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Lenawe, certain inhabitants of, relative to mill-ponds at Tecumseh,
Lenawe, sundry inhabitants of, praying for the removal of the county


Monroe, sundry inhabitants of the village of, praying for the repeal
of the act of incorporation,



72, 78

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Rules, &c.-For the government of the Council,

Oakland, sundry inhabitants of, relative to township,

Oakland, sundry inhabitants of, for prohibiting Justices of the Peace
from keeping taverns, &c.

Pelletier, Ch. and others, to prevent riots, &c. at taverns, on the Sabbath, 61
Palmer, Thomas, for authority to convey a certain tract of land,
Palmer, Thomas, praying for relief in a certain contract,
Petit Jurors, in the case of Levi Wila d, paying for compensation,
St. Clair, sundry inhabitants of, for the establishment of the town-
ship of Plainfield,


{St. Clair, sundry inhabitants of, for extending the navigation of cer-
tain rivers,


Spears, Moor, and others, praying for the establishment of a new



Stanard, David, praying for the exclusive right of ferriage over Sa-
ginaw River,

Sheldon, Thomas C. for an increase of compensation as Sheriff,
Smith, T. S. and others, for the organisation of a new county at the
St. Josephs,
Smith, Timothy S. for compensation for transporting the laws to St.

75, 88
85, 100


93, 100

Sheldon & Wells, praying for release from the Territorial tax on sta-
tionary, &c.

Wayne, sundry inhabitants of, praying for the repeal of certain parts
of the act for the support and regulation of mills,
Wayne, sundry inhabitants of, for the repeal of the law adjourning

the County Court,

100, 103

Shover, Simon, for remuneration for certain losses, &c.
Trowbridge, Ch. C. and others, relative to opening a road from De-


troit to Grosse Point,
Wayne, sundry inhabitants of, relative to poor laws, and persons im-
prisoned for crimes,

14, 15




II. Relative to the Supreme, Circuit, and County Courts,

12. To repeal the law relative to interest on County orders,
13. Relative to alterations in the Probate laws,

14. To prevent Justices of the Peace, &c. from keeping taverns,
holding courts in bar-rooms,

Washtenaw, sundry inhabitants of, praying for the establishment of
the township of Dixborough,



Washtenaw, sundry inhabitants of, praying for a repeal of a certain
part of the act for the support and regulation of mills,
Washtenaw, sundry inhabitants of, for the passage of an act to in-
corporate the Huron River Navigation Company,

72, 73

7, 8, 13, 81, 86, 111



7, 8, 9, 10, 86


1. Relative to printing the Governor's Speech,
2. Relative to the appointment of officers of the Council,
3. For furnishing Members of the Council with certain newspapers, 10, 12, 13
4. To invite certain Clergymen to attend at the opening of the Council,
12, 14, 20, 22, 24, 26
5. Relative to the printing for the Council, (reports of select commit-
tees, &c.)


6. Relative to the rate of taxes,


7. Relative to the act to regulate highways,


8. Relative to the Governor's Speech,

15, 16, 95

9. Relative to tol bridges,

10. Reative to the receipts and expenditures of the Territorial Trea


17, 19, 23

17, 16

17, 19

17, 18


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15. Relative to the Judges of the Supreme Court,
26. Relative to Farmer's Map of the Territory,
17. Relative to Masters in Chancery in Detroit,

48. Relative to the petition of Roswell Root and Bethuel Farrand,
19. To authorise the Clerk of the Supreme Court to appoint a deputy,
20. Relative to the law regulating mills,


21. Relative to certain penalties on townships,
22. Relative to forcible entry and detainer,

23. Relative to the Library of the Council,

24. To appoint C. C. Trowbridge agent to receive the moneys appropri-
ated for defraying the expenses of the Council,
26. Relative to the establishment of Territorial Roads, &c. 26,28,30,31,39,44,98
26. Relative to altering the terms of the County Court in the county of

26, 29

27. Relative to extending the provisions of the act for the support and
maintenance of illegitimate children to Indian mothers, &c.
28. Relative to the law incorporating the Clinton River Navigation Com.

26, 29

26, 30

26, 29


18, 27

18, 29

19, 20

19, 20 20 28, 29

21, 29

21 23, 36

23, 29


29. Relative to establishing the office of County Auditor,

30. For establishing two sessions of the Circuit Court in the county of


31. Relative to the printing of bills,

32. To authorise the publication of the laws in the newspapers,

33. Relative to locks and sluiceways in mill-dams,

34. For regulating the standard weight of Grain,

35. To authorise Commissioners of Bail to take the acknowledgment of

50. For repealing certain parts of the act regulating marriages,
51. To amend the act regulating taverns,

52. For increasing the rate of interest to seven per cent,


28 29, 31 29, 30 30

53. Relative to amending the militia law,

51. Relative to the act concerning appeals, &c.

deeds, &c.

36. Relative to the state of the public roads,

37. Relative to the Chicago Road,

38. Relative to Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,

39. To exempt the property of ministers from taxation,

40. To authorise the raising of a tax in the county of Chippewa, for lay-
ing out a certain road,

37, 44

41. Relative to ordering certain periodicals for the use of the Council, 39, 43
42. To prevent tavern-keepers furnishing :quor to Indians,
43 Relative to the situation of the Capitel,

39, 47

44. Relative to publishing the laws in the French language,
45. To authorise the purchasing of chairs for the committee-rooms,
46. To apportion the Members of the Legislative Council,
47. Relative to claims upon the contingent fund,
48. For the establishment of a Library for the Council,
49. Relative to appointing a Librarian to the Council,

43, 45 44 44 46,48 47,48 47, 51 47,48 47, 48


30, 44 31 35.36 35, 36 36, 44

53, 54, 56

55. For equalising Territorial taxes,


56. Relative to the approval of security in Chancery proceedings,
57. For the purchase of periodicals for the Library, ap. 58, 61, 64, 72, 79, 94
58. Relative to arms and ordnance received from the General Gov.

71, 103
76, 87

59. To furnish Churches, &c. with the laws of the Territory,

60. Relative to compensation to Grand and Petit Jurors,

61. Relative to the survey of a Canal route, (report thereon, &c.) 79,86,121,12% 62. Relative to School lands,

63. Relative to an additional legislative body,

61. Relative to taxes due previous to the passage of the township laws, 92 65. To forward the Governors of States and Territories, the laws, ap. 94,110,120 66. To provide for publishing the laws in pamphlet form,


67. Relative to the appointment of an additional Judge' of the District
Court of the United States,

98, 104

69. To provide for a special election in the county of Chippewa,

69. Relative to the county site of Lenawe,

99 108

70. To provide for the distribution of the revised laws, op. 112, 121, 123, 126 1. Fixing the compensation of the recording Clerk of the Council,

128, 129

82, 88 89, 94

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