak Bing, a heap of grain, po gown with a badge tatoes, &c.

Bonnie, or bonny, handBill, a bull

fome, beautiful Bizz, a bustle, to buzz Bonnilie, hamdsomely, Birring, the noise of par beautifully

tridges, &c. when they Bonnack, a kind of thick spring

cake of bread Bit, crisis, nick of time Bother, to pother Bien, wealthy, plentiful Bodle, à fmall old coin Bie, r bi ld, shelter Boortree, the shrub elder, Blastit, blasted

planted much of oid in Blattie, a shrivelled dwarf, hedges of barn-yards, &c. a term of contempt

Baord, a board


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R 3

Botch, an angry tumor

reach the bridegroom's Booft, behoved, must needs house on returning from Bow kail, cabbage

church Bow't, bended, crooked Brattle, a short race, hurry, Bock, to vomit, to guih in fury termittently

Braindge, to run rafhly forBocked, gulhed, vomited ward Braw, fine, handsome Braind'gt, reeled forward Brawly, or brawlie, very Brisket, the breast, the bowell, finely, heartily

fom Breakin, breaking

Breastit, did spring up or Brawnie, stout, brawny

forward Brie, juice, liquid

Breastie, dimin, of breast Brash, a sudden illness · Braik, a kind of harrow Brinstane, brimstone

Braxie, a morkin sheep, &c. Breeks, breeches

Bruilzie, a broil, a combus. Brugh, a burgh

tion Brust, to burit

Buirdly, stout-made, broadBrither, a brother

built Braid, broad

Bum-clock, humming Brats, coarse clothes, rags beetle that flies in the Breathin, breathing

fummer evenings Branks, a kind of wooden Bummin, humming as bees curb for horses

Burn, water, a rivulet Brig, a bridge

Burnie, dimin. of burn Broo, broth, liquid, water Burnewin, i. e. burn the Brewin, brewing

wind, a blacksmith Brogue, a hum, a trick Bulle, a bustle; to bustle Brak, broke, made insolvent But an' ben, the country Breef, an invulnerable or kitchen and parlour irresistible spell

Buskit, dreifed Brunt, did burn

Bummle, to blunder Brae, a declivity, a preci- Bummler, a blunderer

pice, the slope of a bill Bucklkin, an inhabitant of Brachens, fern

Virginia Broose, a race at country

But, without weedings, who shall firit Bure, did bear



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