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ganise the townships of Richland and Lima, in the county of Wayne," and “ an act to amendó an act regulating bighways;" and the President signed the sime.

Mr. N'Donell, from the committee on Territorial Allairs, to whom bad been coministed “a bill concerning the Treasurer of the Territcry of Michigan," and "a bill amendatory to an ari, entitled can act to regulate the assessment and collection of Territorial taxes,” reporied the same with amendments; and said bills with the amendicots were laid on the table.

Mr. Trowbridge, from the committee on Territorial Affairs, reported,

A bill to amend die several acis now in force for the regulation of the White Fishery, in the Sirait of Detroit and the River Si. Clair ; which was read the first time and laid on the table.

The bill to amend the several acts to organise the Militia, was taken ur

Mr. Stockton moved that the bill be amended by restoring the words," the county of Levawe, and,“ to the 3d line of the 1st section, which had been licretofore stricken out on motion—and that the 3d section of the bill be siricken out; and the motion was agreed to by the fulluwing voie, ihe ages and bays being required by Mr. Dr. ke:

Ayes-Niessrs. Brown, Connor, Durocher, Edwards, Irwin, M. Donell, Rumsey, Schoolcraft, Stockton, Trowbridge-10.

Nay-lesers. Drake, Lawrence-2.

The amendment heretofore submitted by Mr. Drake, to stand as the 8th sectiou of the bill, was then on muiion agreed to ; and said bill as amended was ihen passed.

The bill to amend an act, entitled “ an act for the relief and settlement of the Peer," was taken up.

Mr. M'Doneli nioved utilic amendment heretofore submitted by him, to stand as the loh section of the bill, be accepted ; and the motion was agreed to.

The question next occurred on the following amendment, beretofore submitted by Mr. Trowbridye, to staud as the last section of the bill, viz :

“That the operation of this act shall not extend to the county of Oakland, but that the act now in force for the relief and seulement of the Poor is hereby continued in force and operation in said County.”

And the amendment was rejected by the following vote, the ayes and nays being required by Mr. Prake:

Afis-Messis. Drake, Trowbridge.

Nays-Niessrs. Brown, Connor, Durocher, Edwards, irevi, Lavrence, N'Donell, Rumsey, Schoolcraft, Stockton-10.

Mr. Laurence then moved, that the bill be further amended by striking out ile werds, "including the President and Secretary, in the 2d line of the Sd section, and the motion was agreed to.

On motion of Mr. N'Donell, the following was substituted to stand as the last section of the bill, viz:-" That the act to which this act is an amendmeot, which expires of its own limitation at the cud of the session of the present Legislative Council, be continued and remain in full force, excepting such parts thereof as may be inconsistent with this act."

Mr. N'Donell then moved that the bill do now pass; and the motion was decided in thic afirmative by the following vote, the ayes and ways being required by vir. Drike:

Ayes-Messrs. Brown, Connor, Durocher, Edwards, Irwin, Lawrence, M'Donell, Rumsey, Schoulcraft, Stockton, Trowbridge

11. Nays-Mr. Drake. So ihe bill passed.

The bill respecting marks and brands for horses, cattle, sheep and hogs, was taken up; the question being on agreeing to the amendment submitted yesterday by Mr. Lawrence-and said amendment was agreed to.

On motion of Mr. M'Donell, said bill, as amended, was then passed.

The bill to amend an aci, caritled “ an act allowing and regulating wriis of replevin,” was taken up, and the amendment thereto submitted yesterday by Mr. Lawrence, was agreed to; and un motion the bill then pissed.

Nr. Rumsey then moved that the Council take a recess until 3 o'clock, P. M.; and the motion was agreed to.

3 o'clock, P. M. The bill to incorporate the President, Directors and Company of the Sunmit Portare Canal and Road Company was taken op.

