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of measures. Congress, like every other legislative body, lacks

the sense of proportion. It is a sense not found in group action.
Only from individual leadership can we hope for judicio p
portionment of the available time. As things go now, hours sre
is spent over outlays of a few hundreds of dolls, and
muutes given to millions.

Te such changes of rules and practices should be added
thenges by statute that would transfer all private chime to a
juicial commission, if the powers of the Court of Claims cant
be safely expended. To safeguard the treasury, the findings of
such a commission should be tentative, subject to reversal by
Congres upon affirmative action within a specified number of
months, but in lack of such action, then to become final. Cang
the same principle, so advantageously developed in England
the initiative in the affairs of the District of Columbia should be
taken lost wholly out of Congress. Whatever the administer
ing body for the District, its ordinances and approprations
should be subject only to a temporary possibility of review. The

same principle ought to be extended to much of the administra
e detail of the Departments now drawing away the station
of Congress from the broad questions of policy that ought to en-
pres its capacities and that by themselves would amply occupy

Observe that these proposals imply no criticism whatever of the faithfulness or public spirit of the members of Congress No dereliction of duty is implied. No fault is found with purpose or

Here is nothing but matter of technique, proponded willy with mechanical efficiency in mind.

Do not suppose that ours is the only great national assembly nga drastic dose of common sense. Lord George Hamilton writing his "Parliamentary Reminiscences" in 1916, after many

of experience in publie e, declared (p. 213): "In my
jent the reform of the rules and procedure of the House of
Commone is by far the most pressing and urgent political ques-

of the day. Men of ability, understanding, and charter
vill out beenme candidates for a legislature where they know
under existing conditione, they will have little to do but
bad and wote. A well-known member of Parliament who has
mine an authority on personal questions of this kind

all me the result of his experience upon this point. He wind that he had not met a single member of Parliament who, baring

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