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way to keep your mind intent upon your devotions.

If any person, who is ordained to administer this Sacrament, shall think fit to cast his eye upon this book, I would beseech him to consider seriously, how many Communicants there are, who have no ordinary way of coming to the knowledge of this great duty, or other help their devotion, besides what the Church has provided for them in this Office: that therefore, in compassion to such, this Service ought to be performed with the greatest deliberation, as well as devotion, that the unlearned, who are generally the greatest number, may be edified as well as instructed.


OBSERVATIONS. So many as intend to be

It is with great reason that partakers of the Holy Com the Church has given this ormunion shall signify their der; therefore do not neglect names to the Curate, at least it. You will have the comsome time the day before.

fort of knowing, either that your Pastor hath nothing to say against you; or, if he has, you will have the benefit of his advice: and a good blessing will attend your obedience to the Church's orders.



And if any of those be an

If you are conscious to open anel notorious evil liver, yourself (though your Pastor or have done any wrong to his should not know it) that neighbours by word or deed, so your life has been such as that the Congregation be there

hath given offence or scandal by offenled; the Curate, hai

to your Christian profession, ing knowledge thereof, shall.

do not go to the Sacrament, call him and odvertise him, until you have given some that in any wise he presume plain proof of your repentnot to come to the Lord's

ance, and purpose of leading Table, until he hath openly

a new life.

But then, as declareil himself to have truly you hope for God's grace repente:l and amendel his for. and mercy, do not put off mer suaughty life, that the

the doing of this one moCongrcyation may thereby Do ment, lest you provoke God satisfied, which before were to leave you to yourself; for offended; and that he hath re

then you never will repent. compensed the parties, to win he hath done wrong; or at least declare himself to be in full purpose so to do, as soon as he conveniently may.

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heart all that the other nath receive a curse instead of a trespassed against him, and to blessing. make amends for that he him.

But then such would do self hath offended; and the well to consider, that while other party will not be per. they are under these bad suaded to a godly unity, but dispositions, they are at ensemain still in his froward. mity with God, as well as ness and malice: the Minister with their neighbour; and in that case ought to admit the therefore are not qualified penitent person to the Joly even to ask, much less to Communion, and not him that hope for, any favour from is obstinate. Provided that Him; there being no mercy every Minister so repelling for him, who will not show uny, as is specified in this, or mercy to his neighbour : this the next precedent Paragraph being an express condition of this Rubric, shall be obliged of our peace with God. 1 to give an account of the same

And we should always to the Ordinary within four. remember, that “he that teen days after at the farthest. loveth not his brother aAnd the Ordinary shall pro. bideth in death." 2 ceed against the offending per.

It is God who saith this : 5012 according to the Canon. And dare we delay to be at

peace with our neighbour

one day, if we can help it?


The Table at the Commi-

It may so happen, that nion time having a fair white you did not know that the linen cloth upon it, shall stanc Sacrament was to be adin the Body of the Church, or ministered, until you saw in the Chancel, where Mori- the Communion-Table ing and Evening Prayer are vered. However, if you have appointed to be said. And been a constant communi(1) Matt. vi. 14, 15.

(2) 1 John iii. 14.




the Priest standing at the cant before, do not turn North-side of the Table, shall your back upon the holy say the Loril's Prayer, with ordinance; but say in your the Collect following, the peo- heart-I will most gladly ple kneciing.

close with this blessed occasion of remembering the death of my Redeemer.


Communion Service.

When the Minister begins, lay aside all other

books, and attend to the Service of the Church, than which there never was provided a better help to devotion.

OUR "Father

, which art in Heaven, Hallowed

be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; But deliver us from evil. Amen.




BECAUSE the love of God whom all hearts be

will make all His commands

easy, and to be obeyed with open, all desires known, cheerfulness; we therefore and from whom

no beg of Him to purify our (1) The Lord's Prayer should always be said with the greatest deliberation and devotion ; and especially at this time, when we beg of God the Bread which must nourish us unto life eternal, and all the graces necessary to obtain that invaluable blessing.

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