MIr. Irwin moved that said bill be engrossed and read the third time to-morrow; and the motion was agreed io by the following vote, the ayes and nays being roonired by Jir. Irwin :

Ayes-- Messrs. Durocher, Edwards, Irwin, Lawrence, I Donell, Stockion-6.

Nays-- Messrs. Brown, Comor, Drake, Rumscy, Trowbridge 5.

Mr. Drake asked and obtained lcare to bring in a bill for laying out Territorial Road from Enoch Huntley's, in the couniy oi Macomb, westward, by Ir. Chipman's, in the county of Oakland, on the most direct and eligible route to the Kalamazov river, thenco down said river to iis nionth.

And Messrs. Drake, Trowbrielove and Rumsey, were appointed a select committee to prepare said bill.

The bill amendatory to an act, entitled “ an act to regulate the assessment and collection of Territorial taxes," was taken up ; and,

On motion of Nir. Lawrence, the words, aud such as shall bó hereafter organisert, were added after th:0 word " Territory," in be 3d line of the last station.

On motion of Mr. Irwin, the words," and loca;" were added after the word “ Chippewa,” in the second line ; and the words, “excepting so far as relates to the several counties excepted by this section,” were added afier the word “repealed,” in the fish line of the sixteenth section.

On motion of Mr. Rumsey, the Council then adjourned.

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 21, 1829.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Brown.

Mr. Noble presented the petition of Waterbury Gray, and others, of Monroe county, praying that the boundary line between the township of Monroe and the township of Erie, may be fixed on Otter Creek. Referred to the committee on Territorial Affairs.

Mr. Noble also presented the claims of Joseph Dazet and Alexis Loranger, for remuneration for services as assessors of taxes, rendered in 1809. Referred to the committee op Claims.

Mr. M'Donell presented the claim of Orange Risdon, for remu. Deration for surveying a certain Territorial Road. Referred to the committee ou Claims.

Mr. Irwin, from the committee on Territorial Affairs, to whom the subject was referred by a resolution of the Council, reported the following memorial, which was read and laid on the table :

MEMORIAL, To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States :

The memorial of ļhe Legislative Council of the Territory of Michigan, respectfully represents

That by the provisions of the bill to establish the Territory of Wisconsin, as reported in the House of Representatives, at the last session of Congress, it is proposed to adopt as the eastern boundary of said Territory, the line established as the eastern boundary of the Territory of Michigan by the act of Congress, approved January 11, 1805, entiiled an act to divide the Indiana Territory into two separate Governments.

By this arrangement, all that part of the country lying east of a line drawn due worth from the northern extreme of Lake Michigan to Lake Superior, comprising the settled portions of the counties of Michilimackinac and Chippewa, would be left within the Territory of Michigan, alulrough separated from the peninsula by the Straits of Michilimackinac and by Lake Huron. Most of the population, within these coupries, is concentrated at the borough of Michili. mackinac and at the Sault St. Marie, and the weight they possess in the political scale depends upon their connexion with the other portions of the Upper Country. There is very little identity of inte rest between this portion of country and the peninsular counties ; as a proof of which, the numerous exceptions, and the instances

of partial legislation, introduced into the statutes of Michigan, may be referred to. The inhabitants of Michilimackinac and Sault St. Marie, are scarcely less separated from the great bulk of the population east of Lake Michigan by the well-marked geographical features of the country, than they are by cominunity of interests. Political convenience appears to demand their annexation to the Territory of Wisconsin. Popular sentiment also seems to require it. Yielding to these considerations, your memorialists do not dcem it expedient to insist upon the retention of these two countics within the limits of Michigan; and they would therefore respectfully solicit, that the eastern boundary line of the Territory of Wisconsin, may be continued, from the groupe of Beaver islands at the northern extremity of Lake Michigan, through the Straits of Michilimackinac isto Lake Huron, so as to include in the new Territory the islands of Mackinaw and Bois Blanc; from thence following through Lake Iluron to the second Detour where it intersects the national boundary line, between Upper Canada and the United States, as established by the Commissioners acting under the Treaty of Ghent ; thence northwardly with said line through the Straits and River of St. Marie into Lake Superior, leaving the islands of Drummond, Nebush and St. George, (commonly called Sugar island,) within ihe proposed new Territory.

