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Printed at the Office of the Freemason's Magazine, 1867
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Página 15 - That in consequence of a summons from the former Grand Wardens to the Masters and Wardens of all the regular constituted Lodges, a Grand Communication was held to consult and advise on some means to preserve the intercourse of the brethren. " • That the Political Head of this country...
Página 1 - Supreme council of sovereign grand inspectors general of the thirty-third and last degree of the Ancient accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry for the Northern masonic jurisdiction of the United States of America, 1938.
Página 151 - Exult, O dust and ashes ! The LORD shall be thy part : His only, His for ever, Thou be, and thou art ! The following may be sung at the end of each Part.
Página 71 - A consistory, chapter, council or lodge duly chartered by and instituted according to the general rules and regulations of the supreme council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the northern jurisdiction of the United States; 6.
Página 8 - Gamble were introduced at New York, to Mr. Henry Andrew Francken who a day or two after, by Authority invested in him, Initiated them in the 11 Degrees of Ancient Masonry, from the Secret Master being the 4th to the Perfection, which is the 14th and Known to be the utmost Limits of Symbolick Masonry. About a week after the above date Mr. Francken conferred on them the 2 first...
Página 15 - That in the history of our craft we find, that in England there are two grand lodges independent of each other; in Scotland the same; and in Ireland their grand lodge and grand master are independent either of England or Scotland. It is clear that the authority of some of their grand lodges originated in assumption ; or, otherwises, they would acknowledge the head from whence they derived.
Página 15 - Esq. having died with him, and of course his deputy, whose appointment was derived from his nomination, being no longer in existence, they saw themselves without a head, and without a single grand officer ; and of consequence it was evident, that not only the grand lodge, but all the particular lodges under its jurisdiction, must cease to assemble, the brethren be dispersed, the pennyless go unassisted, the craft languish, and undent masonry be extinct in this part of the world.
Página 15 - Head of this country, having destroyed all connection and correspondence between the subjects of these States and the country from which the Grand Lodge originally derived its commissioned authority, and the principles of the Craft, inculcating on its professors submission to the commands of the civil authority of the country they reside in, the brethren did assume an elective supremacy, and under it chose a Grand Master and Grand Officers, and erected a Grand Lodge with independent powers and prerogatives,...
Página 35 - It has been established by the authority of the Supreme Council for the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States, and is another and a strong link in the " indissoluble chain" which unites the members of the Fraternity in both countries, into one " sacred band of friends and Brothers.
Página 87 - ... inviolable secrecy observed therein, and the exclusion of women were but too manifest indications, a circumstance that gave the highest offence to the whole kingdom ; and the said Coustos having refused to discover to the Inquisitors, the true tendency and design of the meetings of Freemasons, and persisting, on the contrary, in asserting that Freemasonry was good in itself ; wherefore the proctor of the Inquisition requires, that the said prisoner may be prosecuted with the utmost rigour ; and,...

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