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The Partridge loves the fruitful fells;

The Plover loves the mountains;
The Woodcock haunts the lonely dells;

The soaring Hern the fountains :
Thro’ lofty groves the Culhat roves

The path of man to fhun it;
The hazel bush o’erhangs the Thrush,

The spreading thorn the Linnet.


Thus ev'ry kind their pleasure find,

The favage and the tender;
Some social join, and leagues combine ;

Some solitary wander:
Avaunt, away! the cruel fway,

Tyrannic man's dominion;

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The Sportsman's joy, the murd'ring cry,

The flutt'ring, gory pinion !

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But Peggy dear, the ev'ning's clear,

Thick flies the skimming Swallow; The sky is blue, the fields in view,

All fading-green and yellow : Come let us stray our gladsome way,

And view the charms of Nature; The rustling corn, the fruited thorn,

And ev'ry happy creature.

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We'll gently, walk, and sweetly talk,

Till the silent moon shine clearly ; I'll grasp thy waist, and, fondly prest,

Swear how I love thee dearly :


Not vernal show'rs to budding flow'rs

Not Autumn to the Farmer,

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hills where Stinchar flows, 'Mang moors an mosses many, 0, The wintry fun the day has clos'd,

And I'll awa to Nanie, 0.



The westlin wind blaws loud an' fhill;

The night's baith mirk and rainy, 0; But I'll get my plaid an' out I'll steal,

An' owre the hill to Nanie, O.



My Nanie's charming, sweet an' young;

Nae artfu' wiles to win ye, O: May ill befa’ the flattering tongue o

That wad beguile my Nanie, O.


Her face is fair, her heart is true,

As spotless as she's bonnie, 0; The op'ning gowan, wat wi' dew,

Nae purer is than Nanie, O.

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A country lad is my degree,

An' few there be that ken me, O;


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