Resolved, that the Governor of the Territory be requested to transmit copies of this menorial to the President of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to the Delegate from this Territory, at the ensuing session of Congress.

Mr. Stockton, from the select committee to whom was referred the petition of sundry inhabitants of the county of St. Clair, and also a memorial of Ralph Wadhams and Henry Howard, reported,

A bill to declare a certain stream a public highway ; which was read the first time; and, on motion of Mr. Stockton, said bill was then read the second time by its title, and laid on the table.

Mr. Stochton, from the committee on Territorial Affairs, re. ported,

A bill to amend an act, entitled " an act concerning costs and fces," which was read the first time; and, on notion of Mr. Stockton, said bill was read the second time and laid on the table.

The following message was received by the hands of Mr. E. A. Brushi: To the Legislative Council

I return without my signature, the bill to set off and organise the townships of Lima and Richland, in the county of Wayne.

The act of April 12, 1827, concerning town plats, prohibits the incorporation of any township under any name contained in the

general list of Post-Offices of ihe United Siates. On examining that list, I find one posi-office with the name of Lima, and four postottices with the name of Richland. It appears to me improper, while


this act is io force, that names should be affixed to townships con. trary to its provisions.

LEW. CASS. Oct. 21, 1829.

The message having been read, the bill accompanying the same was laid on the table.

Mr.Noble, from the committee of Enrolment, reported as correctly enrolled, bills with the following titles, viz:-“ An act res. pecting marks and brands for horses, caule, sheep and hogs," and is an act to amend an act, entitled ' an act allowing and regulating syrits of replevin ;" and the President signed the same.

Mr. Schoolcraft, from the committee on the Judiciary, to whom the subject had been referred by a resolution of the Council, made a report, accompanied by the following resolutions :

Resolved, That there are no just grounds to shake public confidence in the principles on which the Missionary Establishment at Michilimackinac, has been cenducted.

Resolved, That it is inexpedient to repeal the act exempting the property of the institution from tax, and iis male nembers from scrvice on juries and in the militia."

And said report and resolutions having been read, were laid on the table.

A message by Mr. E. A. Brush:

Mr. President- The Governor of the Territory has this day approved and sigured "an aci to amend ' an act regulating high ways;" 6 an act respecting marks and Lrands for horses, caitle, sheep and hogs ;" “ an act to amend an act, ca.:led ' au act allowing and regulating'ivrits of replevin ;” “ an act io lay off certain 10v pships, and for other purposes;" “ an act to incorporate the rector, Wardens, and vestry-men of Christ's Church, in the township of Green Bay;" - an act to amend an act, entitled . an aci 10 authorise the licensing of victualling houses, ordinaries and groceries, viiluin ihe iuwnship of Green Bay;" and “an act to authorise the Treasurer of the county of Oakland to pay a certain claim.''

The bill to ameu! an act, entitled “ an act concerning ilc Trcasurer of Michigan," was iken up as iu commilice oi the wliote, with the amendments made thereio by the committee on Territorial Affairs; and, on: 1:00l), said amendments were agreed 10.

Mr. M'Donell dien moved that the bill be further amended by adding thereto a section to stand as the 5th section, and that the following sections be run.bered 10 correspond; and the motion was agreed 20.

And said lill, on motion, was crdered to be engrossed and read a third time on Friday next.

The bill to provide tur the compensation of the officers of the Legislative Council, and for other purposes, was taken up as in commitiee olific wiele.

Dir, Schirilinnred that from the 27th to the 530 lice of the first si oriun, velusive, liesirichen vui, and that the tuiluirieg be fuserica attiec!isco! s.Id see!!U!!, Viz :

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