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Reader, attend-whether thy soul Soars fancy's flights beyond the pole, Or darkling grubs this earthly hole,

In low pursuit ; Know, prudent, cautious, self-controul,

Is Wisdom's roof.



Late Captain Grose's PERIGRINATIONS thro'

SCOTLAND, collecting the ANTIQUITIES of that KINGDOM.

HEAR, Land o’Cakes, and brither Scots,
Frae Maidenkirk to Johnny Groats ;-
If there's a hole in a' your coats,

I rede you tent it :
A chield's amang you, taking notes,

And, faith, he'll prent it.

If in


chance to light Upon a fine, fat, fodgel wight,

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O'stature short, but genius bright,

That's he, mark weel And wow ! he has an unco flight

O'cauk and keel.

By some auld, houlet-haunted, biggin *,
Or kirk deserted by its riggin,
It's ten to ane ye'll find him snug in

Some eldritch part,
Wi' deils, they say, L—d fafe's! colleaguin

At some black art.

Ilk ghaist that haunts auld ha' or chamer,
Ye gipsy-gang that deal in glamor,
And you deep read in hell's black grammar,

Warlocks and witches;
Ye'll quake at his conjuring hammer,
Ye midnight b-



* Vide liis Antiquities of Scotland,


It's tauld he was a fodger bred, And ane wad rather fa'n than fled; But now he's quat the spurtle-blade,

And dog-skin wallet, And taen the Antiquarian trade,

I think they call it.

He has a fouth o' auld nick-nackets : Rusty airn caps and jinglin jackets *, Wad haud the Lothians three in tackets,

A towmont gude; And parritch-pats, and auld faut-backets,

Before the Flood.

Of Eve's first fire he has a cinder ; Auld Tubalcain's fire-fhool and fender;


* Vide his treatise on ancient armour and weapons.

That which distinguished the gender

O' Balaam's ass; A broom-stick o'the witch of Endor,

Weel shod wi' brass.

Forbye, he'll shape you aff fu' gleg
The cut of Adam's philibeg ;
The knife that nicket Abel's craig

He'll prove you fully,
It was a faulding jocteleg,

Or lang-kail gullie.

But wad ye see him in his glee,
For meikle glee and fun has he,
Then set him down, and twa or three
Gude fellows wi' him

3 And port, O port! shine thou a wee,

And then ye'll see him !


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